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Symbols and deciphering the types of food in hotels: what is BB and RO?

oboznacheniya pitaniya v otelyah

If you book tour with hotel accommodation, you need to think about all the details of the upcoming release. An important aspect of a successful vacation is choosing the right type of food offered in this place, so you should study the symbols of food in hotels.

Classification of types of meals in hotels abroad and in Russia

rasshifrovka tipov prozhivaniya za rubezhom

Hotels offer various types of food. Their names are encrypted in a standard system of abbreviations.

But it is important to know that the name of a particular type of food doesn't speak about the quality and range of dishes. It is only the mode in which work at the hotel bars and restaurants.

When meeting with international codes, need at least minimum knowledge of the English language to spell to know how to look the abbreviations of the systems of power, and what it is.

Marking abbreviations

A list of the resorts in the types of food consists of the following elements:

  • RO (room only), BO (bed only), AO (accomodation only). This means that the accommodation is provided without meals;
  • BB (Bed/Breakfast) – includes Breakfast only. Moreover, in addition to the common "buffet" it, depending on the country where the holiday is of three kinds:
    1. Continental is the easiest;
    2. English – more satisfying and familiar to us;
    3. Us – the most satisfying of them, where are also provided a hot meal.
  • abbreviatura bb

  • HB (half board) – half Board. It consists of Breakfast and dinner. Breakfast, in most cases, organized by type of pantry with tea, coffee and other non alcoholic beverages. Dinner can be the same or similar, or ordered a La carte with appetizers and hot food.
  • HB+ (half board plus) – a variation of the previous type. For dinner, added a certain amount of alcoholic and other drinks.

As indicated by the highest category?

The following categories of food there are three or more times a day:

  1. FB (full board) - full Board which includes Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Moreover, during the last two meals, all drinks and water pay;
  2. Food system full Board is served at buffet-type or à La carte.

  3. FB+ (full board plus) plus includes national drinks (water and alcohol), but their scope is strictly limited. It is important to know that if you ordered the bottle is not empty, the waiter at the guest's request will clog it and will be served tomorrow;
  4. AI (all inclusive) - all-inclusive. The guest can count on a Breakfast, lunch and dinner and national drinks without limitation of their amount during operation of the restaurants. Drinks are served only on tap. It is also expected the extension service, for example, access to fitness rooms, exercise equipment, sauna and other. There is the client's choice of a buffet or restaurant service on request;
  5. kak oboznachaetsya

  6. AIP (all inclusive premium) - "all inclusive premium" - a rare service system. It involves the addition of a wide range of beverages;
  7. UAI, UALL (Ultra ALL Inclusive) — "ultra all inclusive". Reusable meal without the restriction of choice of restaurants and bars in the hotel with drinks of local and imported bottled and all kinds of desserts. Range of additional bonuses in this case are wider than in the previous year. And, based on the features of the hotel include tennis, mini-bar, sauna and other. Here it is also assumed choice of service either buffet style or restaurant.

Decoding additional terms

Depending on the form of giving of a food to distinguish the types of service buffet and restaurant. Each of them can be accessed without even leaving the native land. You need to get to corporatea party or to visit any restaurant. And yet, what constitutes each of them?

What is a buffet?

In essence it is a buffet. Here in abundance are served hot meat and fish dishes, fruit, vegetables, salads, pastries, soft drinks.

The range depends on the country and category of the hotel. The amount of food is limited only by the capacity of the stomach, since to make products from the restaurant is prohibited.

The A La carte restaurants (A-lacarte)

It is familiar to many a waiter service with a choice of dishes from the menu. Often in hotels the menu range is bound to any national cuisine.

If the type of feeding in the certificate is not specified the service, the food here is paid.

To get to the dinner in a restaurant, you need to make an appointment with the Manager.

Travel tips

poleznye rekomendacii

To stay was with the greatest pleasure and benefit in all things (including the use for the purse) are not stopping to heed the advice of seasoned travelers. Good to see on different websites with reviews about the hotel where you plan to stay, its kitchen and the quality of food. When you select a specific food type keep in mind the following points:

  • Often on non-European resorts (Antalya, Mauritius, Maldives) outside the hotel is a desert area. In this case, without AI and similar types of food not enough;
  • "All inclusive" in Europe you need to book with an eye on how far is the beach from the hotel. If you go back for lunch for quite some time, but there are alternative points of food in the hotel better to eat as little as possible. But should proceed from their financial capabilities. With a limited budget the maximum possible power in the hotel will be more economical;
  • Resting with the children and spending most of their time within the hotel and its beach, the best options are FB or AI. This will allow not to think of "daily bread" and enjoy a carefree stay;

  • In active holidays, which includes excursions and visits to various attractions, shopping and other, it is better to choose the type NV – Breakfast-dinner. Then during the day you can combine the knowledge of new places with lunch in a local restaurant, where it is possible to get acquainted with national cuisine.

Book hotel and choose the type of food right now. Enter in this search form the city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.

We recommend you to watch a video about the rules of etiquette for buffet: