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Seasons holiday in Turkey: climate, weather and water temperatures by month

pogoda i temperatura vody v Turcii po mesyacam

Turkey – the most popular destination among tourists who choose excellent opportunity to combine a beach and sightseeing holiday.

The Climate Of Turkey

Klimat strany po mesyacam

Turkey is quite a big country, so the climate in different regions varies significantly. In this state there are at least four types:

  1. Mediterranean;
  2. Temperate Maritime;
  3. Continental;
  4. Mountain.

While at one end of the country is quite hot weather at the other end can be a low temperature, especially for mountainous terrain.

Mild Mediterranean climate is inherent in the regions located along the coast of the Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean sea. These places are typically hot and dry summer and mild rainy winter. Here is a very hot season starts from mid June and continues until the end of September, and the air temperature ranging from +30 to +34 degrees.

Temperate marine climate typical of the Black sea resorts. Here, the temperature is 2-3 degrees less than on the Mediterranean coast, and the most favorable months are July and August.

Two other types of climate typical for many inland areas, including the mountains.

In the winter

The cold season in Turkey soft, warm, but rainy and windy. The daytime temperature is suitable for a comfortable stay in the warm regions of this country.

  • December. The first month of winter – one of the coldest in Turkey. In mountain regions it is possible to see snow at a time on the coast in the afternoon the air temperature is 14 degrees. At night, it gets very cold. The thermometer drops to +5°C. the Swimming season is closed, as the water temperature varies from +13 to +15°C. the Month is not very favorable to visit the country due to strong winds and high humidity.
  • January. Mid – winter was the coldest month in Turkey. To day temperature of 12-15 degrees is added to the strong wind and constant rain. At night is a real cold – air cooling down to +2 degrees. Water temperature in this month is quite high – +16-18°C, but it is still not suitable for swimming.
  • February. The end of winter is a little different from previous months. Across the country there is winter, the day temperature a few degrees higher than in January and is around +13-15°C. At night temperature falls to +5°C. Rain, wind and cloudy days typical for this month.

While on the coast of Turkey is the cold winter weather, and beach season is closed, in the mountainous regions of the country in the midst of ski tourism.

The beautiful winter climate is perfect for skiing on the slopes and access areas, and light frosts are contributing to a comfortable pastime.

If it comes about holidays in Turkey in winter, you should stock up on warm and windproof clothes: a jacket, sweater, warm shoes and a hat.

In the spring

Vesna v Stambule

With the arrival of spring climate in Turkey varies considerably. If at the beginning of the season is still cool weather, then by the end of spring, many tourists take the coast for a beach holiday.

  • March. Before the start of the holiday season far, but the weather in March is beginning to change for the better – becoming noticeably warmer. In the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +18°C, and at night cooled to +8 degrees. Significantly reduced rainfall, and Sunny days become more. The sea also become warmer – +18°C, but to swim here is not recommended. For such purposes it is better to use a heated swimming pool in hotels.
  • April. The middle of spring it's hard to call the holiday season in Turkey, but at this time tourists are already starting to arrive in the country. Onsea air good indicators +19°C, and at night, it gets a little warmer – about 11 degrees. The sea water temperature is 17 degrees. Rain and wind almost not to disturb tourists in April.
  • May. At the end of spring in Turkey begins the holiday season, though the day temperature is still not as comfortable – +25°C, but water in the sea warms up to +20°C. At night it becomes cool to 17°C. almost no Precipitation – just about 2-3 days per month, and the sun shines for 10 hours a day.

In mid-April, the climate in Turkey is becoming favorable for a beach holiday. In the coastal regions of the country move out vacationers to enjoy warm weather and abundant number of Sunny days. This is a great time for excursionsand for shopping.

Planning a trip to Turkey in the spring, at the beginning of the season is to tuck in the suitcase windproof jacket and other warm clothes (sweater, pants, shoes).

If the rest will be in late spring, you should bring your swimsuit because the beach season is starting soon, often already in may.

In the summer

The most interesting thing in Turkey is in summer, when the street is hot, and the sea warms to the perfect temperature.

  • June. The first month of summer is the perfect time for a holiday in Turkey. The intense heat has not yet come – the day temperature does not exceed +28°C, and in some regions – +32°C. At night it becomes cool and pleasant, as the air is cooled to 21°C. the Sea is perfect for swimming – the water warms up to 23 degrees.
  • July. The middle of summer – the peak season, but if the heat transfer is very difficult, it is better to refrain from vacation this month. The daytime temperature in the resorts, up from 34-38°C, and at night the air becomes more fresh – +20°C. the Sea water is perfect for swimming – 25°C. during this period, the wind and rain is very rare.
  • August. This month is not much different from the previous one. On the coast all well worth it heat. In the afternoon the air literally heated up to +33-35°C, and at night cooled to +23°C. the sea Water is pleased with the indicators 27 degrees. Rain is rare – 1-2 times per month.

Summer in Turkey is considered "high season". This period is ideal weather, perfect for relaxing. However, intense heat can cause health problems, especially if you have heart problems.

In the summer you can easily scorch, so, first and foremost, you should take care of the cream from sunburn, hat, sunglasses and clothing from natural fabrics. One should bring a swimsuit to relax on the beach and easy walking shoes, if you have trips.

In the fall

Pogodnyj rezhim osenu

Autumn in Turkey can be divided into two seasons. If in the first half you can still visit the beaches because the water is still warm, then in the second half of autumn, have limited the pool at the hotel and excursions.

  • September. Holiday in this month is great for those who are contraindicated in heat. The sun shines not so much. In the afternoon the air temperature +28°C, and at night it becomes comfortable – +18°C. Rains and wind in this period yet, but the sea remains warm, +25°C.
  • October. This month it's still warm. Clear pleased with the performance of air – +27 degrees. At night it becomes cool. The thermometer drops to the level of +20°C. the Water in this period is suitable for swimming. Its temperature is around 25 degrees. At the end of the month becomes less clear and more cloudy days. The rains are starting to go more often.
  • November. For this month, significant rain, wind and low temperatures, although swimming in the still warm sea, as the water temperature is +22 degrees. Not very nice to get out of the water in this weather because the air is cool – +17-20°C. the Cool wind exacerbates the situation.

Autumn can be called velvet season. During this period the sea has a beach holiday, and the lack of intense heat contribute to the possibility to go on tour.

By the end of the season is quite cool and clear days are rare.

For an autumn trip to Turkey will need a swimsuit, lightweight clothes made of natural fabrics, a hat and light shoes. If a vacation is planned for the end of the season, it is possible to bring a jacket.

Weather on resorts during the year

Coast of Turkey is quite impressive territory that is washed by the 4 seas. The climate on the coastal resorts has a different temperature, so before you go on vacation, you should carefully consider the information.


The Mediterranean

Due to its location, the Mediterranean sea in Turkey have a slightly higher temperature. In the winter resorts cold, but in the range 14-16°C and in summer it is very hot – +35°C. the sea temperature is also much higher in winter – +12°C and in summer 27 degrees. Spring on the Mediterranean sea , the holiday season starts earlier and fall ends later.

City of the sea of Marmara

usloviya v gorodah Mramornogo morya

The climate of the sea of Marmara is not much different from the climate of the Mediterranean sea. The beach season starts a week later, and the sea is warmed by the middle of spring. In the summer resorts is hot and the water perfect for swimming. Fall season is only closed at the end of October. In winter there is cool weather.

The Aegean coast

For the Aegean sea, typical of a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and cool winters. Precipitation is here more often than the sea of Marmara and the Mediterranean sea, and the water cools down soonerthan in other regions. Season conducive to relaxation, begins in late may and continues until the end of September. During this period the average air temperature is +28°C, water – +23°C.

The black sea coast

Late beach season begins in the regions of the Black sea. Here by 3-4 degrees cooler than on other coasts. Winter here is cold and rainy, spring season not yet available, summer is lovely but not very hot climate (25°C), and in autumn in late September to swim should not.

Tourist seasons

Time to take a holiday in Turkey depends on personal preference.

In which month is better to go to relax?

If you want hot conditions, it is better to go in summer, if the heat is not welcome, it is worth a vacation in the fall or spring.

High season in the country lasts from June to late September, and the hottest month is July.

v kakoe vremya luchshe ehat otdyhat?

The warmest place

The warmest resorts in Turkey can be considered as Alanya and side. Here a beach holiday ends in mid-October, but autumn continues to be beautiful weather.

Low season

Not the best time to visit Turkey runs from mid-October to early April. This period is characterized not only adverse weather, but also a small selection of hotels and tour programs. The coldest months are January and February.

Beach season

As noted above, each of seas beach season comes at different times. So on the marble and the Black sea beach vacation starts at two weeks and ends two weeks earlier than in the Mediterranean. At the same time, the Aegean sea is not as hot in summer as in other seas.

Best beaches of Turkey are:

  1. Blue lagoon luxury beach turquoise between two rocks;
  2. Kaputas – beach, located in the gorge;
  3. Iztuzu is the cleanest and most well maintained beach in the South-West of the country;
  4. Cleopatra's beach – a sandy beach with developed infrastructure;
  5. Icmeler is a legendary beach is favoured by tourists from Russia;
  6. Gumbet beach with the most gentle entrance into the sea.

Turkish resorts have private beaches, both in Belek and Kemer. They are not inferior in attractiveness and development of the best beaches in the country.

Once in the resorts of Turkey, each camper receives first-class service in hotels, well-developed infrastructure and the benefits are barely able to provide other resorts.

See the video on the beaches of Turkey: