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Israel's climate: weather and water temperatures by month in Eilat

Ejlat - pogoda po mesyacam

Eilat – luxury and luxurious place to stay, where year-round reigns great weather and tourism is delivered at a high level. This resort is visited by below relax on the best beaches of the red sea and the Gulf of Aqaba, explore the ancient attractions or engage in active sports.

The Climate Of Eilat

Klimat v Ejlate na god

The real pride of Eilat is always excellent climate, significantly different from other resorts in the country. Here 365 Sunny days a year and rain is seen as a miracle, so to get it is practically impossible.

In comparison with other resorts of Israel, the climate of Eilat is very different in a good way.

The weather here is very dry compared to other cities, but such heat is easy, thanks to the sea breeze and winds.

Such a comfortable environment to stay connected with the peculiarities of the geographical location of the resort. Eilat is separated from other cities by a wall of mountains, the hot desert and the Gulf of Aqaba. Summer in Eilat is long and dry and winters are mild and warm. In winter, a very noticeable variation in day and night temperature. It can be up to 15 degrees.


Gorod zimoj

Even in the winter, Eilat knows low temperature. The weather here is beautiful, and tourists taking advantage of this, guests staying at the resort from day to day.

  • December. The first winter month by Israeli standards is very warm. Daily air temperature warms up to +20-22°C and at night drops to 15 degrees. This is an excellent time for a beach holiday, but not for swimming because the water, though pleased with the performance in +25 degrees, but out is not very comfortable.

    A large part of the day is characterized by clear weather, but sometimes you can go short rains, which here is considered a true recovery from exceptional drought.

  • January. Eilat is great for the Christmas holidays. While in European countries freeze from the winter cold and freezing temperatures, the resort tourists enjoy the sun and warm day indices in the +18-20 degrees. The temperature of the water may seem cold, she is around 21-22°C, and in some places it is raining.

  • January is considered the coldest of the year, especially at night, when there may be cool enough – the thermometer drops to +11°C.

    We recommend you to watch a video about the winter Eilat:

  • February. The last month of winter heralds the beginning of the holiday season. In Eilat becomes a couple of degrees warmer during the day (+20-22°C), and at night the mercury does not fall below +10°C. the Sea is still cool, keeping the factors in Jan. Rains almost stopped.

Despite the cool air and the inability to swim, tourists continue to visit Eilat in the winter, as this place is perfect for relaxing on winter break and the holidays. While the cost for permits is getting noticeably lower, which can significantly save some money.

In Eilat is to take a light day of walking and warm clothes for the evening, but we should not exclude from the list of swimsuit. If you can't swim in the sea, it can be done in the pool.


plyazhi vesnoj

According to tourists, spring is the best time for vacation in Eilat. The summer heat has not yet come, but the afternoon air and the water is warmed to a comfortable temperature.

  • March. The first month of spring is characterized by a moderate climate – daytime temperatures ranges from 26-31°C and night drops to about +12-14 degrees. For the entire month 1-2 times precipitation, but it is very rare. The temperature of the sea water again becomes pleasant for swimming, rising to 21 degrees.
  • href="http://tour.liketourist.com/sovet/kuda-poehat-otdyhat-v-aprele/">APR. In mid-spring in Eilat opens the swimming season, due to the fact that daytime temperatures of up to 29 degrees, and the night keeps at level of +17°C. the sea Water warms up to 23 degrees, which allows for on the beaches of almost all the rest. Rain is not a problem – they are almost there.
  • May. May holidays ideal for visiting the resort, since this period is celebrated as lovely and warm. The day temperature rises to +27-34°C and the night is comfortable, pleasing performance of +22 degrees. Rains in may end.

Constantly clear skies, warm waters and the absence of unbearable heat – the three reasons to spend spring vacation in Eilat.

In the spring in Eilat is to grab the whole set of clothes for a trip, which includes a light clothes, swimsuit and a hat. Thanks to the pleasant weather, covered clothing may not be necessary, but a light sweater is still worth it to take.


Letnij Ejlat

For the summer months in Eilat are typical real heat with extremely high temperature.

  • June. This month, despite the unbearable hell, fans prefer sultry and windless. According to the data, in June the daytime temperature rises to 38-40 degrees, and decreases just after sunset at about +23-25°C. seawater during this period, like fresh milk. Hardly able to freshen up in her as she warms up to +27 degrees.
  • July. The middle of summer – the peak of the hot season, when daytime temperature exceeds indicators +40-42°C and the sea water up to +28°C. at Night it becomes a little more pleasant, by reducing the temperature to 26 degrees.

    To swim at this time does not work, otherwise a high risk to catch a sunstroke, or, ironically, dehydration. Hope for refreshing rain is not necessary.

  • August. August is not much different from July because in this month day and night temperature remains the same (+40-42°C) and water temperature (28 degrees).

Even in this hottest period of Eilat continues to be in demand among tourists.

The resort is visited by fans of active water sports such as diving and Windsurfing, as well as those who are satisfied with the rest of the refreshing pool.

In the summer we should not ignore the scorching rays of the sun, which can harm the skin. First, in a suitcase is to pack light things made of natural fabrics with long sleeves and hats. We must not forget about sunscreen, because the sun during this period very active, and the presence of the sea further reinforces the effect.


osennie tury

Autumn – a true tale for touristswho want to spend their vacation in Eilat. The heat is not so unbearable, and sometimes pokrivaet rain.

  • September. In the first days of September, the weather in Eilat is changing for the better. Day the air becomes noticeably more pleasant, pleasing digits +30-36 degrees, and at night it becomes good for temperature to +20-22°C. the Sea continues to be unbearable for bathing, the temperature ranges from 28 degrees. Precipitation during this period is not expected.
  • October. This month most favorable and secure for the surroundings, since the day the thermometer shows the mark of +33°, and at night 20 degrees. The temperature of sea is about +27°C. At the same time begins the rainy season, which lasts the entire month.
  • November. The last month of autumn still continues to bestow the vacationers with warm weather in the afternoon, when the air warms up to +26 degrees, but by the end of November falls to the level of +20°C. At night it becomes noticeably cooler – +14°C.

    The sea in this period is ideal for swimming, as its temperature is reduced to comfortable and is +23 degrees. Every fifth day accompanied by rain or cloudy weather.

Autumn is perfect for visiting Eilat because the day is warm and pleasant, at night it becomes cool. The sea is finally available for longer stay, and range of entertainment can be greatly expanded.

For autumn in Eilat suitable light clothingsuch as t-shirt, dress, swimsuit and shorts, but also worthwhile to take a trip umbrella, closed shoes and a light sweater.


To determine exactly when in Eilat high season, and when low a difficult task, since a large part of the year here is kept at a comfortable temperature.

High and low season

Officially tourist season in Eilat is the spring and autumn period – the time when the heat is not so noticeable, but the sea is available for swimming.

Hotels in high season are crowded, and the beaches. Incredibly popular at this time different kinds of tours.

From December to February and also in June, the tourists are not much liking Eilat, as in the winterhere is quite cool, and in the summer unbearably hot and even dangerous for life.

Time for fun

Ekskursiya po gorodu carej

Tour programme of Eilat is not very extensive, and a large part connected with nature – the sea, the mountains or the desert.

The most popular destinations are:

  1. The underwater Observatory is a large – scale exhibition of the flora and fauna of the red sea;
  2. Timna valley – the "king Solomon's mines";
  3. Dolphin reef is a fun Park in the South of the city;
  4. Safari in the Arabian desert – a long trip in the desert and the dunes;
  5. Kings city theme Park, created on motives of the Bible.

Best time here is autumn, spring and first month of winter, but it is important to choose the moment when the difference in daytime and evening temperatures will not be too different. Otherwise, on the way back from a long excursion, you can just freeze.

Beach season

The swimming season in Eilat lasts all year but the best time for a safe holiday and dive in the Red sea is considered to be spring. In this period adjusted to the most favourable climatic conditions, accompanied with clear weather.

The local beaches famous all over the world, for the reason that they are well maintained and equipped with everything necessary.

There is 12 km of sandy, gravel and coral coast, and the resort is divided into North beach and Coral beach.

Especially tourists like to spend time on the beach Migdalorlocated at coral reef in a charming coastal area with free sunbeds. The second most popular free beach – Dolphin reef, ideal for families with children.

The rest of the coastal area belongs to hotels, so the free service is available for residents only. In such coastal areas dominated by sand, as well as the infrastructure necessary for tourists:

  • Cafes;
  • Rental equipment;
  • Playgrounds for children;
  • Sheds.

Such beaches applies Anesia, Isrotel Yam SAF, club Med, Leonardo Plaza Eilat, Queen of Sheba and Meridian.

It's time for holidays and festivals

Prazdnovanie Novogo Goda

In Eilat, as well as throughout the country, traditionally celebrated on both the national and European events. For example, in winter, in January, meet New year and Christmas, as well as sports conducted.

In the spring, specifically in March, celebrate Purim – a holiday during which the city held colorful parades, and in April, Passover is an ancient Jewish holiday that is associated with the early history of the Jewish people.

Summer in Eilat is quiet, but in the autumn in September, the Jews celebrate their national New year – Rosh Hashanah.

National New Year spend with the family, so to watch a magnificent celebration fail.

Thanks to the pleasant climate and rich travelers, Eilat does not want to leave ever, especially in high season when the resort is conducive to a memorable event.