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Hainan island in China: weather, water temperature, and climate by month

Chinese island of Hainan located in the South of the country – a unique tropical Paradise, which all year round offers a pleasant and rich holiday. Warm weather allows tourists to enjoy exotic nature, clean sea and beautiful beaches, as well as healthy air and beautiful environment.

The climate

klimat na Hajnane

The main feature of the climate in Hainan is the stability of the entire year is not observed sudden changes in temperature. Each season resort on the South China galore brings tourists to sunlight, heat and pleasant sea water.

The daytime temperature during the year varies from +23 to +26°C, while on the island, no suffocating heat, no winter coolness, and seawater temperatures always a few degrees warmer than the air.

Summer time is not passing typhoons and storm warnings. But the sun is so active that it is important to remember the protection from sunburn.

Overall, on the island of the distinguish two seasons:

  • The dry season comes to the island in December and lasts until the end of March. This is suitable for a holiday period storms are very rare, and daytime temperatures quite pleasant. In winter the thermometer does not fall below +20°C, and at night – +15°C.
  • The rainy season, more hot and humid, begins in April and ends in November. In the spring, has not yet come clear heat, starts the most favourable period for travelling – day the air temperature warms up to +25°C, water – +26°C.

    Then every month the weather becomes increasingly hot, in may reaches +30°C, and in August rises to +40°C.

In October and November resort weather is restored, and the rainy season is almost not felt. For this reason, both months are perfect for visiting the beachbecause the sea coast blows a refreshing wind, air temperature pleases indicators +28°C in the daytime, water – +25°C.

Hot winter in Hainan

Tropical winter on an exotic island is accompanied by Sunny days, pleasing indicators +19°C but often reaching +24°C. in Winter, swimming in the waters of Hainan is not quite comfortable, although the sea warms up to +26°C, but when you exit it becomes incredibly cold.

zima na ostrove


The temperature for the visit remains positive, ranging from +22°C to +28°C, but it is worth to take a trip sweater and pants, because at night it becomes cool and cool – to +15°C.

December relate to the high season, because the rainfall on the island is almost absent, as well as a strong wind, and the water temperature remains a pleasant 25°C. For this reason, the month attracts fans of water sports who prefer surfing or diving.


January is quite cool for fans of relaxation in coastal resorts. Fluorescent indicators mark the number +22°C, and at night to +15°C. Meanwhile, the sea is not conducive for swimming due to the difference in temperature (+25°C), and also due to the cold currents that come along with winter months.

Rain is not peculiar to Hainan in January, so almost no – total showers go 3-4 times.


This winter month is noticeably warmer than the others, because in the afternoon the airwarms up to +27°C, night falls only to the level of +20°C. the Sea is not so comfortable for swimming, as in the spring, but it begins to delight travelers consistently pleasant temperature of +25°C.

Rains do not bring travelers any problems, since manifest themselves mainly at night and only 3-4 times.

Winter holidays

Winter, Hainan is not what shows the rest of China – this season you'll be warm and comfortable weather.

otdyh v zimnee vremya

The sun is incredibly strong, allowing you to get an attractive tan. For this reason, travelers take a trip to Hainan with the purpose to escape from the European cold weather to spend time in the tropics, where the weather is favourable, and the price of leisure drops significantly.

Finally, tourists have the opportunity to get to numerous colourful festivals that accompany winter in Hainan.

Winter time is perfect for marine activities, various excursions and exploring exotic attractions. Also, this season is ideal for those who are planning treatment program – the thermal springs of the island is world famous for its incredible benefits.

Many travelers choose winter to visit the island, because at that time the weather is conducive to the most efficient passage of health treatments.

The most popular thermal source is considered to be Guantan, which is located on the outskirts of the town of Qionghai. To reach it, having made a cruise on the Wanquan river or stay in one of the resorts "starfish" and "heavenly Dragon".

Warm spring

Travelers and local residents say that the most favorable period for tourism on the island is spring, due to stable warm weather, lack of stuffiness, as well as excellent climatic indices.


Beach holidays, which is the most popular in March, brings the most pleasure – the sea is amazing for swimming, as its temperature is +28°C. If it becomes noticeably hot – day performance allow the temperature of +29°C, and night – from +22°C.

To rain only a month, but relative humidity and increased rainfall in March is already being felt.


Not just because April is one of the best months for tourism in Hainan. Rain is almost non-existent, and the temperature of the air and water high enough for a beach holiday, but not discomfort.

In April, precipitation is mostly go in the evenings or at night but not so often as would happen in the rainy season.

Daytime temperature reaches +31°C, at night cooled to +24°C. Water of the South China sea warms up to 28°C.

aprelskaya pogoda


The last month of spring is considered the beginning of the unfavourable season – muggy and hot weather is felt everywhere, and the number of rainy days reaches 20. The day temperature rises to +31°C, night drops to +22°C. Sea water pleasing performance of +29°C.

What to do in the spring?

Spring is the ideal place to spend a vacation at the beach, enjoy water activities and swimming in the warm sea water. Every tourist who visited Hainan in spring, just have to try a dip in the clear sea, where, thanks to low pollution, creating excellent visibility.

If in early spring due to the favorable weather still has the possibility of long trips, by the end of the season increases the humidity level from which it becomes difficult to breathe and excursions already not recommended.

Spring is the most attractive to stay in Hainan for those tourists who are categorically not tolerate heat. Winter on the island ends at the beginning of March, and everywhere opens the beach season and season of diving. The rainy season is revealed fully only at the end of may.

Rainy summer

During the summer the island covers the rainy season and despite the high temperature, to be here completely uncomfortable heat and precipitation create a greenhouse effect.


iunskij shtorm

June and the whole summer is heat, humidity and stuffiness. At noon, it is not recommended to go out – very high chance of getting a heat stroke.

Daily temperature shows +34°C, but reaches +40°C at night to 26°C. the Sea water warms up to +30°C. On the island at this time there is a strong wind and, increasingly, storms.


The climate in July in Hainan substantially do not change – hot and humid, the number of Sunny days, less rain, more.

The temperature isthe former – as in June, showing the mark of +34°C day and 26°C at night. Water, the feelings of tourists, like fresh milk, but few dare to swim.


The hottest and wettest month of the year brings to Hainan destructive typhoons and storms.

In the afternoon the thermometer shows +26-31°C, +24°C. water Temperature +30°C, but due to bad weather in travelers is hardly full communion with sea and sun.

What to do in the summer?

In the summer season the cost of trips to Hainan becomes much less than successful are surfing. The high waves are ideal for a dizzying practice this sport.

Regardless of the comfort weather, world-famous health resorts of Hainan to help everyone to get rid of the disease. Also during this period in China is celebrated several authentic holidays that will not get bored on vacation.

This autumn

The autumn season is considered to be sufficiently versatile to travel to Hainan. At the beginning of autumn marks the rainy weather, which can significantly impair future vacation on the island. In the following months begins the "velvet" season – the best time for tourism on this unique resort.

pogodnye usloviya osenu


With the onset of autumn again, travelers flock to the island, because the weather in September is getting better and is relatively pleasant relaxation. The day temperature reaches +31°C, at +25°C, and the sea water warms up to +29°C.

The island can still catch storms and typhoons, and Sunny days will be not so much in the following months, so you should get acquainted with the weather forecast. However, the number of rainy days becomes a little less.


This month is mostly Sunny with occasional thunderstorms, which makes the stay on the island pleasant and comfortable. The amount of precipitation decreases as the temperature that day shows +28°C, at night +23°C. the water Temperature in October is pleasing figure of +28°C.


The real "velvet" season starts in Hainan in November – the rainy season came to an end, the nights become cooler and fresher – +21°C, the day temperature warms up to +27°C, and the water is cooled to +26°C. Even if it rains, they quickly come to an end without disturbing the rest on this wonderful exotic island.

Autumn Hobbies

Recent typhoons in September is not so noticeable, so many travelers have a great opportunity to start the autumn with a pleasant beach holiday and bathing, sea voyages and long excursions in the open air. The favorable climate of autumn offers health treatments on the beach, as well as familiarity with the culture of the country.

Many say that, thanks to the comfortable weather and lack of precipitation, that the autumn period is ideal for swimming and island tours. In addition, in November in Hainan are constantly colourful and distinctive festivals, especially known to the world the Day of Joy.

When to go to relax?

Kogda otdohnut?

Hainan has a unique weather that allows you to relax all year round – tourists come to the island for a variety of recreation, which remains interesting and rich regardless of the season.

High season

The ideal time to travel to Hainan includes two periods: late February – mid-June and September – November.

At this time temperature indicators make possible to diversify the stay on the island:

  1. Go to the beach;
  2. Enjoy water sports;
  3. To visit the most authentic areas;
  4. To improve health in one of the resorts.

All of these unique entertainment in Hainan accompanied by a nice presence in the air without feeling the oppressive heat.

Low season

The decline in the flow of tourists due to the unbearable heat and constant rain in Hainan is observed from may to September. However, this does not push them away, even the opposite – reduce the cost of all services attracts young people and tourists who prefer an inexpensive vacation.

Time for fun

The most suitable period to explore exotic China – from November to April is a great time with minimal rainfall and low temperature.

All the most interesting sights are located close to Sanya:

  • Park "On The Edge";
  • Nanshan Temple;
  • Authenticthe village of ethnic Li and Miao;
  • Pirates island.

ekskursii po ostrovam

If the weather is not lucky, travellers can find a lot of interesting entertainment, popular in the low season:

  • Aquarium;
  • Botanical garden;
  • Tea ceremony;
  • The Museum of pearl diving;
  • Zoo the crocodiles and the tigers.

Since most of the attractions in Hainan are objects of natural origin, almost all tours are conducted in the open air.

Even bad weather will not spoil the impression from visiting these unique places.

Beach time of the year

Due to the unique climate, beach holidays and nautical activities in Hainan are available most of the year. With the onset of the high season tourists flock to the most popular resort city of Sanya, which is also the capital of the island.

It is surrounded by three beautiful Bay:

  • Dadonghai. Because of its incredible beauty and appeal many tourists choose busy beaches of Dadonghai. Here is miles of white sand, turquoise water, where in the distance bobbing fishing junks and sampans. After sunset, the beach is immersed in a noisy and busy night life.
  • Yalong. Excessive overcrowding of Dadonghai makes part of the rest to move on Yalong Bay is the place where there is privacy, exotic landscapes, and the coastal water is clean and transparent. These beaches are not developed infrastructure, but it is surrounded by several natural attractions.
  • Sanyawan. Not the most popular place for a beach holiday, as most hotels are located across the road from the coastal zone.

The most attractive form of recreation – water sports available on the West island. The tourists got here, will be able to do parasailing, diving, fishing and water skiing or a scooter.

It's time for holidays and festivals

festival v Kitae

In winter (December-January) the island is filled to overflowing with people who wish to celebrate Christmas, as well as European and Chinese New Year. These colorful events held on the white Sands, not in the snowy streets, leaving only positive impressions.

Vacationers can witness other interesting events:

  1. Tsuneo festival and the Spring Festival in February;
  2. The coconut festival and the Festival of Sanyuesan in March;
  3. May holidays;
  4. Sailing regatta in November;
  5. Coffee and food festival in December.

Many will love the international wedding festival is a colorful event where hundreds of couples change vows near a tree of Happiness, participate in contests and photo shoots.

Planning an exciting trip to Hainan, it is important to be aware of the weather features, to make your rest interesting and memorable, and also brought a lot of pleasant emotions.

In the following video you will learn why Russian tourists choose to stay exactly Hainan island: