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Which hotel to choose in Turkey for families with child and youth recreation?

Kakoj otel vybrat v Turcii?

Turkey is a country that has long been a favorite destination of many tourists from around the world. But really, good weather, great service at the height, a huge amount of entertainment for every taste and age. If you decide to vacation in Turkey, you need to choose the right hotel, so the rest was on top. So, which hotel to choose in Turkey?

When it comes to the question of how to choose a hotel for vacation, you must consider a lot of different nuances. To choose the resort, the number of stars the hotel itself, to determine the right balance of price and quality. Overall, Turkey offers resorts from 3 to 5 stars, but if you want you can find cheaper options. Although, on the basis of price, to not do this. In General, everything in order.

If you collect all the tips on which hotel to choose in Turkey, you can share all the following points:

To determine the rest

A lot depends on how exactly you are going to rest. If you want to spend a whole day in the hotel will all the time be on the beach or if you will travel regularly across the city.

  • Family-pleasant resorts such as Alanya or side. They are available in a price equivalent.
  • If you want to stay calm and measured, it is possible to give preference to such resorts as Kusadasi. The only disadvantage of the resort is that in the hotels the staff don't always speak the Russian language, and therefore it is desirable to know any European language.
  • Antalya is a world renowned resort that is ideal for regular travelers.
  • If you wish to give preference to different parties and want to break into the club, then you should pay attention to the Marmaris or Bodrum.

How many stars have to have a hotel

Probably, we all know that the most expensive 5-star hotels, but they are the most comfortable. These hotels have significant advantages. They are located near the beach, have their own pools, the service is always on top and staff is ready to fulfill any whim of the client.

4 and 3 stars hotels are a more affordable option, sometimes referred to as the budget, although they are quite comfortable to stay. Yes, these hotels rarely have private beach, it has to go about 200-300 meters, but no more. Pay will be umbrellas and sunbeds, but the prices are quite reasonable.

It is always worth remembering that making a choice based solely on price, not worth it. Hotels that have 5 stars, not infrequently offer discounts and great deals. Because to live in them is more profitable than in a hotel that has 4 stars.

Hotel reviews

Look carefully the resources that you will be able to find reviews about the selected hotels. Not looking for custom reviews, if properly look at them you can be sure to notice. The reviews should include, some details, names and concrete facts. Rate the reviews and make your conclusion.

This is some General information about how to choose a hotel. But still, each individual case has its own peculiarities, and therefore consider the choice of accommodation on the basis of a certain situation.

Search cheap hotels

Using the form below, you can find inexpensive hotels in the selected city:

Rest in Turkey with a baby

Kakoj otel vybrat v Turcii dlya otdyha s rebenkom?

So when the question is which hotel to choose Turkey for vacation with baby, you must consider numerous nuances. If for a self catering holiday be a good enough view, tasty menu and polite staff, the children require a more pedantic approach to the choice of hotel.

  1. Choosing a resort in Turkey, it is first necessary to pay attention not to the hotel, and on the region. The thing is that depending on the season and region, the ambient temperature may be quite wrong child, but because even the hotel will not be able to save the rest. Read more about where to go to Turkey, read here.
  2. Pay attention to what beach hotel provides. For children suitable for sandy beaches, as pebbles they would be uncomfortable. In addition, the beach must necessarily be without a pier or pontoon. By the way, it should be noted that the sandy beaches are of 3-star hotels. Everything depends on the price of the equivalent, and from region to region and location.
  3. Be sure to see if a hotel has an entertainment programme for children, entertainment, excursions, etc. If the hotel is aimed at families with children, a variety of entertainment for children of all ages. In addition, services will be provided by experienced nurses, so you will be able to relax yourself.
  4. An important caveat is the children's menu. It, unfortunately, is not available in all hotels. But, if the price of the holiday does not matter to you, look for options where this service will be included.
  5. Hygiene items: many hotels offer. Therefore find out whether you must have a pot and a stroller, or these things can be rented.
  6. Reviewsthe Internet about the hotel in which you are going to rest with your child, read just need. This is an important point! By the way, if possible, communicate with the moms on the forum who already went on vacation in order to know all the important nuances.

In any case it is not necessary to go to the hotel, about which you know nothing. Remember that to relocate or to find another hotel with the child much more difficult than their own, and therefore, do not experiment.

Looking for a hotel for a fun youth recreation

But still, the question of how to choose hotel in Turkey, still is not fully disclosed. It is necessary to remember about the youth stay when you want to walk the noisy companies and to obtain the maximum enjoyment and memories.

Pondering the question, which hotel to choose in Turkey for youth rest, not immediately say that often it is needed only for two things. Namely, to have a place where to sleep and where to freshen up. Because to pay attention is necessary not only for the hotel itself, so much offers that it provides. And at vacation spots that are around him. This should be the area where will be located a sufficient variety of clubs, discos and bars.

The 5-star hotel, it should be noted that it may not always be affordable for young people. But, if you go on vacation with a big company, you can get a variety of discounts that will be beneficial.

In General, if to speak about the service "All inclusive", it is suitable for companies who go on a carefree vacation. All the necessary really be included in the initial price, and any Supplement to young people is unlikely to be needed, as in hotels enough to think of everything.

If you need to save, you can pay attention to a 3-star hotel, which is often available for recreation unless you need 24 hours a day to spend in the hotel. Often, these beach hotels is located in 300-400 meters from the rooms, but agree to pass such distance will not be easy.

Beaches are often not sand, but it is unlikely the youth would be willing to relax in the sand, as not to lie on pebbles, always rented you can rent sun loungers. As for the food, additional services and leisure, it is not necessary to think that a 3-star hotel is worse than a 5-star. Yes, more is available in the price of the option is unlikely to be too many choices of dishes, but as for taste, they are on top in any institution.

Disco in the hotel for young people are not always interesting, it is better to go to the nearest clubs, bars or discotheques, which are available in every resort. It is in institutions of Turkey outside the hotel, you can relax "to the fullest" and to see in all its glory on a vacation abroad.

Kakoj otel vybrat v Turcii dlya molodezhnogo otdyha?

This detailed manual told about how to choose hotel in Turkey. It is not always necessary to pay attention only to price equivalent, because sometimes it does not matter, thanks to the various discounts.

Regardless of eating you can relax yourself on the ticket or on the job, be sure to check the hotel where you are going to stay. This will help to avoid further negative aspects that may arise in the process of living in a foreign country.

And, the most important thing is never to rush. Worth exploring a few options and only then come to any decision. Quick decisions do not always lead to the expected result!