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The best, expensive, beautiful, luxurious and top hotels in the world - photo

samye dorogie oteli v mire

Expensive hotels are not just for travelers with unlimited budgets than the costs. In them the number of funds has the cost of living in which is available for a wide range of citizens who consider themselves only wealthy people.

There are various ways of assessments that determine what a hotel is expensive and what is not. According to them the ratings are formed. Very often, their estimates do not correspond to each other, but that doesn't mean they are biased. TOP most expensive hotels may be determined by the cost of the most expensive rooms or at an average price of accommodation.

Famous Grand hotels

Samyj znamenityj otel Londona

The fame and the hotels can bring a luxury, famous guests or any historical event. Unconditional leaders in the ranking of the most well-known hotels for many years are:

  1. The Ritz in Paris. This hotel for many years connected with the name of Princess Diana;
  2. The Savoy in London. Famous for its opulence, with views of the river Thames and its famous visitors. Among them, Claude Manet, Harry Truman, Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill, Oscard Wilde and many others;
  3. Metropol in Moscow. Hotel Metropol is connected with Savva Morozov. He built this luxury hotel in Moscow.

    At different times the guests of this institution were such legendary figures as Vladimir Lenin, George Bernard Shaw, John Kennedy, Bertolt Brecht, and many others.

    The hotel contains a variety of myths and legends. One of them says that the walls of the hotel Yesenin confessed his ardent love to Duncan. There are rumors about the fact that in metropolis for the first time with his future wife Galina Vishnevskaya met Mstislav, Rostopovich.

  4. uznavaemyj Grand v Oslo

  5. Also one of the most famous hotels in the world can easily be considered Grand. It is located in Norwayon one of the Central streets of Oslo. To accommodate guests, he began in 1874. The hotel's history is closely connected with the great Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. He was a regular guest of the hotel. Stayed here and all the Nobel laureates who visited the country for the award.

    The room Fund of the hotel consists of 238 rooms and 51 suites. Many of the rooms bear the names of great people. One of the suites bears the name of Henry Ibsen.

  6. An equally interesting history has the Raffles hotellocated in Singapore. In different years it was visited by Somerset Maugham, Rudyard Kipling and Joseph Conrad and Charlie Chaplin.

    The Raffles was built in 1887 and named in honor of the founder of Singapore sir Stamford Raffles.

    Ten rooms are named after famous peoplewho stayed in it. The hotel is surrounded by gardens, fountains and ponds. It 103 suites.

The best accommodation in the world

luchshij i vysokij Abrádzh al-Bejt

Every year professionals working in the field of tourism, determine the best hotels in the world. It is composed of representatives of 80 countries in the world. Their opinions about hotels are and travelers.

Among the best hotels of Russia professionals recognized hotel Pushka Innlocated in St. Petersburg. Located in the historic part of the city, in close proximity to the Hermitage. The rooms are decorated in European style. The hotel's history is linked with the name of Pushkin. The hotel is located at the Sink 14. In the next building they passed the last hours of life of the great poet after his duel.

The tallest hotel in the world located in Saudi Arabia. Its height is 601 meters and it is called Abraj al-Bayt. Hotel tower are one of the attractions of Mecca. The top of the highest tower decorated with a clock with a diameter of 43 meters.

Seven Hotel belongs to the boutique hotels. This is one of the most romantic parts of Paris. The hotel is situated in the Latin quarter of the city. The hotel courtyard features wooden deck, Rotanova comfortable sofas and chairs. Sitting on them to enjoy a Cup of coffee. A short walk from the hotel is one of the most famousstreets of Paris — Mouffetard. It is filled with shops, cafes and restaurants.

If you want to know the cost and book rooms in the best hotels, we recommend to use the easy search form rooms. Fill in the details of the host city, the dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.

The most beautiful hotel - photo

Krasivejshij Nayara Springs v Kosta-Riko

The most beautiful eco hotels, according to the magazine National Geographic has recognized the hotels:

  1. Fregate Island Private. The most beautiful hotel on the Seychelles. Place of construction was chosen a private island called Frigate. The hotel is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and seven beaches strewn with white sand. The water supply of the hotel is from its own source, and the table staying travelers get organic fruit from its own farm.
  2. Ol Donyo Lodge. The location of the hotel was chosen Kenya. It was built on the hillside. It is a complex consisting of a Villa, in the style of native huts, covered with thatched roofs.
  3. From the Windows of their rooms have amazing views of the famous Kilimanjaro mountain. Interior decoration of the hotel is designed in the style of ethno.

  4. Seal River Heritage Lodge. Among the prestigious and unique places to visit the hotel recently. It is located in Canada 60 km North of Churchill on the shore of Hudson Bay. The hotel is a simple wooden house with all conveniences, equipped with wide panoramic Windows offering views of the Bay.
  5. foto krasivogo otelya Santorini

  6. It is also one of the most beautiful hotels included Katikies in Greece, on the island of Santorini. The location of the hotel Katikies was chosen the village of Oia. It is located on the slope of the mountain rises to a height of 100 meters above the surface of the sea. The ensemble of the hotel are the cottages of the cubic form, pools, cascades, staircases, and a large number of bridges. From the Windows of the rooms offer scenic views of the Caldera.

  7. In the world ranking in the premium is the most beautiful hotel in the world, among many, was also Nayara Springs. The hotel is located in La Fortuna in Costa Rico. It is possible to find the most luxurious accommodations in the country. The hotel has a pool filled with water from mineral sources. A short drive away is the Park.

The criterion of ranking National Geographic is not the level of comfort of hotels, their location and the surrounding picturesque landscapes.

TOP most expensive hotels

Dorogoj Hotel President Wilson v ZHeneve

The cost of living in expensive hotels depends on the comfort level of the rooms. The biggest price shall be fixed for s'yuti or apartment. These rooms consist of several rooms. They are housed on separate floors with their Concierge. Find expensive luxury hotel that impresses with its luxury can be found on every continent.

  • Hotel President Wilson. That is the most expensive hotel in the world there is no doubt. The price of the room category "Suite" begins with 83000 USD per day. Coming to Geneva celebrity long before your visit to book this hotel Royal penthouse. It has four bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and private Elevator. In the payment for the room includes the provision of a personal assistant, Butler and chef.

    From the Windows of the bedrooms have views of the Alps and the most famous peak of Mont Blanc. The hotel itself is surrounded by the best parks in Switzerland, on the shores of lake Leman and just a few steps from the boutiques of Rue du Rhone. You can very quickly get out of the hotel and to the European headquarters of the United Nations. Maybe that's why the Royal penthouse are so fond of policies and settles the heads of the various States.

  • Grand Resort Lagonissi. A night spent in a Greek apartment at this hotel, located in Athens, it will cost guests in 47500 dollars. Behind the Royal Villa of the hotel will have to pay 75,000 dollars per night.

    Panoramic views of the Aegean sea, and two bedrooms are furnished with fireplaces and saunas. The price of the Villa includes the service of a personal Butler.

    The hotel is renowned for its brilliance, restaurants and wine list, which causesadmired by true gourmets. He is a 29-hectare private Peninsula , situated in the most picturesque area of the Athenian Riviera. From the hotel to the airport of the capital of Greece is just 25 km and 27 km away is the world famous Temple of Poseidon.

  • Nedeshevoe sredstvo razmesheniya v Indii

  • Raj Palace. One of the luxury boutique hotels in India. Located in one of the most popular areas of Jaipur — Amer Fort road. The presidential Suite of the hotel occupies an area of 1500 square meters. This is the most spacious apartments in Asia. A night in the Presidential Suite, guests will have to pay 60000 dollars. The apartments are set over 4 floors. In the interior decoration of the building is widely used in gold leaf.

    The fashionable hotel is located just 1 km from the city centre. Its construction relates to the XVIII century. It's a Palacethat was home to Maharaja. The modern hotel offers 2 outdoor pools, a well equipped Spa. Over 280 years of history in hotels stayed sheikhs, princes, high-ranking dignitaries and various celebrities.

  • Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez. The place of construction of the hotel was selected in Cannes. It is located on the Croisette. This is one of the most famous boulevards in France. The rooms are done in art Deco style, some of them feature a private patio with views of the Mediterranean sea. Over night stay in the presidential Suite of the hotel and its guests will have to pay 52000 dollars.
  • A wide range of services and an excellent location make the Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez is the most popular hotel of Cannes.

  • Four Seasons New York. The most expensive room in new York is a spacious penthouse. Night stay it cost $ 45,000. The price includes the services of a personal fitness trainer, Butler, chauffeur and meals. The menu includes caviar and expensive champagne. In the room a panoramic view of 360 degrees. There is a piano.

    The hotel is located a 20-minute walk from Roosevelt island and 1.4 km from Central Park in new York. A notable feature of the hotel is the Newspapers in time for Breakfast.

  • Dorogovizna nomerov

  • The Palms Casino Resort. Wealthy tourists of Las Vegas prefer to stay in a hotel The Palms Casino Resort. Here you can play casino from the comfort of the hotel, perfectly planned and arranged for disabled persons, very wide range of services. Among them currency exchange, childcare, and wedding limousine service.

    The hotel is known for apartments Hugh Hefner. The room of the founder of the magazine "Playboy" covers an area of 836 square meters. It comes with a rotating bed and an indoor waterfall.

    The most expensive room has two levels. Over night stay it will have to pay $ 40,000. The price includes a Butler service.

  • At different times in The Palms Casino Resort lived and recorded his hits in his recording Studio with such legendary representatives of show business as Madonna, Katy Perry and Eminem.

  • Laucala Island Resort. This hotel is located in one of the mysterious and beautiful places in the world called Fiji, was damaged by cyclone Winston and survived in 2016 its serious reconstruction.

    To stop it you must apply well before settlement. Over night stay in the most expensive room of the hotel will have to pay $ 35,000. This price includes dinner, which includes seafood and champagne, session riding and massage.

    Place for the location of the hotel was chosen private island Onions. You can get here by private plane from Nadi international airport. The hotel is surrounded by coconut trees and has beautiful beaches.

  • To book a ticket to Fiji and other countries by plane, you can use the search form of tickets. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date of departure, number of passengers.

    TOP dorogih gostinic mira

  • The Plaza Hotel. A notable feature of the Royal rooms of the new York hotel The Plaza Hotel is the library. The apartment consists of three bedrooms, with the Windows facing Fifth Avenue, located in one of the most popular areas of the city Midtown West. Night stay in a king room cost $ 30,000. With 282 rooms in the hotel building there are 152 private apartments.
  • It is the most recognizable hotel in new York. Very often it can be found in various American films, she has become the hallmark of the city.

  • The Ritz-Carlton. The highest hotel in Tokyo. The most expensive apartment on the 53rd floor. A feature of this room became a private dining room for 16 people and a tea room. The room is decorated with designer furniture. The cost of living, it will cost $ 25,000 per day. The hotel is located inthe business center of Tokyo.
  • Ibis Al Barsha. The best hotel UAE, located in Dubai was built in 1999. The form of the building of the hotel resembles a flattened sail. She became the hallmark of the resort. In the internal decoration of the hotel used in gold leaf. The smallest room of the hotel covers an area of 169 square meters. Apartment size — 780 square meters. The price of a bed in the Royal Suite from $ 23000. The hotel is surrounded by various shops.

The most luxurious hotels in the world in this video: