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The rest season in Egypt: climate, weather and water temperatures by month

pogoda i temperatura vody v Egipte po mesyacam

Egypt is a true "pearl of the Orient", a country where the sun always shines, the sea water is warm and clear, and the number of ancient attractions impresses even the most demanding tourists.

The climate of Egypt by region

Klimat v raznyh regionah

The weather here is perfect regardless of the season, so tourists from all over the world come to Egypt all year round. Depending on the region the climate of the country is a bit different: on the Mediterranean coast is dominated by subtropical and the rest of – tropical desert. While summer is dry, winter is mild.

Such climatic conditions are typical for African countries. There is always enough hot and dry, and the temperature at different times of the day can be very different.

The rains here are rare, so the country is always low humidity, even on the coast.

Another feature – the hot wind "Khamsin"prevailing here from March to may. It carries with it clouds of sand from the South-East of the country, the drop in atmospheric pressure and a sharp increase of +10-12°C. All these changes occur in just a few minutes.

In the winter

In the winter months it is warm, so here prefer to drive those who can not stand the hot sun is grueling, but wants to relax by the sea. The coldest months are December and February.

  • December. In early winter the weather is pleasant but cool, especially at night. In the daytime heat to +20°C. At night it gets cool – to +13°C. the sea should not swim, and dive into it you allow yourself to just "walrus" because its temperature is +22°C. this month is often cool wind, and rains are rare.
  • January. On Christmas vacation day air pleased with the performance in +25 degrees, and at night he was very cold to +13°C. the Sea is very cool, so a dip does not work, even water and warmed to +22°C. the Cool wind make out of the sea uncomfortable. Rainfall during this period is quite rare.
  • February. The last month of winter is considered the most cool, but it does not prevent tourists to relax. In the afternoon the air to the North of the country warms up to +20°C, while on the coast of the red sea is warm enough – +24°C. Sea water is cool (+20°C), but to be on the coast impossible because of the cold winds. Rains and cloudy weather in February is expected.

Especially the weather

Winter in Egypt is often called "Russian season"as here is actively rush the tourists who can not tolerate the heat for health reasons. In these months can be a little bask in the sun, while in Russia are cold, or go on trips.

While the cold sea doesn't scare as many hotels offer heated pools.

To have a good rest in the winter, you need to take light clothes, windproof things, comfortable shoes, a swimsuit in case you get to swim in the pool.

In the spring

Pogodnye usloviya vesnoj

This season is perfect for relaxation, but the weather spoils the wind "Khamsin", which eliminates the ability to go on the tour.

  • March. In early spring there is an unstable weather. In the afternoon warmly to +25°C, but at night the temperature drops to +17°C. the Sea water reaches +21°C, but for swimming it's unusable. In the midst of sandstorms, making the air incredibly suffocating.
  • April. At this time, opens the holiday season. Every day is getting warmer, and by the end of the month is hot. If in the beginning still the winds blow, in the last weeks this natural factor is no longer observed. The air warms up to +25°C, and the night cooled to +17°C. the Sea is becoming warmer, reaching +24°C. Rainfall – a bigrare.
  • May. This month one of the best to stay in Egypt. Heat has not had time to Express themselves, while at the resorts day average temperature +30°C and at night drops to +21°C. during this period, the winds and rains are absent, and the sea warms up to +26°C.

Specificity of spring

If the early spring is still difficult to imagine in Egypt by the end of the season, it becomes incredibly comfortable, especially in the resorts of the red sea, where the mountains protect from the wind, and the water is heated to a pleasant temperature.

Since spring the heat becomes very noticeable, you should pack a bathing suit, hat, lightweight clothes made of natural fabrics (preferably with long sleeves) and light shoes.

In the summer

At this time in Egypt comes the real hot summer, which is characterized by very high rates of temperature and aridity.

  • June. In the first month of summer the sun warms up to +35 degrees, and in some cities up to +40°C, but cool sea breeze gives a cool, refreshing air. At night the heat drops and the thermometer shows 21°C. beach Lovers will be in awe of the sea, which is a good temperature to 27 degrees. In June there is a dry and clear weather, rain is not expected.
  • July. This month is the hottest in Egypt. The air is heated to +35°C, so it saves only a refreshing breeze and a sea temperature of +25-28 degrees. In the evening the heat subsides to +25-27°C. for About 6 days per month from the desert can face the wind "Khamsin", bringing the stifling heat. The probability of rain in July, virtually nonexistent.
  • August. The last month of summer is not much different from the previous one. In the resorts there is all the same heat. Daytime temperatures of about 40°C and night drops to +27°C. the Sea remains pleasant throughout the month of August warming up to 28°C. during this period, to rest more comfortable on the Mediterranean coast, where the conditions are softer and breathe easier, but the wind and rain is not expected.

The advantages of summer vacation

preimushestva otdyha v letnij period

The summer season is ideal for swimming, as the water temperature during this period is warmed up to high levels. With such strong daytime heat, a dip in the sea is very refreshing.

Before heading to the Egyptian resorts need to take light clothing made of natural fabrics, head-dress and a bathing suit. Light shoes are also welcomed.

In the fall

From September to November – one of the best periods of stay in Egypt. At this time the country begins velvet season, characterized by pleasant weather, water, and air.

  • September. The beginning of autumn marks a little less noticeable heat, but still Sunny days. Outside during the day is +30°C at night and +24°C. Sea seduces a pleasant 26°C, allowing to cool off in the heat. With a sea blowing wind, and precipitation hardly expected.
  • October. This month is the wonderful weather. The sea as milk, and the differences between day and night temperature is not noticeable. In the daytime the air warms up to +28°C, and at night cooled to +25°C. At night, sometimes it rains, bringing with it a freshness.
  • November. By the end of autumn the weather is still ideal for a beach holiday. Daytime temperature is in the range of 25-28°C, and at night reaches up to 16-20°C. tourists still have a chance for a month to enjoy the sea, the temperature of which is about +24°C. By the end of the month the heat subsides completely and starts to blow the cool wind, and often there are cloudy days.

The specifics of the weather

Autumn is a great timeto combine a beach and sightseeing holiday. During this period the heat is not very noticeable at all resorts is dominated by clear days and the sea warms to a pleasant temperature.

If the trip is planned for September or October, it is enough to bring lightweight clothes, a hat, swimsuit.

Towards the end of autumn, going to Egypt, do not neglect windproof clothes.

Weather at popular resorts

In Egypt, many wonderful resorts, but tourists in the first place, delight Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh, as there is a pleasant weather, and the mountains protect from strong winds and cold.

Sharm El-Sheikh

temperaturnyj rezhim v SHarm-el-SHejhe

Weather in Sharm El Sheikh are always a couple of degrees warmerthan other resorts. In winter tourists come here to enjoy the comfortable temperatures of 22-25°C. at Night it becomes cool enough – +14°C. the water Temperature in winter is +25°C.

In spring and autumn in Sharm El Sheikh is set in the most favorable weather for rest. The temperature pleases indicators +27-32°C, but on the coast the heat is not noticeable, thanks to the refreshing sea (26°C) and cool breezes. At night the heat drops to +20-24°C. Which is especially nice during these periods is the fact that the resort does not reach the wind "Khamsin".

Summer in Sharm El Sheikh becomes unbearably hot. The thermometer rises to +40°C, so tourists prefer the resorts of the Mediterranean sea. At night the heat is still palpable. The temperature drops only to +26°C. the Water during this period as milk – +28-29°C.


Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh is located on the coast of the red sea, but differs in that here the whole year windy, and the weather is a little cooler. In the winter, cool in the afternoon – +22 degrees, and at night and did a cold 10°C. water Temperature in the sea is not suitable for swimming, although shows +25°C.

In spring and autumn in Hurghada best. During these periods there is not so hot as summer, and the water and the air already warm. In the afternoon the thermometer shows +25-28, at night +23°C and the sea warms up to 28°C.

Weather in the spring can ruin the wind "Khamsin", bringing with them the sand and the heat.

Summer in Hurghada +30-32 degrees, but the cool wind gives heat to spoil the holiday. The sea in these months is incredibly nice. The temperature is kept at around +28°C.

The tourist season

It is difficult to distinguish when in Egypt would not rest comfortably. Each month is suitable for vacation as for those who prefer the heat, and for those who come here to bask in the winter.

What months is better to go to relax?

V kakie mesyacy luchshe priezzhat v stranu?

High season in Egypt is a new year, may and November holidays – a time when travel vouchers are particularly expensive. Also popular is the last month of spring and first month of autumn. The hottest month in Egypt – July, in some regions, the temperature reaches 45-50 degrees.

Not the best time to travel to Egypt – December and February – a time when almost everywhere the wind is blowing.

In what month beach season?

Egyptian coast for almost a year-round recreation.

In spring and autumn suited for relaxing beaches of the red sea, and in the summer the Mediterranean.

Tourists discovered the best beaches of the country:

  1. Ageeba – unspoilt coastline in Marsa Matruh with white sand and crystal clear water;
  2. Cleopatra's beach – a secluded seaside in the Bay of Marsa Matruh, where you can see how changing the color of the water depending on the time of day;
  3. Haram – the largest beach in Marsa Matruh, which has everything for a holiday;
  4. Hurghada's beaches – the entire coast of the resort is famous for its purity, a gentle descent to the sea and the opportunity to go diving;
  5. Taba is a perfect beaches surrounded by beautiful nature, suitable for all;
  6. Nuweiba – natural beaches with pink sand, where you can not only sunbathe, but to walk on the attractions.

The beaches of Sharm El Sheikh is not so popular, as this resort is designed more for diving. The local sea has a coral bottom, so equipped the coast have to go into the water only in special shoes.

Egypt is great for relaxing, thanks to the great weather and vast number of resorts.

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