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The Islands of Greece on the map: trips and a ferry to Santorini from Crete - photos

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Santorini — Greek luxury resort, which is characterized by rare beauty and picturesque landscapes. It has not only amazing nature, but also a unique history. According to many visiting tourists, Santorini is the most beautiful island in the world and truly a Paradise on earth.

Santorini on the map of the world and of Greece in Russian

arhipelag na mirovoj russkoyazychnoj karte

Santorini located in the Aegean sea and is part of the archipelago of the Cyclades.

The Greek name of Santorini is Thira or Fira, and Santorini — his name in Italian.

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Where and in what country is?

Like almost all the other Islands of the Aegean sea, Santorini belongs to Greece. The island is located to the North of Crete and East of mainland Greece.

Distance from Santorini to Crete is 115 km, to the mainland about 100 km from the island of Rhodes is 200 km.


istoricheskie svedeniya

Santorini — legendary island that played a major role in human history. The island was inhabited at least 5 thousand years ago. Around 1500 BC, Santorini occurred the eruption of the eponymous volcano with a height up to 1500 m above sea level. The explosion of the volcano failed, and the site of crater formed depression with an area of 80 km2.

Once a single island turned into a group of Islands, which can now be seen. Caused by the volcanic eruption , the tsunami reached a height of 200 meters.

Struck the coast and Islands of the Mediterranean sea waves caused catastrophic destruction of nascent human civilization was nearly destroyed the advanced Minoan culture of Crete affected the Greek and Egyptian settlements along the coast and on the Islands.

One of the biggest natural disasters in the history of the Earth rejected human civilization at least a thousand years ago.

Scientists believe that the explosion of the Santorini volcano and the subsequent tsunami became the basis of myths about the flood and the destruction of Atlantis.

For a long time the island was Greek, and then Byzantine possession. In the middle Ages the island first became a base of the crusaders, and then for over 300 years was ruled by the Venetians, at this time it received its Italian name. In the middle of the XVI century, Santorini was conquered by the Ottoman Empire, and since the beginning of the XX century became part of independent Greece.

How to get there?

kak dobratsya do aeroporta?

Since Santorini island, is accessible only by water or by air use the air.

The airport and marine station

The airport, which is the international name Santorini National Airport, located near Kamari village and 6 km from the island's capital of Fira. The airport receives flights from Athens and Thessaloniki and also some European cities.

Direct flights from Russia does not exist, so Russian tourists need to organise connecting flights. From the airport to the capital of the island can be reached by taxi or Shuttle bus. Airport on the island is quite old, so is not a distinctivecomfort.

Flights to and from Santorini you can choose right now using this form of search. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

Sea Santorini port is called Athinios and takes a sea-going ferries and cruise ships that visit this island for a stop.

However, due to the fact that the port of Santorini is one of the busiest in the world, besides it is quite small in size, the ships do not go to the port and get on a RAID off the coast.

Transfer to the island was by boat for 100 people each.

How to get from Crete on their own?

kak dobratsya s Krita?

When choosing the way to get to Santorini from Crete we must focus not only on price but also on time spent in transit. Oddly enough, despite the airports on both Islands, to get to Santorini from Crete is expensive, long and uncomfortable.

The fact that direct flights between the Islands almost never happens, so it can be docked in Athens. It takes a lot of time, besides the price is quite high. Therefore, the best way to get to Santorini from Heraklion or any other Cretan city — to take advantage of water transport.

From Crete to Santorini go conventional ferries and high speed catamarans. Passenger catamaran journey time is one and a half to 2 hours, a trip on a cargo ferry takes longer — from 2 to 7 hours depending on load and speed of the vessel.

Marine transportation is carried out:

  • on catamarans from Heraklion;
  • on a small ferry from Heraklion.

And from Sitia there are a cargo ferry, but travel time is 7 hours, so it is not well suited for tourist trips.

Another option, which provides for the above vehicles is a excursion in Santorini. In this case, you do not have to worry about how you will get to the island, experienced attendants will take you to the place.

The journey from Athens

From Athens to Santorini can be reached by plane or ferry ride. The flight takes 35 minutes, but at the same time is the most expensive way to reach the island. The flights depart from Athens airport Eleftherios Venizelos.

The second way to get to Santorini from Athens is to take the ferry. Ferry operators organized two types of transportation:

  1. standard ferry — travel time up to 8 hours, this is the cheapest way to get to Santorini;
  2. Express ferry — the journey time is about 3 hours, ticket price is halfway between the plane and a standard ferry.

Description of the island - photo


As Santorini was formed by volcanic explosion, the nature of the island is scarce, but at the same time unique.

The geography and size

Santorini is a group of 5 Islands in the form of a ring:

  • Santorini;
  • Palea Kameni;
  • NEA Kameni;
  • Therasia;
  • Aspronisi.

The area of the island of Santorini is 76 km2. The length of the sea coast 70 km.

Essentially all of Santorini represent the edge of a huge volcanic Caldera, flooded by sea water.

geograficheskie dannye

The island is composed of lava and tuff rocks of volcanic origin. Part of the island is a plain, the other covered by high cliffs up to a height of 300-400 meters. Due to the fact that the Islands are located at the edges of the vast Caldera, the sea around the Islands reaches depths of 400 metres.

The beaches of the island is covered with volcanic sand, so some of them are black, others red, etc.

The number and ethnic composition of the population

The resident population of the island does not exceed 15 thousand people. The vast majority of local residents — the Greeks and the main language spoken is Greek.

Most of the locals employed in the tourism sector or engaged in viticulture. Local wine grown on volcanic soil, is particularly exquisite taste.

Flora and fauna

Due to the volcanic soil and hot and dry climate the vegetation is quite scant: the wild flora is virtually absent, and the vegetation presents brought from the mainland by plants and trees. Of wild vegetation can be noted only rare shrubs. But soil and climate suitable for growing grapes, which is usedlocals.

Wildlife Santorini also not impressive: the few types of animals that lived here, died during the Minoan disaster. Therefore, the wild fauna is represented mostly by migratory birds. But one of the symbols of the island became home to a donkey, the former is practically the only way to get around on the steep rocks of the island.

Recreation: a guide to Dashes

One of the advantages of Santorini is its relative the loneliness. If you avoid the most popular tourist destinations, you can enjoy privacy and tranquility on the background of the unique nature of the island.

The capital and other cities

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As the population of the island is only 15 thousand people, big cities here, of course not. The most populated settlement of the island is:

  1. the administrative centre of Fira (about 1500 inhabitants);
  2. the town of Oia (about 1300 inhabitants).

Also on the island are towns of Kamari, Athinios, Phoenicia, but their population is less.

Popular tourist areas

The most interesting on the island due either to its unusual nature or unique history, which dates back 5 thousand years ago. Popular tourist areas tend to cover both sides.

The capital of the island Fira is located on a cliff with a height of over 250 m above sea level. At the foot of the cliff is the main port of the island. Go up to the city by the staircase of nearly 700 steps.

Fira is interesting for its ethnographic Museum of prehistorydedicated to the vanished Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations.

You can also visit the Archaeological Museum or enjoy one of the many churches.

Oia is the most romantic resort of Santorini is especially popular among honeymooners and couples. Here is car, street wiring and other symptoms of modern civilization. Like Fira, Oia is situated on a high cliff.

Another popular tourist area — the village of Kamari with the nearby Ancient Thira. Kamari is famous for its black beach of volcanic sand, the prices at this resort are much lower than in Oia or the capital of the island.

However, the biggest interest are the ruins of Ancient Fira, located on the top of the mountain of Mesa Vouno, near Kamari.

Ancient Thera was founded in the IX century BC by colonists from Sparta. During its existence, the city has seen the ancient Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines. Here are preserved many remains of ancient buildings and Byzantine temples.

ekskursionnye rajony

Another place closely connected with the history and popular interest among tourists, is the excavation of the ancient city of Akrotiri, which belonged to the Minoan civilization. Akrotiri was abandoned by its residents before a volcanic disaster, but due to the fact that the city was covered in volcanic ashes the buildings of Akrotiri well preserved.

Near Akrotiri is an amazing Red and White beaches. Also nearby are the Venetian castle and the lighthouse.

Interesting facts

It is no coincidence Santorini has been called the most romantic place on earth. According to tourists who visited the sunsets on Santorini — the most beautiful in the world. Especially colorful and beautiful pictures appear in the town of Oia, so this place became a resort for lovers.

When traveling to the island be sure to try local wines. Local autochthonous vineyards (and the vine is the only plant surviving at the beginning of the accident), allow people to produce extraordinary wines. The most famous brands:

  • Assyrtiko;
  • Vinsanto;
  • Nihari.

Volcanic sand, scattered on the beaches of Santorini, has a beneficial effect on the human body, so we can safely leave the sunbeds to the side.

About Santorini already goes a saying that goes: "Santorini donkeys more than people, more churches than houses, more wine than water".

From this video , you will learn lots of useful information about Santorini: