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The rest of Jordan: the weather and temperature in August in Aqaba

Iordaniya: pogoda v avguste

Lovers of exotic will like Jordan. Weather in August in the country reaches the highest peak of the exorbitant temperature, which can not affect the rest.

What is the weather in August in Jordan?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v konce leta?

A visit to Jordan in August are for those who are not afraid of high temperatures and tolerates heat.

During the inspection of local attractionssuch as mount Nebo, or the Jordan river, we should not forget that the temperature sometimes reaches 40.

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The temperature of the air and water

The hottest city in Jordan - Aqaba. Here in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +40 in the shade and at night it becomes more tolerable – about +25. On the street is to leave in the morning or late afternoon, to further rest is not marred by burns.

Water temperature in the Red sea the most suitable – +28. The climate of other cities more tolerant, compared to Aqaba, for example, in the capital Amman, the air temperature is +30, and Peter is about +29.

The particular weather conditions

klimaticheskie osobennosti

The breeze from the sea and low humidity will help to ease the conditions of stay in Jordan. But do not forget that the climate here is dry and continental, so rain and cloud - the phenomenon is extremely rare, especially in the summer, you can forget about it. Warm wind coming from the desert influence in the South.

In Aqaba will be especially pleased to lie in the shade, enjoy the sound of the waves and feel like a barely noticeable breeze for you.

Sea in August is relatively quiet, so diving enthusiasts will be pleasantly surprised underwater visibility is going to reach 40 meters.

The August vacation

Jordan are suitable for those tourists who appreciate the quality and comfort level of food and quality of service in hotels.

The pros and cons

The main disadvantage of Jordan that this holiday is not suitable for budget tourists, but rather people of average and above-average segment.

preimushestva i nedostatki

Still, the pros in the state worth its price:

  • here you will not find Intrusive sellers, pulling your hand to your store;
  • leaving the store without buying, you will not see the prying eyes;
  • life is calm and measured.

How to dress?

Do not forget that the country is Muslim, so it's best to clean up her short skirt or tube top away in a suitcase and wear something less revealing, because such clothing can cause local people negative emotions. The shorts on the man in a public place is also considered indecent, as if wildly for us it seemed.

What to do?

Tourists are attracted by the beaches and coral reefs in the clear waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, Wadi Rum, known for its beauty, and more.

Beach vacation

In the many Aqaba beaches belong to the hotels, while the rest are shared. In the Northern part of the city are sandy beaches, closer to the South are rocky. Toilets, showers, cafes - everything a traveller needs is within walking distance.

The beaches have large territories and they are extremely few people, especially in such a hot month as August.

Excursions and entertainment

ekskursii na goru Nebo

The main attraction in Jordan is considered to be diving in the Red sea. Definitely should take advantage of this great opportunity, herethere are plenty of places to dive, is quite inexpensive, but how many impressions you will deliver.

Each new dive times will be similar to the previous one. This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the underwater world.

In the waters of the Dead sea , everyone can improve their health, because their composition contains a large concentration of salt. But don't overdo it!

  1. Tour in Wadi Rum will be a great pastime. Unique cliffs and canyons will appeal to fans of Hiking and climbing. People interested in history also should be like this place. Some petroglyphs consist of four thousand years.
  2. One of the most sacred places of our planet - mount Nebo. It is from here, according to the old Testament, God showed Moses the Promised Land. A tour will allow you to see the amazing beauty of this place and leave the impression.

  3. It will be interesting to see the Roman amphitheatre in Amman. To feel the enormity of this place can only be upstairs, because the amphitheater has a capacity of 6,000 people, and its height is 44 rows.

The route of the religious attractions in Jordan you will find in this video: