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Belek hotels 5 and 4 stars on the first line, all inclusive, private beach

oteli Beleka 5 zvezd, vse vklucheno, pervaya liniya

In Turkey travelers come not by chance, because there is a large choice of hotels and the service at the highest level. If you are planning a trip to Belek, it is necessary to study the city's hotels. They differ from each other in a number of qualities that are significant.

A rating of the best hotels in Belek 5 stars

There is a list of hotels that will help tourists to choose the accommodation at rest. Now it is possible to find the best hotels in Belek.

Green Max

gostinica Green Max

The hotel is a few buildings, most of which consists of six floors, for tourists built separate houses. Location Mediterranean coast.

Total number of apartments - 440, among them double, family, non Smoking and handicapped people.

Among the numerous entertainments of the hotel include:

  • Theater;
  • Billiards;
  • Surfing;
  • The toy library;
  • Paintball.

The hotel offers the services of "All inclusive": in this system, meals are provided three times a day also includes live entertainment. Infrastructure site developed: there are shops, restaurants, water slides, playgrounds.

Feature is the presence of an amphitheatre in antique style, in the evening held a Grand entertainment show. It uses light effects that make the show very interesting and exciting. Very well chosen music, which makes the pastime more enjoyable.

Rixos Premium

uslugi Rixos Premium

The hotel is an enormous, beautiful building. He is appreciated not only by tourists but also professionals. This is one of the biggest hotels of Turkey: 769 rooms. Among them are standard, with luxury private villas. Rooms with different categories. It offers:

  1. Kids club from 6 to 10 years;
  2. SPA;
  3. Hookah;
  4. Confectionery;
  5. Water Park;
  6. The Dolphinarium;
  7. World and national cuisine.

The hotel is located on the first line with a pristine white sand beach. Services are provided "Ultra all inclusive", which includes three meals a day, visiting playgrounds, gym. A special feature is the Waterpark, which is made in the style of ancient Greek Troy.

There is also a Dolphinarium, where there are several performances a day. Dolphins performing incredible stunts.

Available at French street and the bar Street, where several times a day it may rain, lie down in the fog and thunder. These unique very unusual effects delight of tourists. In the evenings there are discos, parties.

Maxx Royal Belek Golf & Spa

infrastruktura Maxx Royal

Maxx Royal Belek Golf & Spa 5* is a true center of luxury. The hotel has a good location - first line. This means that guests will not have long to get to the beach. The path from the apartments to the beach takes less than five minutes.

The hotel can give guests a great stay and a high level of service. Submitted 531 rooms from suites to villas Montgomery. This luxurious apartment with all amenities in the room. Villa Montgomery is a separate houses with a long terrace, king bed and private access to the beach. The hotel offers:

  • 9 swimming pools;
  • Field for professional Golf;
  • 2 fields for football;
  • Mediterranean cuisine;
  • Ice cream;
  • Confectionery;
  • Billiards;
  • Amusement Park and much more.

attrakciony v Golf & Spa

The vacationer package "an Ultra allinclusive", which includes three meals a day, gym, pools, Jacuzzi, doctor's office and more. In dancing lessons, which take place under the guidance of experienced choreographers, guests have the opportunity to learn basic movements of various styles, from contemporary to classic.

Jacaranda Club

The hotel is located also on the first line and has its own sandy beach. Is luxury and comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. The hotel is a low houses that surround the Park. There are more than five hundred apartments, some of them are family run, non Smoking, people with disabilities and double.

The hotel offers apartments of different classes: standard and comfort to Deluxe and individual villas.

Leisure the hotel provides many services:

  1. Animation and entertainment program;
  2. Laundry;
  3. Internet cafes;
  4. Car hire;
  5. A mini-zoo;
  6. Babysitting;
  7. Bicycle rental;
  8. Horse riding.

korpusa Jacaranda Club & Resort

Here also offers vacationers the system "All inclusive". On the basis of the hotel there are shops, water slides, organised daily excursions.

Very interesting may be classes in archery. An experienced coach can give the basics of this challenging sport. In addition, there are riding lessons. With the permission of the parents to these classes allowed even children.

If you decide to book any hotel, or to learn the cost of rooms, please use this form. Simply enter the host city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.

A five-star resort hotels for families with children

In Belek there are hotels that are ideal for holidays with family. In such hotels you can find a large variety of entertainment.

Ela Quality

There are hotels on the coast. Is a magnificent building, which consists of 550 rooms.

The Deluxe rooms in addition to the basic amenities include Jacuzzi, king-size bed and a long balcony.

territoriya Ela Quality

The hotel is located in a very beautiful place that surrounds mesmerizing nature. Tourists are provided these services:

  • Diving;
  • Menus for children;
  • Boat trips;
  • Mini Golf;
  • Water skiing;
  • Theater;
  • Bowling.

Near the buildings of the hotel are shops, boutiques, children's clubs. For guests in the evenings, musical concerts, artists and bands. The hotel is currently undergoing lessons on water Polo and competitions between teams. There is a yacht clubwhere you can rent boats for boating.

Belek Beach

The location of this hotel is the shore of the sea with a pristine beach umbrellas, beach chairs. Submitted 289 rooms, among them single, double, family, non Smoking and handicapped people. They are represented by different classes: from economy to luxury. Absolutely each room has a bathroom, fridge, Internet access, towels. The Deluxe rooms have a large terrace, a king-sized bed.

stroeniya Belek Beach Resort

The place fascinates, delights and admiration of the tourists. It has a relaxing, pleasant atmosphere. Available data services:

  1. Car hire;
  2. Turkish bath;
  3. Disco;
  4. Massage;
  5. Concierge;
  6. Library;
  7. Tennis court;
  8. TV lounge;
  9. Laundry.

Tourists are offered a "All inclusive". On the territory there are shopping centers, shops, Golf, tennis, Golf, soccer, volleyball. You can explore the underwater world, visiting the lessons of diving. Classes can be booked for both beginners and professionals.

Outdoor enthusiasts will be delighted to ride on the scooter and water skiing under the guidance of professional instructors.

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Limak Arcadia Golf

kompleks Limak Arcadia

Built the hotel building on the sea coast. The hotel provides 444 rooms, among them there are rooms with different number of seats. There is a division into classes: economy, standard, Suite. Luxury is a separate houses with private beach access and a large balcony. Entertainment for guests:

  • Chess;
  • Diving;
  • Animation;
  • Water Polo;
  • Bicycle rental;
  • Gymnastics;
  • Cinema;
  • Holiday cruiser.

The territory of the hotel is varied:there are shops, shopping centres, shops.

For children created a menu filled with sweet desserts. Almost every day there are children's activities.

A special feature of the hotel is a huge choice of water sports. You can rent a boat, yacht, scooter, scuba diving lessons, water ski. This is a unique chance to become closer to the aquatic environment, to develop incredible skills. Classes are conducted by experienced professionals.

Accommodation facilities with four stars

The city has not only five-star, but no less comfortable four-star hotels. They also offer a memorable stay. Before the trip is to study them. They will help the traveler to make the choice.

Melissa Garden

stroenie Melissa Garden

One of the most famous hotels of this level. You'll be by the sea with a pristine beach. Rest provides 210 rooms, including single, double, family, non Smoking and handicapped people. Absolutely all apartments have a bathroom, refrigerator, Internet, air conditioning. Available services:

  1. Games room;
  2. Disco;
  3. Internet cafes;
  4. Currency exchange;
  5. Transfer;
  6. Horse riding;
  7. The water aerobics.

The hotel offers "All inclusive". Guests can visit the restaurants, hotels, playgrounds.

The hotel is a great choice of services of the Wellness center. Guests visiting the SPA, the doctor's office. It is a huge center on-site, made in Turkish style. Facilities for yoga, aerobics. Diet menu is available. The hotel has a large Park area, which is suitable for walks in the fresh air.

Innova & SPA

The location of the hotel on the sea front with a large Park. The hotel offers 210 rooms, including rooms of different categories. There are two classes of apartments: standard, Deluxe, Suite and corner Suite.

vid na Innova

Deluxe rooms are more spacious, king size bed, Jacuzzi, large terraces.

The hotel provides:

  • Basketball court;
  • Water skiing;
  • Gymnastics;
  • Mini-bar;
  • Meeting room;
  • Animators;
  • Boat trips;
  • Health club.

The hotel offers All-inclusive, food buffet three times a day. On the territory there are shopping centers, shops. There are evening entertainment programs.

The hotel is famous for the fact that it offers classes in surfing and Windsurfing. During the holidays, you can learn the basics of these sports. It is not just fun, but also useful. Muscles get the required load, the body becomes beautiful and fit. There are classes for different levels of training: for beginners and advanced.

Castle Belek

nomera Castle

The hotel is located on the first line with its sandy beach. It's a beautiful place with incredible scenery. Offers more than four hundred apartments, among them double, family, non Smoking and disabled. Rooms are represented by several classes: from economy to suites. The rooms have Internet, air conditioning, towels, fridge and more. Available to tourists the following services:

  1. Transfer;
  2. Ice cream;
  3. Parking;
  4. Billiards;
  5. Sauna;
  6. Mini Golf;
  7. Aerobics;
  8. Laundry and dry cleaning;
  9. The Internet café.

Proposed system All inclusive, which includes meals three times a day. On the territory there are shops, shopping centers, there are daily guided tours. You can explore the culture of the city, to see its main attractions. It's incredibly interesting and exciting.

If desired, guests can visit parties, discotheques, entertainment in the amphitheater. A special feature of the hotel is a great choice of sports clubs, which can be attended by both adults and children.

Classes are offered in volleyball, tennis, basketball, Golf. Allowed to lessons for both beginners and advanced.

In Turkey presented many hotelsin which you can relax. Turkish hotels surprises guests from all over the world are accommodated in comfortable rooms, have these tremendous events, train in different sports. A tourist does not leave the hotel grounds andthis is loads of fun.

Recommend you watch the video, where you learn what other five-star accommodation options there are in Belek: