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Hotel Hilton long beach in Hurghada - reviews, description (Hilton Long Beach Resort 4*)

Otel Hilton Long Bich v Hurgade

Popular hotel Hilton long beach in Hurghada is 15 km from the airport and 18 from downtown that far. The beach that is the main part of any hotel here is just wonderful. First, it is the first line. No need to go to another hotel to feel uncomfortable when crossing the road, when you go in a bathing suit. All their, so to speak. Plus, there is a very large beach, almost a kilometer. And it's different: somewhere smaller, where deep, where they are stranded somewhere in a coral reef, somewhere in the sand where the stones.

The food in the hotel

The food was also very good, fortunately. Because in many hotels the food is not so hot, judging by the reviews. This hotel also has a choice of restaurants:

  • Arabic, which serves Egyptian dishes
  • Italian restaurant
  • another restaurant (called international) near the pool

Each of them has their hours of operation and they are all free, only 1 paid. Well, of course, not forget about six bars, and goes for what Russian people to rest :) (Not all, but some).

The surrounding area

The staff of the Hilton Long Beach Resort 4* very friendly and smiling, if they are with good attitude, they will also be good, but only twice:). Really respect those who know English.

But from the hotel if you go, nothing interesting there. So many different stalls and mini-shops that sell Souvenirs and various trinkets. The sellers are also very well Intrusive. If one refused, then the second will stick even more and with greater force will assure that his shop is unique.

But, if you decide to buy such Souvenirs and things from Hurghada, we suggest that to go to Down Town. There is much cheaper and better. There are many different shops, especially the shop suggest "Pharaon" - a brand store of leather handbags and jackets. The quality is unreal! Just next to the hotel is the other hotels, some of our hotel went to the hills to have fun.

Excursions from the hotel

The Hilton Long Beach is not very bright - it guide. Unfortunately, it was a Ukrainian woman who not only told various horror stories about Arab people, and lies to sell tours to the Islands and Luxor. About travel: suggest to buy from a local, three times cheaper cost. I drove so many times and never regretted.

Summary of my review is this:

If you really want to relax in a great hotel with just the beautiful sea, I highly recommend the Hilton long beach in Hurghada. The best sea you simply will not find!