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Tickets for Russian and European airlines-the low-cost airlines: list

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Modern man loves to travel, but sometimes the cost of tickets is high. However, not everyone knows that there are budget airlines. The price of tickets for low-cost is acceptable. The directions are very diverse. Travel enthusiasts have them carefully read.

Airlines low-cost airlines

budzhetnye aviakompanii

Travelers are advised to carefully study the principle of operation of these companies and their characteristics.

What is it?

The low-cost airlines is a budget airline. The cost of tickets these companies is greatly reduced.

The fact is that passengers are not offered additional services and there is only one class - economy.

Usually flights direct, direct. The company, the airline aims to attract more passengers, making the ticket price more affordable. The price of the ticket is almost 2 times cheaper.

What's the point?

sut raboty

The principle of operation of these companies is as follows:

  • The flights are carried out directly, direct;
  • Companies hire a small number of employees;
  • The planes are small in size, not older than five years;
  • Tickets are available in the Internet;
  • The hand Luggage weight does not matter.

Arrive such aircraft at smaller airports that are requesting a low financial charges.

From low-cost airlines have some characteristicsthat from one point of view can be uncomfortable, but it is due to them, the ticket price is reduced:

  1. There is no separation in classes;
  2. Seat have reclining backs;
  3. The Windows have no curtains;
  4. On the seats , no pockets, making them easy to clean.

One passenger can take Luggage only one suitcase. Its weight must not exceed the admissible level. It is necessary to read on the website of the airline as the allowed Luggage weight differs. For the advantage will have to pay extra.

For this flights suitable roomy trunk of a sturdy material that holds a lot of items, because the laptop, the camera will likely be asked to pack in a suitcase.

How to find cheap tickets?

deshevye rejsy na karte

Find tickets these companies is not easy. In search engines the first line is a famous company that are not budget. Look for tickets must be on the official websites of the companies themselves, through mediation, or use a map of low-cost airlines. Among aggregators should be highlighted:

Map of low cost includes airports, companies around the world. Looking at the map, you can see a mark in a particular city, which receives of the company is low-cost.

At the moment the map is very large, includes a huge amount of information, you can find a map for any single country.

Russian airlines

Among Russian companies, too, are low-cost.

List of companies

In practice, Russian air transport, there were just two domestic low-cost airline, because this direction is only beginning to develop in our country:

  1. Victory;
  2. Dobrolet.

The largest Russian airline "Aeroflot", first established the subsidiary company "Dobrolet", but because of the imposition of European countries of sanctions, the company ceased operations, and "Aeroflot" has launched a new loukoster "Victory".



"Victory" carries out flights:

  • From the Moscow airport Vnukovo in Europe - Montenegro, Spain, Italy, the capital of France - Paris, German in Munich;
  • From Yekaterinburg to Spain, Germany, Italy and almost all cities of Russia.
  • From St. Petersburg to Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria.

The cost of the return ticket is very cheap and starts from 999 rubles.

Dobrolet carried out flights:

  1. From Moscow (Vnukovo) to Baku, Yerevan, Riga, Prague, tel Aviv, Istanbul, Barcelona;
  2. From Yekaterinburg flights were carried out in the cities of Russia and abroad;
  3. From St. Petersburg on the Russian cities and in Riga, Prague, Barcelona.

Budget airlines from other parts of the world

nedorogie aviaperevozchiki mira

The company-the low-cost airlines are in different parts of the world, allowing you to save a significant part of the budget travelers.

European evidentary

The low-cost airlines of Europe, flying to Moscow:

  • WizzAir. Hungarian company, provides flights mainly to Eastern and southern Europe. There are flights Moscow - Budapest;
  • Ryanair. One of the most famous low-cost airlines. Flights are carried out all over Europe;
  • Norwegian. Flights in Northern Europe;
  • EasyJet. Flight presented all over Europe, recently, the website was translated into Russian. There are many flights from Moscow;
  • Aegeanair. Greek airline flights to southern countries;
  • AirDolomiti - low-cost airline Italy. Often flies to Milan, Venice, Bologna, Bari, Verona and Florence. From Russia a greater number of flights available during the summer period.

All of the above companies fly to Moscow.

Flights to Crimea European companies at the moment, tourists have to change trains in Moscow, using the local lokuttara.

Popular destinations in Russia:

  1. From Finland, city Helsinki, it is possible to arrive to Moscow and Saint Petersburg companies: Ryanair, Norwegian;
  2. From Milan and Rome you can get to Moscow companies, WizzAir, Ryanair, EasyJet;
  3. From Tallinn and Vilnius in Russia flies Ryanair;
  4. From Spain, Portugal and Greece to Moscow flying EasyJet and Aegeanair;
  5. Vueling Airlines — airline of Spain. Flights are made throughout Europe from Spain. There are also flights from Moscow, Kazan, Samara, Kaliningrad, Kiev and Minsk. Company website in Russian language. But the cheapest you can buy tickets only for the flights from Spain to Europe.

Asian airlines

aviadiskauntery Azii

Asia as low-cost airlines is only 82 companies, the most famous:

  • Air Asia company from Malaysia;
  • Viet Jet Air - low-cost carrier of Vietnam;
  • Hong Kong Express Airways Hong Kong airlines;
  • China United Airlines - flights within China.

Most Asian low-cost airlines make flights only from Asian countries. However, some of them fly to Moscow. Company Air Asia allows you to get from the capital of Russia to Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand.

There is a little-known Chinese company Juneyao Airlines. It rarely flies to Russia, but allows you to get from Shanghai to Irkutsk.

The above-mentioned companies carry out flights not only to Moscow but also in Saint Petersburg.


The most famous low-cost airlines of America:

  1. Southwest Airlines, USA. The largest company-loukoster. Flights worldwide;
  2. Fly Frontier, USA. Regional flights, mainly from state to state;
  3. JetBlue, USA. Has high ratings, is offering tickets at a more than reasonable cost. Flights are carried out throughout the North American part of the world;
  4. WestJet, Canada. The company, which flies mainly in Mexico, USA and the Caribbean.

In America presents more than twenty companies of low-cost airlines, but the above are the most known to have the highest ratings.

Unfortunately, the American low-cost airlines do not cooperate with Russian airports, so budget tickets from Russia to America impossible.

Thanks to low-cost airlines can be significantlyto save money while traveling. If you explore the direction of well-known companies-the low-cost airlines, you can fly from country to country without spending a lot of funds.

Plane tickets you can also find right now. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

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