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Weather and water temperatures by months in Anapa: climate, when it flowers the sea?

pogoda i temperatura vody po mesyacam v Anape

Among Russian pearls – Anapa, a small city in Krasnodar Krai, situated on the shore of the Black sea and received the status of a climatic and balneological resort.

In the prospectus and references about Anapa emphasizes the priority of children's recreation, and it is additional advantages to the characteristics of local places. And to understand when to go to marine leisure, will help forecast in Anapa the weather and water temperature by month.

Climate Anapa

klimaticheskie usloviya

The climate here is unique: it combines features from three zones – the sea, steppe and mountain.

With this in Anapa a lot of sun (280 clear days in a year), no significant differences in day and night temperatures.

The heat in the black exhausts (the thermometer usually does not rise above 35 degrees Celsius), the swimming season lasts five months, the water temperature warms up to +20-24 degrees. Experts characterize this type of climate as the Mediterranean, and the atmospheric pressure is considered sustainable.

In favor of tourists and says that rains tend to be short-term, more night than day, and bring freshness, a sense of comfort, as well as the sea breezes that help to easily endure the heat not only on the beach but on the streets, in hotels.

What is the weather by months?

When planning your vacation in Anapa, you need a good understanding of the dynamics of changes in the weather of these places and choose the month, which is more comfortable according to the weather conditions.

pogodnyj rezhim v techenie goda

The hottest objective is the August, however, the nature of Anapa and in the other months of the year, as the song says, "no bad weather", it is important to match your needs.

In the winter

In winter the Black sea near Anapa does not hinder the icy shell. Sometimes stormy – according to statistics, out of ten hurricanes, rains down on these places, eight have for the winter months.

Happen in winter heavy rains and hail, fortunately, short. Fog – a rare phenomenon.

But periods of clear weather lasts long. All this creates favorable conditions for people who for health reasons are shown sea air, but summer heat is not recommended.

In December (here and further in the months presents the averaged data for three years) weather indicators are as follows:

  • The air temperature recorded at 3.9 degrees.
  • Sea water – +11.2 degrees;
  • Precipitation – 42.3 mm;
  • Humidity – 81%;
  • The wind speed is 5.7 m/sec.

Clouds in December are quite high, with snow that melts quickly. It is quite possible to celebrate the New year, because the feeling of winter is likely to be, but winters are mild, not as barbed as in the Russian hinterland.

prognoz na zimu

In January:

  1. The average temperature is +5.3 degrees;
  2. Sea water – +9.2 degrees;
  3. Precipitation is 54.2 mm;
  4. Humidity – 81%;
  5. The wind speed is 5.9 m/sec.

Features Feb:

  • The air temperature is +5.6 degrees;
  • Sea water is +8.5 degrees;
  • Precipitation is 32.2 mm;
  • Humidity – 78%.
  • The wind speed is 6.5 m/sec.

As you can see, the winter is approximately the same temperatures as in January, during the night drop to minus 1 degree.

In the spring

Sometimes the feeling of spring arrives in Anapa at the end of February, and March allows the guests to fully enjoy the Sunny days. Weather in March:

  1. The air temperature is +9.4 degrees;
  2. Sea water is +8.4 degrees;
  3. Precipitation – 31.5 mm;
  4. Humidity – 77%.
  5. The wind speed is 5.9 m/sec.

April came from Central Russia reminiscent of summer, however, is not the hottest. Performance in April:

  • The air temperature is 14.6 degrees;
  • Sea water – +10.4 degrees;
  • Precipitation– 36.3 mm;
  • Humidity – 77%.
  • The wind speed is 5.5 m/sec.

vesennij period

Well may even the locals consider the beginning of the summer season. The day length is 9 hours. The air truly salubrious. Experts say that at this time of year a lot of negative ions, a positive impact on the human body, so the sun (without the risk of scorch) and just walking around the city and the beach have curative effect.

But to swim in the sea, only hardened people because the water is insufficiently heated by sunlight. Forecast for may:

  1. The air temperature is – 21 degrees;
  2. Sea water – +16,6 degrees;
  3. Precipitation – 36,4 mm;
  4. Humidity – 77%.
  5. The wind speed was 4.1 m/sec.

In the summer

In June it is taken to enjoy the sea. The water becomes warm enough for even the most capricious tourists. The intense heat there, so if you plan the trip South with the kids, the Jun suitable for this purpose perfectly. Most importantly – the beaches near Anapa to be extremely clean.

And here starts the berry season, so you can try strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, which in an average strip of Russia will be ready soon.

letnij otdyh

Weather conditions in June:

  • Air temperature – 26 degrees;
  • Sea water – +22,2 degrees;
  • Precipitation – 56,3 mm;
  • Humidity – 78%.
  • Wind speed – 4.4 m/sec.

Next month the holiday will need sunscreen and a hat with a wide brim. Forecast for July:

  1. Air temperature – 29 degrees;
  2. Sea water – +25.1 degrees;
  3. Precipitation is 35.3 mm;
  4. Humidity – 71%;
  5. Wind speed – 4.3 m/sec.

Weather in August:

  • The air temperature is +29.5 degrees;
  • Sea water – +25,9 degrees;
  • Precipitation – 23,8 mm;
  • Humidity – 69%.
  • The wind speed is 4.7 m/sec.

The last two months – peak season: fantastically warm sea, little rain, and an abundance of fruits, berries and melons.

Precipitation falls mainly at night and bring a feeling of freshness.

In the fall

September in Anapa is fully consistent with the representation of Russians about velvet season: the sun is not so aggressive, the sea water is comfortable enough for swimming. However, by the end of the month it will start to feel coolness, and for evening walks, you will need warm sweaters and jackets.

osennie kraski

Forecast for September:

  1. Air temperature – +24.3 degrees;
  2. Sea water – +22,9 degrees;
  3. Precipitation is 29.5 mm;
  4. Humidity – 72%;
  5. The wind speed is 4.9 m/sec.

Next month will be less willing to plunge into the sea. Weather characteristics of the Oct:

  • The air temperature is +16.9 degrees;
  • Sea water is 18.5 degrees;
  • Precipitation – 39,9 mm;
  • Humidity – 75%;
  • The wind speed is 5.7 m/sec.

In November, the weather conditions look like this:

  1. The air temperature is 11.3 degrees.
  2. Seawater – 14.3 degrees;
  3. Precipitation - 24.6 mm;
  4. Humidity 79%;
  5. The wind speed is 5.3 m/sec.

In which month is better to go to relax?

Universal answer to this question does not exist because, depending on the trip purpose, age and health preferences can be diametrically opposed.

If there is a desire quickly to sunbathe for hours and not get out of the sea, ideal July-August. If you want to visit the sea with the child, when the beaches and hotels are still not full, it is better to choose June.

Those things kept at home all summer, and dream of Sunny days it is imperative to realize, it would be September and early October.

Going to Anapa health city will be warmly welcomed at any time (mineral water, mud and other Spa treatments available year-round). However, if you choose the winter or beginning of spring, and tourists in the city will be much smaller, and the prices are affordable, and this is a big advantage.

High season - when the blooms of the sea?

v kakom mesyace sezona nachinaet cvesti more?

High season in Anapa occurs in July and August: here in the Southhot, clear, from the sea to get out is not desirable. Unfortunately, with the increase of temperature of sea water is such an unpleasant phenomenon as it is flowering. It occurs at a temperature of 24-26 degrees, but at what particular time, it is impossible to say – at different times in different ways.

Most often, blooming occurs in mid-June – mid-August, and sometimes early fall.

Coastal shallow areas of the sea occupied the seaweed called "cladophora stray". She really – traveler: it blows over to the shore, but in shallow water it is too weak to drive her away into the sea.

The situation with the algae depends on the nature of the winds: in the Northern water is usually clean, while the South is delayed, like jelly, vegetable mass.

Interestingly, flowering of the sea is healing. Those who know about it, not just swim in it, but smear on the body green weight. If you want a clean sea (and deeper), you can get to the other beaches of Anapa: pebble in the heart of the High coast and in sandy and Vityazevo Dzhemete.

Rainy season

Rains in Anapa annoy vacationers smaller than that of other domestic resorts. Compare: in Anapa - 480 mm, 530–, and 1900 Yalta - Sochi. Precipitation is concentrated in late autumn and winter, which can be considered the rainy season.

Reaching here the rains are not protracted, they are not locked tourists for days at hotels, and allow you to fully enjoy the walks in the city and on the coast.

Himself holiday season experts call the reference to weather issues. Even high humidity tolerated by humans in these places is easy thanks to the clear sea breezes.

Watch video about the weather conditions of Anapa during the year: