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Finland: the water Park and pool, Spa hotels in Imatra, near the border

spa-oteli Finlyandii

Going abroad, you want to relax and have a rest. Often it is enough just to check in to a Spa hotel, where there are all modern Spa treatments that allow you to gain a surge of new strength and energy.

First and foremost, this holiday dream girls. Spa hotels in Finland any woman feel young again, beautiful and attractive.

Wellness holiday in Finland

lechenie v strane

Spa hotels usually have a nice hot tub, a traditional power shower, a swimming pool with thermal water, steam bath or sauna.

In most modern hotels of this type there is a gym, where gymnastics, yoga or meditation.

Wellness massage is another procedure that is available in Spa hotels. Many hotels have offices of professional doctors who conduct consultations and provide recommendations regarding use of carrying out particular treatments for certain diseases.

Tourists come here who are overweight as well as nervous disorders. Specialists in these hotels conduct a comprehensive treatment of these problems through specific Spa treatments.

When choosing a place for recreation, tourists prefer Finland for many reasons, including:

  • High level of development of a network of Spa hotels. This country is world famous for its hotels, which include Spa treatments. In Finland account for more than 100 Spa hotels, where year to return thousands of tourists;
  • The effectiveness of Spa treatments. Vacationers who travel to Finland for the purpose of healthier, 100% reach the desired result after their stay at Spa hotels;
  • The best cost. In comparison with European prices, the trip here tourists costing several times cheaper.

The best Spa hotels in Helsinki

otlichnye gostinicy stolicy

Many tourists come to stay in Helsinki not only to improve your health, but also to get acquainted with sights of the Finnish capital.

Haikko Manor

This luxury hotel is located a few dozen kilometers from the capital to Porvoo. There is a relaxation room, where Spa treatments, a gym with dozens of modern exercise machines, a Finnish and a steam sauna, Roman bath, hot pool and Jacuzzi.

On-site massage, various beauty treatments, haircuts and styling.

Vacationers who came here with the purpose of treatment, unable to visit a doctor. The cost includes accommodation and Breakfast buffet. Eat lunch and dinner in café-restaurant or bar on site.

Crowne Plaza Helsinki

zdanie Crowne Plaza

Luxury Spa hotel overlooking the capital's cultural facilities has a health club and relaxation room, where guests can exercise and a Spa treatment.

Any visitor remains happy from provided services - manicure, pedicure, cosmetic procedures, waxing and body scrubs.

The hotel also actively involved in gymnastics and fitness. The sports hall is equipped with modern rowing, elliptical and exercise bikes, and treadmills. Fans of baths spend most of my time in the steam room, after it has the opportunity to cool off inmodern indoor pool.


This Spa hotel guests ' disposal sauna, indoor pools, hot tubs. Sports fans can visit the sports centre and try their hand at the modern equipment. Among the Wellness treatments:

  1. a visit to the salt room;
  2. phyto- aromatic bath;
  3. honey milk bath;
  4. kinesiotherapy;
  5. physiotherapy.

Great spa-complexes in other cities

A large number of Spa hotels scattered across the country, because it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.


Hotel Aakenus v Rovaniemi

Lapland is known as the Motherland of Santa Claus, therefore is a huge tourist destination. Thanks to this here throughout the year attracts thousands of tourists.

In Rovaniemi, the tourist can not only visit the residence of Santa Claus, but also to gather new strength and to relax, settling in one of the Spa hotels.

  • Hotel Aakenus is a modern Finnish hotel features a sauna and a terrace for relaxation.
  • Pleasant pastime is guaranteed also in Rovaniemi Hostelwith sauna and swimming pool. On site is a sports hall. Here the hotel also offers bowling, mini Golf or table tennis. Accommodation in this place is relatively inexpensive, compared to hotels of higher category.
  • Unforgettable impressions remain after your stay in City Hotel. Any visitor here will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of nothingness and peace, visiting and relaxing saunas.
  • Relax on the glory also, while staying at Arctic Light Hotel. Here, in addition to a huge number of Spa treatments, guests are given the opportunity to visit the sauna, the terrace or the lounge bar.


In order to return from Finland with a new strength and recharge the energy, no need to go to monasteries and temples. It will be enough to go in Tampere. Accommodation in one of the Spa hotels in the city ensures a similar effect.

The most famous in the region, the hotel is, of course, Holiday Club Tampere. Each guest remains delighted with the variety of amenities.

  1. The hotel features a large Spa, which carried out numerous procedures.
  2. Any vacationer can use a hot tub with a pool and sauna.
  3. There is an excellent fitness centerwhere exercise classes.

Holiday Club v Tampere

Enjoy a variety of spa-procedures can be in Ikaalinen SPA 4*. The hotel also offers a water Park, which offers massage treatments using hot baths and massage streams.

Women be delighted with a visit of the center of beauty and health. Gym on site is appreciated by athletes that entire day and night doing on modern machines.


Spa Hotel Rauhalahti is a true Paradise where you can enjoy nature, gather new strength and get healthier.

Water Park on site is the place to stay No. 1 for those who love water treatments.

Swimming, sports, hot, ice-cold pools, a Jacuzzi and a sauna are available at free disposal of guests of hotel Rauhalahti.

Rauhalahti v Kuopio

A Spa centre is the ideal place for those who want to rejuvenate and bring order to your appearance. Beauty treatments, pedicure, manicure, makeup - here is a partial list of provided services. The hotel also offers massage treatments, which help to achieve total relaxation.


  • Hotel Fjalar, located in a residential area of Salò, is in great demand among tourists in Finland. This Spa hotel offer guests access to the sauna and the pool, exercise in the modern gym or just relax on the private terrace.
  • Original Sokos Hotel Rikala Salo occupies a top place in the ranking of Finnish hotels due to the high quality of provided services, including: Wellness treatments in a relaxing sauna, as well as playing sports in the gym. Golf lovers can play mini-Golf in a special field.
  • Cumulus Salo is located on the banks of the picturesque river and offers travelers the same amenities - a sauna and a gym. Different room categories in this hotel can book the non-smokers as use of tobacco products on site is prohibited.

Where to stay near the border?

Frequent visitors to Spa hotels in Finland, be Russians living near the border, so they choose the hotels close by. It is worth noting that you will need a visa to visit the country.


Imatran Kylpylä v Imatre

The top Spa hotel in Imatra is Finlandia Hotel Imatran Kylpylä Spa, which offers Spa and fitness facilities. Conduct water treatment on site is the water Park where there are pools of open and closed types, spas, Spa, therapeutic, or hot tub.

Those who care about the state of their appearance, can apply to the beauty parlor on site. If desired, the vacationer has the opportunity to enjoy massage treatments, after which the body fully recovers and heals.

Sports fans can occupy themselves in the stadium, court, Golf course or ice arena.

Absolute restoration and transformation is guaranteed to the visitors after visiting the beauty centre in Imatran Kylpylä Spa.


  1. KuntoHovi Spa Hotel is a hotel which provides rehabilitation and relaxation. Thanks to the thermal waters in pools here year after year tourists come to improve health.
  2. Cumulus Joensuu attracts guests with its luxurious sauna. In addition, on site is a fitness centre where guests can get in shape for the holidays.
  3. Similar facilities are available to tourists in Hotel Aada. At the end of the day to relax and relax on the terrace.

To book a room in one of the hotels, you can use this search form. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.

Unusual hotels

Have you ever watched the Northern lights from the hotel room? And the ice room were asleep? All you will be able to try in Finland.

Igloo Village Kakslauttanen

steklyannyj Igloo Village

This hotel is rightly called supernatural, because here you can watch the Northern lights under the open sky.

The rooms are in the form of a needle, they differ a transparent glass roof, which attracts curious tourists. Thanks to this unusual roof, it becomes possible to contemplate every night the starry sky. Some lucky people even manage to catch the Northern lightswith extraordinary beauty. This phenomenon is, unfortunately, impossible to predict, because its appearance depends on many factors.

The beginning of the operation of the hotel gets at the beginning of December and lasts until April. Guests here can visit a smoke sauna, Snowmobiling, dog sledding, or visit the ski resort, located a few kilometers from the hotel.

Ice LumiLinn SnowCastle

The ice hotel LumiLinn SnowCastle presented in the form of an amusement Park. Its interior is changed every winter. The arrangement of the ice hotel begins in December. The existence of LumiLinn SnowCastle is determined by weather conditions, usually it closes at the period when the snow begins to melt.

Despite the design of the hotel allowed to spend the night. The temperature inside is -5°C, so the guests get a warm sleepover sleeping bags.

LumiLinn SnowCastle has 18 rooms. Inside, the hotel has also a restaurant where you can taste local food.

Close LumiLinn SnowCastle is a Warm Home where you can relax and have Breakfast.

Aurora Domes

This hotel is located on the shore of the lake is also very popular among tourists who come to Finland during the winter season. The idea of glamping Domes Aurora belongs to the network owners of hotel Harriniva Hotels & Resorts.

This is the first set of tents in Scandinavia. Here vacationers can best feel the merger with nature, to feel inner harmony, watching the Northern lights.

The room inside equipped with furniture, necessary for accommodation. Each room Aurora Domes have a fireplacethat provides warmth in the cold days.

See a video tour of the ice hotel in Finland: