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Rest in Anapa with children inexpensive: the best hotels all-inclusive with swimming pool

oteli Anapy vse vklucheno

The resort area of Anapa is quite extensive. Here you can find pebble and sand beaches. Choosing a place of accommodation in the resort you need to decide what you want from a holiday in Anapa.

This city is considered the best children's resort of the country, but you can always find a place to stay active young people or couples aged. Anapa hotels all-inclusive can offer excellent service for all.

The best Anapa hotels with all inclusive, pool and beach

luchshie gostinicy po sisteme vse vklucheno

Hotels working on system "all inclusive" in Anapa not as much as I would like. Due to the fact that coming to the resort tourists prefer to be accommodated in the sanatoriums, of which there are quite a lot, or private sector accommodation which is inexpensive.

In the first case they are attracted by the opportunity to improve their health, and in the second lowest cost of living.

Gradually this trend is changing and in the resort there are hotels, not inferior, in terms of its service to the European institutions. You can find them in different areas of the resort. The main part of the hotels working on system "all inclusive", located on the first line on Pioneer Avenue of the city.

Riviera Club

Despite the fact that the hotel belongs to the SPA and is considered one of the best not only in Sochi, but in Russia, the level of service is estimated at 4 stars. The interiors are decorated in a Mediterranean style. It a comfortable feel people of different age groups. It is especially nice to relax here with the kids.

territoriya Rivera-Klub

The hotel has 411 roomswhich have everything you need for a comfortable stay. The area of rooms ranges from 11 to 67 sq. m. they All have private bathroom and are equipped with comfortable and quality furniture. All rooms have air conditioning, TV, phone with intercom, dryer, refrigerators.

Visitors can use the services of:

  • the infirmary of the hotel;
  • SPA;
  • fitness center;
  • 6 poolsequipped with hydromassage system, water slides, and having heated.

The hotel has its own beach, covered with sand and equipped with sunbeds and loungers. It is from the "Riviera Club" at a distance of 350 meters.

On-site sports and playgrounds, and entertainment gazebo.

detskaya ploshadka v Rivera Club

For walking on the sea in the "Riviera Club" you can rent a yacht or a boat. In the box there is all necessary equipment for diving. For children here it is possible to rent bicycles, scooters, roller skates, masks, fins and more.

Fun and creative hosts many festivals and events. To this end, it has Concierge service.

Throughout the hotel and the beach has Wi-Fi, a library and at the reception you can always order a tour, call or book tickets for various modes of transport. In hotel are created all conditions for conferences and other corporate events.

The hotel has snack bars and a restaurant. They organized 3-time meals on system "buffet", you can also eat.

Deauville Hotel & SPA

The name of the hotel gave the famous French resort. Hotel service is defined as 5 stars. Just a 15-minute walk is required in order to get out of it in the center of Anapa. Built complex was recently. It has a very modern and attractive appearance.

Rooms in the "Deauville" is located in the cottages, which are United in a body, which has open galleries for passage through the territory of the complex. Their arearanging from 14 to 100 sq. m. as the interior option for their design was chosen as the Norman style.

The staff tries to maintain high standards of service and doing everything for a comfortable stay in it arriving in Anapa guests. This is currently only in 5* hotel working on system "all inclusive".

The hotel pools are heated, and the SPA can take a variety of unique treatments in the thermal zone. On the landscaped grounds of the hotel are:

  1. gazebo for relaxing;
  2. grounds for sports and games;
  3. a mini-water Park.

The hotel has its own beach, which is covered with quartz sand. It is just 500 metres away.

korpusy Dovil

The hotel has a restaurant of French cuisine. The bars are tequila, rum and other strong drinks. On the day of arrival is served in the room champagne and fruit. Mini bars in rooms stocked with soft drinks.

Atelica Grand Priboy

The hotel has 3* and consists of 3 buildings. It works on the principle of "all inclusive", is located in area Dzhemete and is focused on family vacation. The hotel has its own sitting area on a landscaped sandy beach with a convenient entrance to the sea. In most areas, little vegetation, it is replaced by deck chairs and sun loungers that surround the outdoor pool.

The complex has 126 roomswith an area from 11 to 31 sq. m. they All have a stylish interior design. Their standard equipment includes televisions, air conditioners, telephones for internal communication.

In addition to free Internet and outdoor pool, guests can enjoy:

  • daybeds, which are installed under the eaves;
  • volleyball court, Billiards and table tennis;
  • children's playroom;
  • Parking for vehicles.

Parking in "Atelica Grand Priboy" is paid. Every day the hotel entertainment. There are shops, a tour Desk and animations, as well as car rental.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel in the restaurant "Avenue". There is also a café "Paris courtyard" with its own terrace. Well you can eat in the bar "La Dolce Vita". Everywhere has a children's menu. Lunch and dinner are served in the Kuban wines.


Fairy is a network of boarding houses under the numbers 1, 2 and 3. They are all in the village Dzhemete. The fairy 1 and Fairy 2 is located on the first line, and Fairy-3 in the second.

zona otdyha v Feya-2

Areas of each hotel are the envy of any tourist complex. It is decorated with lush paths with comfortable benches and benches.

Fairy-2 is only 7 minutes by public transport from the centre of Anapa, so that the inspection of sites with no problems.

It is just 50 metres from the public places of recreation. To get to the beach from the hotel by electric car or on foot.

In the buildings of the hotel offers 350 rooms. Each has air conditioning, furniture, plasma TV and many other necessary for comfortable living things. In addition to multi-storey buildings, the hotel's cottages.

One of the buildings of the hotel are equipped with everything needed for a Spa treatment of tourists. In all buildings of the hotel are:

  1. Luggage storage and safes administrators for valuables and documents;
  2. the Parking of vehicles;
  3. tour Desk and taxi service;
  4. hire household appliances (kettle, iron);
  5. free Internet.

The hotel has a pool, divided into adult and children's area, massage room. For the children there is a games room.

The food in the hotel is organized on system "buffet". Dining room is in a separate building. For children it has a special areaequipped with tables and chairs, comfortable for the baby.

Best resorts with meals

otlichnye mesta s pitaniem

The absolute majority of Anapa hotels and resorts include the cost of their trips 3 or 2 meals a day. It is very convenient for tourists. Not every tourist is ready every day to look for a suitable for food or do the cooking yourself.

Many resorts and spas, you can choose a diet which matches the assigned treatment or will.


The boarding house is great for familyrest. It is located on the second coastal line. To Anapa city centre is 6 km away.

Types of pension Fund is located in three buildings. They are all connected to each other by covered walkways. The rooms of the hotel ranges from 23 to 66 sq. m. they have TVs, air conditioning, radio, telephone, refrigerator and much more, you need to relax.

The cost of the permit, in addition to food, included medical procedure. In the hotel there is animation for children, massage treatments and rental where you can rent everything you need for kids: from pot to bikes and wheelchairs. Vacationers can enjoy free access to gym, Wi-Fi, held in the rooms and Park your car in the special Parking lot.

Meals organized on system "buffet". Meals are served in the restaurant of the hotel. In the menu of the boarding house there are children's meals. In the bar you can always take mineral water, herbal tea and other soft drinks.


pansionat Ural

The pension occupies 5,5 hectares. It is literally immersed in the vegetation. There is a Guesthouse on the system "all inclusive". Accepts tourists all year round.

Rooms have a simple design, but look quite comfortable. In the rooms there is apartments. They are separate from the buildings the cottage. All accommodations are equipped with high quality furniture and all necessary for comfortable living appliances. They have air conditioning and TVs.

350 metres from the building of the hotel is its private beach. Parents with children can reach it by train. During a storm or in the cold season visitors can swim in the indoor pool. He's not the only one. In the pension there is an outdoor pool. In the "Ural" is located:

  • children's Playground and rooms;
  • fitness and SPA centers;
  • night club;
  • the tour Desk.

Parents with children in the boarding house services of a night nurse.

Meals organized on system "buffet". In the menu of the Guesthouse is a 15 of diets. Along with a restaurant, vacationers can visit the lobby bar. It is possible to find a variety of drinks, including alcoholic.

Other accommodation options

Accommodation in Anapa is a special city service. In addition to it there are a lot of private offices for the accommodation of travelers. They are tourists in the private sector, boarding houses, hotels, and recreation centers and sanatoriums. Each Agency has relevant information about the availability of free housing, which can be removed.

Guest houses and small hotels

mini-otel De Parizh

  1. De Paris. Location: center street Terek, the first line. The guest house is a Park and a beach. Accommodation is in comfortable 2-bed and 3-bed rooms. Among the hotel services: Shuttle service, Laundry, Ironing room, Internet, Parking and a safe Deposit box.
  2. "Seaside". Is located in the "High Bank" on the street of Taman. The guest house is right next to a pebbly beach - a three minute walk away. The facilities at the hotel include Internet.
  3. "The family". The guest house is located on the street of Taman. The pebbly beach is a 5 minute walk away. There is Parking and Internet.

At Bugazskaya spit of sand in Anapa it is possible to rent bungalowslocated on the beach. They are located in the complex "Good beach". It is located near the village of the Annunciation.

Detached houses with piers built on the sea. This summer was built with a bathroom, a TV and a fridge.

They can accommodate up to 5 people. Sleeping area Bungalow located in the loft area.

To book a room in any place you can use the form. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departureand number of guests.

Places to stay with children

The best option vacation at a resort with children is the placement in children's health. In Anapa a lot of them. The vast majority of them have their own sandy beaches with easy access to the Black sea.

Such places are in the area of Anapa and Dzhemete. In this part of the resort area-focused summer camps for recreation of children aged 7 years. For rest and treatment parents with children are designed such resortsas:

  • "Blue wave". Accepts children from 4 years. Without an adult in a sanatorium can have a rest and undergo treatment children aged 7 to 18 years. Place them in rooms designed for 4-5 people.

    alt="Blue wave for kids" width="600" height="450" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-10567" />

    In the sanatorium they created all conditions for comfortable living and recreation in any season. They are provided with a full-fledged three meals a day. The sanatorium has its own Park and beach. In an academic period in a sanatorium open educational classes.

  • Parus. Takes on treatment and rest of parents with children aged 4 to 18 years. The health resort is a year-round, has its own well-equipped medical beach. On the territory of the sanatorium is well with mineral water.

    Children and parents produced in three buildings, with medical facilities.

    Children and parents are provided with a full-fledged three meals a day. The resort has facilities for sports and physical therapy, as well as several swimming pools. On the territory there is a rental, payment terminals, library, Finnish sauna and even a mini-zoo.

  • "Anapa-Ocean". The modern hotel is located within Anapa just 20 metres from the seafront of the resort. More than a third of the rooms of the resort have sea views and consist of two or three rooms.

    The sanatorium engaged in the treatment of a wide spectrum of diseases in adults and children. Has its own sandy beach, playgrounds, gym, and other facilities necessary for good rest and treatment of children from 4 years.

Vacationers in the sanatorium are provided with a full 3 meals a day. In the list of children's procedures, there is a water relaxation in the heated pool. The sanatorium has modern medical equipment. Treatment and rehabilitation are carried out on spent years methods.

The resort has a Thalasso treatment, Turkish and Russian baths, as well as other things that may interest vacationers and allow them to significantly improve their health.

About other services in the sanatorium Anapa-Ocean you can learn from this video: