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The holiday season in Greece for the months of the year: climate, weather and water temperature

pogoda i temperatura vody v Grecii po mesyacam

Greece is a unique country stay which is beautiful at any time of the year. On its resorts prefer to rest those who like to combine a comfortable stay on the beautiful coast, active and excursion tourism, as well as familiarity with traditional cuisine and shopping.


klimaticheskie usloviya

Not just Greece is considered one of the countries whose resorts are ideal for Russians and citizens of Europe thanks to the perfect climatic conditions. The state has a fairly large area where almost everywhere is dominated by a Mediterranean climate, characterized by dry and hot summers, and mild winters without snow.

There is almost always tourists are pleased with the sun and rain considered a rarity.

The climate on the Islands of Greece a bit different from the mainland. The holiday season lasts for the longest period from mid-April to September. In this period anywhere the sun shines, and in July and August, no rain.

Intense heat on the Islands are visible even in the night hours, when the thermometer never drops below 20 degrees, but the conditions and softens the cool sea breeze. In winter the temperature rarely drops below 10 degrees, but the inconvenience deliver constant rains.

On mainland Greece, the climate is more pronounced. In summer, heat is more difficult, and the temperature often warms up to +38°C. Similar weather is worse tolerated in the Central part of the country where the temperature can rise up to 40 degrees. Winter in this part of the country is cold, sometimes the temperature drops below zero. The snow is considered to be common.

In the winter

In the off-season in Greece observed zero temperature, but the tourist season is closed until spring. Overall worth the humidity and coolness, but even in such conditions, many do not deny yourself the pleasure to visit the country.

  • December. This month is one of the most cold and wet periods in Greece. As on the mainland and island parts of the country the air is hardly heated +13-16 degrees at night drops to 10°C. In mountainous areas, in December snows, and everywhere begin to work the ski base. To new year holidays the air temperature drops to +13 degrees.

    Sea this month for swimming not suitable – temperature of the Mediterranean and the Aegean, is only 17 degrees, and the Ionian and is 15°C, but the strong sea winds and humidity create the impression that the temperature is much lower. For Dec characterized by powerful winds and constant rains.

  • January. In the middle of winter in Greece is not much different from the previous month. In this period the temperature in the day rises to +10-13 degrees.

    The sun during the day very rarely happy campers. Increasingly are showers, and sometimes may fall and snow.

    At night of January, the air is cooled to +8°C, but frosts and winter vacations become a frequent phenomenon. Sea water cools down even more – the temperature is +15 degrees. On the coast is blowing a strong wind, so walking will not bring you happiness.

  • February. Of all the winter months February is better suited to a holiday in Greece, because in this period the sun appears more often, and the rains fade into the background. The day temperature is +14 degrees, and at night cooled to +7°C. the Water in the seas is still cool – 15°C, but it doesn't hurt to relax by the pool of the hotel with heated water.

Features winter days

osobennosti zimy

Even low temperature and cloudy weather did not prevent tourists to visit Greece in winter because in this country in the midst of ski tourism. There is nothing more beautiful than the New yearoff to conquer the slopes, especially since the winter here is milder than in other resorts.

To rest in winter as comfortable as possible, you should bring warm clothingsuch as windproof jacket, waterproof shoes, warm sweater, hat and gloves.

In the spring

Spring in Greece – a controversial period in terms of weather. If at the beginning of the everywhere observed the cool weather, by the end of spring here in full swing the holiday season.

  1. March. In the first month of spring weather in Greece is getting better. Wind and rain subside, and the sun warms the air more and more. In the daytime the thermometer pleases indicators in 16 degrees, and at night the temperature cools to +13°C. the Water in the Ionian and the Aegean sea is still not suitable for swimming – its temperature is around 17 degrees. And here is the Mediterranean sea already warms up to +21°C.
  2. April. In the middle of spring in Greece in some places the air warms up so that is great for the holiday season. In the daytime the temperature rises to 18 degrees, and in some areas up to +23°C. At night the air cools down, but not much – to +17°C.
  3. Rain and wind – a rarity in April, but the sea water is still unsuitable for swimming, as it barely warms up to +18 degrees.

  4. May. In the last month of spring in Greece, officially opens the holiday season. Rainfall during this period are rare, and the sun continues to delight more and more often. The daytime temperature warmed up to a comfortable +23-27 degrees at night and +18°C.

    Sea water at some resorts is already suitable for swimming, for example, in Crete in the day, the temperature is 23 degrees, and sometimes higher.

Specificity of spring

Spring in Greece is one of the most favorable periods for rest. Nights can still be cool but in the afternoon the air temperature has to stay in the sun without the danger of getting sunstroke. The heat is not very noticeable, which allows to diversify vacation exciting acquaintance with the sights. Also in the spring everything starts to bloom and blossom.

If a trip to Greece is planned at the beginning of the season, you have to bring a jacket or warm sweater because the nights are quite cool. In the second half of the spring can safely take a swimsuit to spend as much time as possible on beaches.

In the summer

otdyh letom

The summer season is the most attractive for tourists, because in this period the air and water on the coast is really warm. Thus different weather conditions in different parts of the country give the opportunity to choose the most attractive place to stay.

  • June. At the beginning of summer in Greece, the most favorable conditions for families with children. The resort is always Sunny and the air pleasing performance of +28-30°C.

    In this summer heat is softened by sea breezes, creating ideal conditions for rest.

    At night the temperature on the coast is still warm 20 degrees.

    The water temperature in the seas is nearly the same excellent for swimming. Early in the morning it has time to warm up to 23 degrees and the North wind, typical of this period, contribute to the lack of overheating in the sun. Due to such conditions, June is the best month for holidays in Greece.

  • July. Mid summer is one of the most heated periods in Greece. In July, it shows the maximum temperature. In the afternoon the air at the coast warms up to +30°C, and in some areas the temperature can be higher – up to +35°C. however, July is one of the driest months – during this period the rain can go 1-2 times per month.
  • August. Weather conditions in August are not much different from those observed in July. The air also warms up to +30 degrees by day and 23 degrees by night. The water on the coast is still perfect for swimming. Its temperature is about 26 degrees. The heat softens a pleasant, but light wind and the rains completely stop.

The specifics of the weather conditions

During the summer period in Greece there is currently a Mediterranean summer with hot days and warm evenings. In this season tourists choose the resorts on the North of the country, because in this region the heat is a little better.

In the summer season to stay useful light clothing made from natural fabrics that will be comfortable to be under the sun. Be sure to bring your swimsuit, a hat and sunscreen.

In the fall

Autumn in Greece is no less beautiful than the summer. During this period there is still warm but not so hot that it gives the opportunity to relax in good weatherconditions.

  1. September. The first month of autumn in Greece is a continuation of the summer. In the daytime the temperature is kept at around 27 degrees, and at night the air cools down to 19°C. sea Water is still comfortable for swimming – its temperature is around 27 degrees on the coast. In September across the country the weather is warm, perfect for a beach holiday.

    The number of cloudy days in September is not greatly increased, and the rains pleasantly refreshing on hot days.

  2. October. In the middle of the autumn holiday season in Greece is slowly ending. If in the beginning of the month is still quite a lot of clear and warm days, at the end of October is cool and cloudy weather and rainy days occur more often.

    The first half of October is celebrated the warm weather. In the afternoon the air temperature on the coast rises to +25 degrees. The same temperature from the sea water. At night the air cools to 17 degrees, and by the end of the month to +15°C.

  3. November. The end of autumn is not suitable for a beach holiday, but in this period in Greece is still holding the positive temperature, which contributes to excursion tourism. In the daytime the air warms up to +17 degrees, and if the day promises to be clear and to +20°C.

    Night the difference in temperature is especially notable – the thermometer drops to 13 degrees. Water in all three seas, a cool – +19-18°C, strong winds and frequent rains will not allow to fully enjoy the beaches.

The advantages of the fall season

plusy oseni

The climate in autumn in Greece contributes to a pleasant stay, especially in the first half. It is suitable for those who can not tolerate heat, but also wants to change the chilly autumn to the place where there is warm weather.

In the first half of autumn is enough to pack in the suitcase the swimsuit and light summer clothes made of natural fabrics, a hat and sunscreen. Do not forget about shoes, both light and comfortable. This period is especially pleasant to go on excursions.

If the trip is planned for second half of autumn, you should bring warm clothes and an umbrella.

Rainfall during this period appear quite often, being the only drawback for recreation.

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Weather by regions during the year

Weather conditions in Greece often differ depending on the location and proximity to the sea and latitude.


Weather in Rhodes during the year – one of the most favorable. The resort season here lasts six months, starting in June and ending November. During this period the air temperature is from +26 to +30 degrees and the water temperature from +20 to +27°C. In August it is here that the Aegean sea reaches the highest temperature 27 degrees, although in other parts of the coast of this sea is always colder. Due to the presence of the sea, the climate here is mild and pleasant.


Lesvos is one of the warmest regions of the country. In high season the air warms up to +38-31°C and the sea to +24°C. to Bathe in it – a pleasure. In low season the air temperature cools to +12-14 degrees, water – around +15°C.


This island is not only the most popular place for recreation, but also the perfect resort, where the weather creates perfect conditions for stay all year round. Crete is a place combining two climatic zones – the humid subtropics and the North African heat, so the winter here is mild and warm, and summer is sultry and very hot.

In the North of Crete, during the year, there is a more cool weather, so the summer come here like those who can not tolerate heat.

On the southern part of the island the temperature is above what is ideal for a holiday in the autumn and winter.


Afiny v techenie goda

In Athens, the observed subtropical type of climate is considered most favourable for health. Compared to other resorts in the mainland, there was less pronounced features characteristic of summer and winter, and precipitation may be absent for most of the year.

In the holiday season the air is heated to a pleasant 28 degrees, water – +25°C, and in winter the temperature cools down to +14°C. Snow for this part of the country is not typical.


Unlike the island part of Greece, in Thessaloniki, the air very warm – summer temperatures in the shadow can amount to +31°C. Winters are also harsher: often the rains come a few days, and it can snow.The advantage of such weather conditions is the fact that the beaches on the coast of the resort opened in April.


On Zakynthos observed moderate Mediterranean climate, but by the standards of the country it is considered the most soft and comfortable. The sun shines on the island almost all year, so you can relax in any season. The heat in summer reaches 29 degrees, and in winter the air is cooled to +14°C.


Weather in Corfu differs markedly from other resorts. The island almost all year round immersed in the glow of the sun, but there is no unbearable heat. The holiday season begins in may and lasts until October. During this period, almost no rainfall and the average temperature is +28 degrees. In low season the temperature becomes unsuitable for recreation.


Due to its location, the island of KOs is not only clean and fresh healthy air, and favorable climate. During the year, tourists are pleased with the lack of summer sweltering heat and pleasant winter chill. Maximum temperatures reach 27 degrees and the minimum is +10°C.


Featuring the most temperate climate during the year, choose Thassos for family or youth recreation. The holiday season here begins in June and lasts until October, and during this period the average temperature is about 27 degrees.

In the off-season island life fades, as it's getting rather chilly up to 8 degrees.

In which month is better to rest?

In Greece several periods to relax. For those who can't stand the heat, but wants to soak up the sun and swim in the sea, is to go to the resorts in may-June or in September. If you are interested in a ski vacation, you should know that the ski season lasts from December to April.

Weather in Greece once again confirms the fact that this country is perfect for relaxation regardless of the season.

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