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Season for a beach holiday with water in China: the weather in Beijing by months

Kitaj: pogoda po mesyacam

Due to the rich cultural and historical heritage, unusual places and beach resorts, China draws on its vast tourists from around the world.

Vacation is available all year roundand the best climate promotes intense traveling in China. Weather by month in a country may vary depending on the region.

The climate in China by region

klimaticheskie usloviya

China has a fairly large area and diverse topography, for this reason climatic conditions in different regions of the country differ markedly.

The area is located in three climatic zones – temperate continental, subtropical and tropical monsoon.

  • On the North and West of China has a temperate continental climate. In winter the temperature in these regions reaches -7 degrees, but sometimes drop to -20 degrees. In the summer there is a nice not very hot – +22 degrees.
  • The Central region of China (Shanghai, Nanjing, Chongqing) has a subtropical climate – in the summer time in this part of the country is hot and dry and the temperature reaches 35 degrees. In winter there is enough heat from +3 to +6°C. a Distinctive feature of the region – high humidity, in this regard, the hot sun makes a presence on the street in the summer almost impossible.
  • The southern region of China is a favorite place for tourists who prefer exotic places, hot weather and beautiful beaches. In this part of the country a popular destination is the island of Hainan. Its climate is compared to Hawaii because the year-round temperature never falls below 20 degrees. In the summer the thermometer shows +30°C and in winter +25°C. the water Temperature reaches + 25°C.

    pogodnye usloviya v uzhnom regione

    In this part of China a significant drawback of climate – high humidity, stuffiness and the summer typhoons. The peak of bad weather is at the end of August and beginning of September, and the wet season lasts from late may to mid - October. But the rest of the time in the South island there is fabulous weather.

What is the weather and the temperature of the air and water months?

Due to the diversity of climatic conditions, every tourist can choose a place and time for a wonderful holiday in the vastness of China.

In the winter

In the winter time in China, the weather is noticeably different. While on the North and West in this cool period, everywhere open ski resorts.

On the southern resorts also comes the holiday season – the sea warms up to a comfortable level, and the beaches are no stifling heat and humidity.

pejzazhi zimoj

  1. In early December winter in China manifests itself in low temperature characteristics. On the North, West and East of the country felt the coolness. In the daytime the temperature does not exceed 0°C. On the Northern borders sometimes marked indicators -20°C, but in the big cities located closer to the Central part, and in Beijing in the afternoon around 5 to 7°C. At night it is cooler by 5-6 degrees.
  2. In January is a little cooler. In the North and West of the country weather conditions the day of -11 degrees at night, -16°C. In the Central region of China by 4-5 degrees warmer, and in the South remains resort weather. This month is the coldest in the country, so the trip will be useful and warm clothing.
  3. Weather in February is not much different from January. In the Northern and Western regions of cold, snow and frost, and in the South – warm and pleasant to stay. Towards the end of the month for the entire country becomes 4 degrees warmer.

Off the coast of the South China sea on Hainan island, in Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou, in winter, warmbut not hot – +22 degrees, at nightabout +15 degrees. Sea water during this period warms up to +25°C, which is ideal for swimming.

In the spring

Spring – one of the best periods to visit China. The cold goes away and everywhere is improving warm and pleasant weather.

In the mountainous regions in the North of China still cool and many ski resorts is available for tourists. But in late March, the slopes are closedbecause the air spaces warms up to plus temperature – 10 degrees. At night can still be a bit chilly -5 degrees.

strana vesnoj

  • In the center of the country in March , the temperature in the daytime rises to +10 degrees and at night drops to +3°C. On the southern resorts the temperature exceeds the mark of 20 degrees, and in the dark is not lower than +18.
  • This period is considered to be one of the best to stay in the southern part of China.

  • In April is much warmer, and everywhere begin to bloom and the trees. If at the beginning of this month in the North +12-15°C during the day, +8 at night, then in the end it becomes pleasant when the temperature rises to 21°C during the day +16°C at night. Farther South, the higher these indicators. In Beijing in April 20 degrees, in Shanghai +19°C, and in the southern region of +25°C.
  • In may is getting quite warm, and in some regions hot. In Beijing the air good around +26°C, in Shanghai +24°C. In Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Macau and Hainan is incredibly warm – the thermometer in the daytime shows +29°C, but due to high humidity, it seems that the temperature is much higher.

In the summer

Summer weather is perfect to stay in Central cities of China. During this period, not very hot, so you can go on a fascinating tour through different routes.

In June is especially beautiful to visit are considered to be the Northern and Central region of the country. Due to the strong remoteness from large bodies of water here is not felt humidity, as it occurs in the South of China. The average air temperature during daylight hours – +28-30 degrees and this weather lasts for the whole month.

In the South starts the rainy season, so tourists do not venture to go to this region. On the coast there is high humidity, frequent rains and a high probability that there's a storm or a hurricane.

plyazhi letom

July and August are the hottest months in China. In the South, the peak of the rainy season, the humidity in this region increases to 89%, and the rain almost never stops. For tourists the weather is unbearable. So, if you want to visit the country, it is better to choose the mountainous areas or the Central province. Here, the day temperature is +30 degrees, and at +21°C.

In the fall

In the autumn the weather is again normal, and the tourists are massing in the vastness of the country, to spend tour holidays, shopping and to visit different events.

In September becomes a little cooler, but still warm. This weather is perfect for long walks. Depending on the region the air temperature varies from +17 degrees (North) to 26 degrees (center of the country).

In Beijing, Shanghai and several major cities in September observed dry and warm weather.

In the South, are still raging rains, but by the end of the month they gradually subside. In Hong Kong, Macau and Hainan island, the thermometer shows 30 degrees in the afternoon, +24°C at night.

Becomes a little cooler in October, but pleasant, dry weather allows a lot of time to spend on excursions. During this period, tourists visit Tibet, Beijing or Shanghai. The day temperature in mountains is +16 degrees, and in the plains of +20°C.

temperaturnyj rezhim osenu

On the southern resorts the weather is normal and tourists are again pulled together by the sea to spend their vacation here, to sunbathe and to swim in the warm water. Daily weather pleases indicators +28 degrees, at night – +21°C. the sea Water warms up to +25°C.

In November it's cool enough temperature in the Northern and Central region again is on the wane. The daily indicators remain at around 14 degrees, at night – 10 degrees. Towards the end of the month in the North the first snow and frosts begin. But in southern China in the middle of tourist season. High day temperatures of air and water invite to relax.

In which month is better to go to relax?

Stay in China is available at any time of year, but those who prefer to visit the beaches and get a tan, need to know, in what periods it is better to come into the country.

High season for beachrest

Great time for a beach holiday in China – in the last days of September to March. At this time there is pleasant weatherand the hotels are Packed with tourists. Open to numerous activities in addition to beach recreation, including, treatment, water sports and excursions.

To stay in the high season resorts fit:

  1. Dadonghai;
  2. Sanya;
  3. Over Sanya.

Also a good time for vacation can be found in April to mid-may. During this period, heavy rains and high humidity are not very noticeable, but the cost of the procedure below.

When the rainy season?

At the end of may in the southern resorts, the start of the rainy season and lasts until September. But even at this time, the tourists come to the island Macau, Hong Kong and Hainan, as resorts have something to offer apart from a beach holiday. In addition, the cost of leisure decreases, which can not attract fans of budget tourism.

Detailed weather forecast for China in winter, you can learn from this video: