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Superior room - what it is: a translation and breakdown of the room types in the hotel

superior room - chto eto?

When planning any trip is always the question of residence. Many hotels are willing to offer a countless variety of rooms, from which, often, do not know what to expect.

A single global classification standards of hotel rooms, unfortunately, does not exist, but to figure out what number is hidden under one name or another (e.g., superior room - what is it) possible.

Category of rooms in hotels

kategorii nomerov v gostinicah

In Russian hotels the rooms are divided into a few different categories: higher and standard.


  • Suite (Suite). Superior room at the hotel with total area 75 m2. Suite consists of at least three rooms. One of the mandatory requirements is a separate guest toilet.
  • In addition to the bedrooms, the Suite is sure to have living room and separate or visually separated from the living space office.

  • Apartment (Apartment). This room starts with 40 m2. Requirements: not less than two rooms, required kitchen area.
  • Suite (Luxe). The room can comfortably accommodate two people. Consists of a bedroom (sometimes not one) and a living room. The room size is not less than 35 m2.
  • Junior Suite (Junior Suite). This one-room apartment, comfortable layout which visually separates the space into a sleeping area and a living room. The area of the Junior Suite at least 25 m2.
  • Studio (Studio). One room with kitchen area. The area of the Studio not less than 25 m2.


standartnaya komnata

All standard rooms are Studio.

The difference is in the number of beds, presence or absence of bathroom in the room.

  1. 1st category (otherwise – standard). Designed to accommodate one or two people. The room has a powder room.
  2. 2-nd category. Different from the 1st category to the presence of incomplete bathroom (sink and toilet).
  3. Category 3. The number of residents in this room depends on the number of beds. But each tenant must be given not less than 6 m2. Rooms are equipped with either incomplete bathroom or one full bathroom for several rooms.
  4. The 4th category. Different from the rooms of the 3rd category, there is only the sink.
  5. The 5th category. The rooms of the fifth category, the bathroom is not provided at all. The washbasin is in the hallway.

Classification of hotel rooms - the transcript and translation

klassifikaciya gostinichnogo nomernogo fonda

Rooms in foreign countries may differ according to the classification and requirements of the Russian standards.

According to the European standard

In most countries in Europe rooms are categorized by number of beds:

  • Double twin room with two beds;
  • Extra bed (or king size) room one large bed for couples;
  • Triple - room with two beds and a sofa that can sleep a child;
  • Single - a room the same size as double twin, but with one bed.
  • Sometimes one client will instill in double room, in this case the fee increases by 25%. This is called double for single use.

Another classification of European rooms, as well as in Russia, includes superior rooms:

  1. Junior suite (Junior Suite) - double room of improved planning;
  2. Deluhe (Deluxe) - same room, but with a more expensive situation;
  3. Suite (Suite) - room with living room and bedroom with furniture and high quality equipment;
  4. Business (Business) - large room with a computer and a Fax, suitable for office work;
  5. Family studio (family Studio) - family room with two interconnected rooms;
  6. President (President) is the most luxurious hotel rooms with multiple bedrooms, a study, two to three toilet.

Whattypes are even - what is a Superior Room?

If you want to relax in Thailand or Turkey, then there you can find the following room types:

  • Standard. This is a typical room area which is most often the 10-22 m2. Typically, the room has TV, telephone, refrigerator, one (SGL) or two (TWIN) beds and bathroom with shower;
  • Economy Room. Such numbers are smaller than the standard and easier features;
  • Superior Room - superior Standard. What is the superiority of the Superior over the Standard, always depends on the country and from the hotel. It may be more footage numbers if we are talking about Europe, and maybe the best views if the hotel is located in the resort town. So it could be an improved finishing or additional furnishings;
  • chto znachit superior room?

  • Superior Room DBL. The reduction in the DBL means that the Superior room has a double bed;
  • Superior Room 2 ADL. Usually a reduction in the ADL 2 (two adults) is accompanied by the addition +CHD, which means that the room provides a sleeping place for the child;
  • Superior Family Room. As a rule, Superior Studio with more space for family settlement, but the number can be two and three;
  • Superior Family Suit. Two - and three-level Superior rooms are designed for families;
  • Superior Limited View Room. Limited View means that the view from something restricted. Views of the sea or mountains may block spreading tree or a building. Usually only partially;
  • Guest Rooms/Deluxe Room. Superior rooms Standard & Superior size – 22-28 m2. Living conditions in this room more comfortable. The room is equipped with modern appliances: air conditioning, LCD or plasma TV, Hairdryer, kettle, telephone, refrigerator or mini-bar;
  • In a Deluxe Room, as a rule, superior finish and quality furnishings, nice view, and instead of a shower - bath.

  • Apartment. This room is reminiscent of a modern apartment. Several rooms complemented by a kitchen area. The size and layout can vary greatly;
  • kakie tipy est eshe?

  • The Junior Suite. Comfortable rooms with a visual separation of space and convenient layout. Usually the size of the room 20-30 m2.
  • Suite. In this room usually have two rooms or more. Room size from 35 m2. From the rooms you can expect high-quality furnishing, comfortable, well designed planning and all necessary household appliances;
  • Senior/Executive Suite. The privilege rooms whose footage usually starts from 40 m2. Rooms are equipped with expensive, quality furnishings and modern appliances;
  • Promo room. For the low room rate Promo could be hiding as promotion (discounts), the hotel offers a standard room at a reduced price, so significant drawbacks to the room itself. Disadvantages can be very different: the unfortunate location of rooms, for example, near the Elevator, bad design, ugly view from window, no balcony.

The view from the window - labeling

In the resort countries, there is another classification of rooms on view. Usually the room name, e.g. Deluxe added the abbreviation, for example, GV (Garden View) to inform about what kind of view awaits you from the Windows of this room. GV Deluxe is a Deluxe room overlooking the garden.

Understand what kinds hidden under those or other reductions.

  1. OV (Ocean view) — you have a view on the ocean;
  2. GV (Garden view) — you will admire the garden;
  3. MV (Mountain view) — mountain landscape;
  4. PV (Pool view) — a view of the pool;
  5. BV (Beach view) — beach landscape;
  6. IV (Inside view) — a view of the atrium or courtyard;
  7. DV (Dune view) — views of the sand dunes;
  8. CV (City view) — the urban landscape;
  9. VV (Valley view) — you will enjoy the view of picturesque valleys;
  10. RV (river view) — river landscape;
  11. SV (Sea view) sea view. Sometimes supplemented by the letters F (Front) or S (Side), in the first case the window will go directly on the sea in the second: the sea will be seen from the Windows;
  12. vid iz okna na more

  13. Land View — a view of the surrounding area;
  14. Hill View — the view of the hills;
  15. Laguna View — Gulf view;
  16. Lake View — lake landscape;
  17. Park View — you will enjoy the Park;
  18. ROH (Run of the House) — accommodation without specifying the view from the room window.

To book a hotel room, use this convenient search form. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.


Travel tips

  • The right choice of hotel room, of course, depends on budget, what kind of vacation you expect, you go with someone.
  • If you are a child, you definitely need to pay attention to what kind of sleeping place will be provided for him.
  • If you are a fan of excursions and active holiday, then this hotel you will only sleep. Why pay more for Superior benefits before the Standard if you do not even notice? In this case, you can think about Promo room if the hotel offers this option.
  • If you prefer a beach vacation and spent most of his time expect to spend on site, the room should be sufficiently comfortable.

    In this case, the only question is, what do you expect from numbers and what bonuses willing to pay.

  • A pleasant evening on the balcony with a glass of wine and overlooking the sea would be impossible if the room does not offer a balcony or Windows facing the wall of the adjacent building.

Best of all, when it is possible to know in advance all about the room in which you are going to spend your vacation to experience it was only pleasant.

This video is an example of accommodation Superior room: