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Climate, weather and temperature of air and water in Barcelona by months in the winter

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Barcelona – the No. 1 resort in Spain. Sophisticated city has rightfully earned the title of cultural capital of the state. Modern infrastructure, beautiful locations and a rich excursion program attract many tourists.

Having an idea about the weather by months in Barcelona, you can determine the best time to travel to the Iberian Peninsula.

Spanish climate

klimat strany

Due to convenient geographical position and under the influence of the Mediterranean climate of the coast of Spain is ideal for relaxing in the resort area. Overall weather situation as follows:

  • In winter, dry enough, cool. There are no nipping frosts, cold only at night, and then only up to 5 degrees;
  • A reduction in rainfall compared to previous years attracts more and more tourists during this period.

  • Spring comes very early. During March, the air masses are well warmed up, and behind them are warming sea water. The beginning of the bathing season usually occurs in mid-may. The waves are not so warm in the sea water is not higher than room temperature, but for some it is quite acceptable conditions for swimming;
  • Early summer is perfect for those who are not a fan of excessive heat. This is the perfect time for family vacations, vacations with children. By mid-July the hot weather is set to. The thermometer is more than 35 degrees. August is usually hot, only the air is more dry, gusty blow of the wind.
  • September – a continuation of summer. The water is still as warm, but the air is not as hot as in July. Easy cold eye since October. The nature of fall especially felt in November, although there are Sunny days. Then the swimming season ends. Comes optimal time for walking around Barcelona and Dating with a local flavor.

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Spain covers several climatic zones, but mainly the subtropics. The subtropical climate is characteristic of Barcelona.

Winters in Barcelona are mild, and spring is very warm. The real heat in the summer and autumn pleases a long season.

What are the weather conditions in Barcelona by months?

On vacation to Barcelona can be enjoyed in any season. But before purchasing vouchers tourists it is advisable to check the weather for all months of the year. This will allow you to determine the purpose of the trip and to relate their aspirations and desires with the weather conditions.

In the winter

zimnij gorod

  1. With the onset of winters in Barcelona are cold, but freezing mark, the temperature almost never drops. In the daytime in December is 13 degrees, and at night to +8C. Sea water cooling, average temperature is in the range of +15-16. Wave a small breeze blowing. Snow and rain at this time – a rarity.
  2. January is not a good period for relaxing on the beach. The water temperature drops another 2-3 degrees. In the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +13-15, and at night to +6°C. Frosts almost never happens. Many Sunny days and little rainfall. Winds during this period are rare Iberian Peninsula. Waves in the region is low.
  3. In February, also cool. For daylight hours the characteristic temperature in the range of 14-15 with a plus sign, and for the night – about +5. The wind often blows, lifting high the waves. Periodically the rain. Sea water is still unsuitable for swimming, it is relatively cold up to +14C.

In the spring

  • With the beginning of spring warming. On the Spanish resort in March humidity increases, increasingly cloudy, rainy. The water is heated to +14-15 degrees. In the daytime on the street about 16, and in the night to +9.
  • Waves in the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Barcelona in early spring small, as the speed ofwind.

  • In April the weather conditions improve, there is significant warming. Periodic cloud cover and intermittent rain did not prevent the arrival of spring. In the afternoon of the thermometer is +18, and at night - from +10 to +12. It is likely to slightly tan, but swimming is not the time. Low waves of the sea warmed only to +15C. The coast is sometimes blown by a light breeze.
  • May pleasing warmth. Open the beach season. In the Mediterranean the temperature reaches 20 degrees with a plus sign, and it rains every 5-7 days. At noon on the streets +22, and in the evening to +15. Wind, almost no waves on the coast of a small height.

In the summer

obstanovka letom

  1. The June weather is a real Paradise for visitors. This month you'll be gentle Sunny days with temperatures around +25. Nights are not so cool – the thermometer is +18C. Swim or sink to the sea floor with scuba diving can be freely. The water in June warmed up to 22 degrees. Gusty wind, high waves and rain at this time do not bother.
  2. July is perfect for fans of the hot sun. In the afternoon the thermometer from +28 to +36. A little bit of coolness is expected at night when the air cools to 21C. On the Mediterranean sea in the height of summer is +24. From the middle of the month could descend a storm, hurricane or torrential rain.
  3. The August heat still rages, sometimes exceeding the temperature of the air in July 2-6 degrees. The sea warms up to +26. Then on the coast is dry, but rises a strong wind, high waves.

In the fall

  • September is not similar to an autumn month, there is only a slight difference in the readings of the thermometer. In the daytime +25, and in the dark – up to 19 degrees. Sometimes the wind increases, start showers.
  • In September, remain a comfortable environment for bathing, the water temperature reaches +25C.

    osen na plyazhe

  • In October, autumn eloquently expresses his parish. In the afternoon the air temperature and water surface (wave a low) within +19-21C. The nights are already cool – to +13. The city is often down the fog, it rains. The wind in October is almost there.
  • November is not abundant in precipitation, but quite cold. About the proximity of winter whispers in the wind. The air is cooled to 16 degrees in the daytime and +11 at night. The water is still warm – about +20, and the waves of medium height, but bathing in it is not recommended.

When is the best time to relax?

The scale of tourism are so high that we receive from him cash profit would be enough for self-security of the whole province if it became an Autonomous unit.

Barcelona is a real boon for travelers because of the availability of city mass benefits.

Barcelona is at the same time:

  1. large industrial and industrial centre;
  2. one of the main ports of Europe;
  3. the capital of the most developed region of Spain;
  4. tourist attraction with stunning beaches;
  5. the cultural heart of the state.

A great combination of advantages for millions of people acts as a magnet, attracting them to the Mediterranean coast.

High season

vysokij period

Starts it mid-may and ends by early October. But the mass bathing have not the opening of a beach season, and in mid-June, when the sea warms up to 21 degrees.

This is a good time to experience great works of world art and architecture.

Nightlife and shopping are perfectly combined with a beach holiday. Realize your dreams of a vacation is better in the summer, in the middle of the season. When you look at the city it seems that he is entirely in the power of visitors – foreign dialect heard in the crowd more often Spanish speaking.

If you plan a trip to Barcelona in high season, accommodation is better to book for 4-5 months before there are places and prices are not so bite.

Low period

It lasts from the last month of autumn to the end of March, but it has many advantages. The advantages of the low season in Barcelona that:

  • it measured the period for enjoying the true Spanish flair;
  • the immersion in the atmosphere of the city do not interfere with the crowds of tourists;
  • in hotels and entertainment establishments to affordable prices;
  • recovery occurs only during the Christmas and Easter holidays.

Weather conditions in Barcelona by months are cyclical, so the above features of the temperature and frequency of precipitation will remain relevant for the next years, not only at the current time.

From this video you will learn all the advantages of the low season in Barcelona: