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Montenegro: climate, season, weather, months, temperature and water

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Montenegro is one of the tourist countries of the Balkan Peninsula, which has in its Arsenal a large selection of different activities, opportunities for cognitive and beaches, and wonderful weather conditions. So, what is Montenegro weather months?

The climate of Montenegro in different regions

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Montenegro is a small Balkan country, bordering the Adriatic sea. This location is identified the local climate. In the summer, on its territory are hot and dry with temperatures up to +30°C, and in winter the temperature never falls below 4 degrees.

But weather conditions at the resort can vary a bit depending on the region.

The country is pleasantly divided into three climatic zones:

  1. The coast here is a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters;
  2. Plain – this part of the country celebrated a temperate continental climate with very hot summer temperatures and cool winters;
  3. Highlands – this region enjoys an Alpine climate, so even in summer it is cool enough and in winter the snow falls and lasts until April.

In General, the climate of Montenegro, its favorable weather and environmental conditions, and the lack of factories in the country – all perfect for relaxing at any time of the year.

Weather by month

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Many tourists choose Montenegro for a beach holiday, as the season starts here pretty early and continues through the end of October. For several months is very warm, but heat is transferred much easier. So this resort is adults prefer to travel with children.

In the winter

By the standards of the southern country the winter is rather cool season in Montenegro. During this period, everywhere observed low temperature of the air, especially noticeable in mountainous areas, where there is the largest quantity of snow. For this reason, in winter people tend to get tourists who prefer ski resorts.

The steady snow cover, mild weather conditions and temperature +2°C perfect for relaxing.

  • On the coast in December is still quite warm, the average day temperature is around 12-14 degrees, and the nights are getting chilly – +5-7°C. the water Temperature in this period is 14 degrees. From the sea blowing very strong and cold wind, so to be on the coast becomes uncomfortable. For this and subsequent winter months, characteristic abundant and prolonged rains.
  • January in Montenegro is considered the coldest month, but this does not stop tourists from the opportunity to spend the new year and January holidays in the country. The sea continues to blow the cold wind, and the air barely warms up to +12 degrees. Nights can be freezing, as the temperature cools down to +2°C. the Sea is not suitable for swimming – the water temperature reaches 13 degrees.
  • In February, the coast becomes a couple of degrees warmer, but rain and strong cool winds recede into the background. The water in the sea continues to cool her temperature is 11 degrees. On the street, depending on time of day, temperature from +7 to +13 degrees.

In the spring

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Together with the arrival of spring weather in Montenegro is awakened. If at the beginning of the season throughout the country there is a cool temperature, rainfall and wind, by mid-April everything starts to bloom, and on the coast comes the long-awaited heat. In mountainous areas up to April is cool weather – day +3-4 degrees at night -2°C.

  1. In March, in Montenegro cool weather – during daylight hours the thermometer freezes at around 16 degrees, and at night drops to 10°C. the Water on the coast of the Adriatic sea warms up to +15°C.
  2. Wind and rain continues to disturb proper rest, but by the end of March, they are a little less strong.

  3. In April in Montenegro comes in fabulous weather. Due to the onset of heat and cessation of prolonged rainfall, on the Adriatic coast starts preparing for the upcoming holiday season.

    During this periodthe country air with the morning warmed up to a comfortable temperature is +18-20 degrees. At night can still be a little chilly when the thermometer drops to +14°C. swimming will have to wait because the water is heated gradually, reaching only +17°C.

  4. In may, the rains finally stopped and the wind changes direction. Sunny and hot days are not uncommon, so local resorts are starting to pull tourists. From morning till evening holds a great temperature of +24-26°C. At night the air cools to 18 degrees. Sea water is a little bracing, so water treatment can only be solved very daring tourists.

In the summer

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On traditional resorts of Montenegro – Budva, Tivat and Podgorica in the summer is great weather. Despite the fact that this season is characterized by high temperatures and low humidity, to be quite comfortable here because the sea breeze saves you from the heat.

  • In the early summer afternoon air in the resorts of Montenegro warms up to +28°C, and the water on the coast to +21°C, providing ideal conditions for a beach holiday. At night becomes much cooler – cools air up to 20 degrees. The number of clear days in June, quite a lot in order for the trip to the sea was unforgettable.
  • Weather in the middle of summer is not much different from its beginning. In the resorts everything is also bright and clear, and the temperature keeps on a mark +28-32 degrees. Sea happy stable temperature of 23-24°C. In this month, there is no strong winds and rainy days, for which I especially love the Jul parents with children. On the Montenegrin coast are quite a lot summer camps, where the holidays come to kids from all over the world.
  • The last month of summer continues to delight tourists the beautiful weather. In August, the air is maximally heated to the level of 30-32°C at night – +26°C. the Adriatic sea on the coast like fresh milk +25°C. the Heat lasts all month, but begins to subside only towards the end of August.

In the fall

At the beginning of autumn in Montenegro is a little cooler, but until the end of October on the coast you can still enjoy beach tourism.

To replace the heat of summer comes the autumn season, and the weather conditions are characterized by a pleasant temperature.

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  1. In September becomes a few degrees cooler compared to August. This month the day temperature reaches 28 degrees, and the nights are getting cool up to 20 degrees. The sea water is comfortable for bathing, the temperature is 23 degrees.
  2. With the onset of October on the beaches of Montenegro becomes quieter. The swimming season came to an end, but tourists do not deny yourself the pleasure to take fascinating tours in ancient cities of the country. The temperature in the resorts reaches +21°C, and at night +16°C. Rain is unlikely, but cloudy days becomes more.
  3. In November starts the season of rains and storms. Finally the resorts are empty because on the coast the temperature are quite low – 17 degrees. Significantly colder and at night to 6 degrees. Sea water cools down to +17°C. In the mountains at this time already snowing.

In which month is better to go to relax?

Montenegro perfect for relaxation regardless of the season. In winter you can spend New year's and other holidays, skiing from the slopes. In spring and autumn tourists popular city trips, nature reserves, rivers and bays, and in the summer – beach and recreation.

High and low season

In Montenegro, the tourist season lasts from may to October. During this period, on the coast of the country is very favourable weather for beach holidays, excursions and visits to attractions. Many tourists try to combine several types of vacation to the trip was the most intense.

Among the interesting places worth noting:

  • Old town in Budva;
  • The Island Of St. Nikola;
  • Kotor and Kotor Bay;
  • Ostrog Monastery;
  • The Island Of Sveti Stefan;
  • Cetinje;
  • Lake Skadar.

In recent years, in Montenegro, a very popular rafting descent down the narrow canyon of the mountain river Tara.

chem zanyatsya v vysokij i nizkij sezon?

This canyon is considered the deepest in Europe, and all over the world more justThe Grand Canyon.

In addition, from March until the end of the summer in local lakes starts the fishing season. Ponds filled with more than 40 kinds of fish, among which there is even a trout.

A pronounced low season in Montenegro begins in late October and lasts until March. At this time, on the coast of the country is cold weather, but in the mountains in the middle of ski tourism.

Beach vacation

All summer on the Montenegrin coast is hot and Sunny weather and the best beaches in the country available for holiday rental. The Adriatic sea is maximally heated by mid-July. A distinctive feature of the local resorts is the crystal clear water off the coast, well-groomed beaches and incredibly low prices on all types of services.

Tourists prefer to relax on the following resorts of Montenegro:

  1. Budva – local coast consists of pebbly beaches and here there is all necessary infrastructure, including many hotels. Nearby are the interesting and colorful attractions, available at any time;
  2. Ulcinj Aikido Riviera – this small resort area is famous for its ecology. Tourists go here to relax in privacy on the sandy Beach Great;
  3. Boka Bay is the coast is characterized by a particularly scenic views and an abundance of historical and cultural monuments. Here you can relax on the pebbly beaches or to receive medical treatment at the health centers.

Apart from the beaches in Montenegro there are many shops, cafes, discos, water parks and other seaside entertainment.

Montenegro is incredibly attractive in terms of tourism. In every season here is beautiful in its own way the weather is suitable for different types of recreation.

In this video you can see weather conditions in Montenegro during the winter: