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Half Board (HB) and full Board in the hotel: what does it mean?

Polupansion v otele - chto eto?

When we go on vacation, we want to turn away from everyday problems and relax.

One of the most burdensome household duties for many people is cooking, which is why most modern hotels offer a variety of suggestions in terms of food. So, half Board at the hotel - what is it?

Types of food

vidy predostavlyaemogo pitaniya

HB is one of the most popular types of food in hotels, is available even to travelers with the limited budget.

Booking a hotel room, please note on the classification of the types of foodit offers. The most common are

  1. HB – normal HB;
  2. HB+ - extended half Board: from usual it differs that you will be serving alcohol and soft drinks at no additional cost and in unlimited quantities all day;

  3. FB – full Board;
  4. FB+ or EXTFB – advanced full Board: the price, in addition to traditional morning, afternoon and evening meal that include drinks, which you can wash down a meal in the restaurant.

That means full Board and half Board?

oboznacheniya i opisanie pansiona i polupansiona

If when booking you were staying on a half Board basis, the payment for accommodation includes the cost and two meals a day, including:

  • Breakfast. Menu in most hotels is quite diverse, so everyday you can taste something new: cereal, pancakes, vegetables, fruits, omelettes, steaks, salads, seafood, exotic local dishes, muesli, yoghurt and much more;
  • In the price also has the price of soft drinks in the morning: different nectars, mineral water, milk beverages, teas and coffee.

  • Dinner. Usually it serves a variety of meat and fish dishes with vegetable salads, pastries, gourmet desserts, but in the half-Board rate includes only water for the rest will have to pay.

Full Board is a classic three meals a day, meaning you do not have to look for a cafe outside the hotel to eat. In many hotels the Breakfast is served in a classic buffet with light snacks, and afternoon and evening you can enjoy salads, first, second dishes and dessert in the restaurant menu. However, there are variations: sometimes a buffet or a La carte meals offer three meals a day.

How do they differ from "all inclusive"?

The difference of full Board and half-Board is that for lunch you will also be able to stay in a hotel. If you want to tune in to relaxation and to explore the area in search of a suitable inexpensive cafe with delicious food, you will approach the full Board. But those who are eating little, losing weight or just wants to save money, experts recommend to take half Board.

True gourmets and gourmands, as well as those who want to completely escape from everyday problems is to choose the system "all inclusive".

raznica mezhdu

Besides the usual meals, it includes easy snacking throughout the day and afternoon tea, and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Important details

Inexperienced tourists should necessarily pay attention to some nuances of the half.

What should I do if I approached HB?

If for some reason you have not approached the Board and you want to eat in the hotel three times a day, just contact the administrator.

In most hotels you will meet and for a certain – often small – fee you will be able to go on full Board or all inclusive service.

kuda obrashatsya, esli ne podoshel HB?

Right nowbook a desired hotel using this form of search. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.

Whether to order partial Board in the hotels of different countries?

Those who travel to the UAE, virtually no choice: half Board here offers most of the hotels. As for Turkey, in Antalya selection of hotels with half Board very small. If you want this type of power supply, please pay attention to the hotels of Fethiye, Bodrum or Marmaris.

In Spain many hotels with half Board, so if you go to the country to see her and ride for trips, this type of food is a great choice. Besides, if you are going somewhere in the evening and skipping dinner, at the reception it is possible to agree on replacing it for lunch. The same applies to Greece.

But in Bulgaria the food in the local cafes are quite expensive, so it is preferable to stay with "all inclusive".

Travel tips

When you decide the type of food, even before the trip is to clarify the following for yourself:

  • Half Board is perfect if you value an active lifestyle and are ready all day to spend on sightseeing, not tying myself to the hotel and schedule of meals;
  • Families with children definitely better to splurge on a full-Board or all-inclusive;
  • If you like to sleep late, Breakfast is not the best solution, because in many hotels the Breakfast is only available until 10-11 am, so there most risk to remain hungry.

In this video you will learn the decoding of all types of meals in hotels: