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Holiday in Mexico: weather in Cancun in August

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Mexico is an attractive tourist destination, designed for those who enjoy unique excursions, gorgeous beaches and the opportunity to relax in any time of the year.

Weather in Mexico in August can bring "surprises" in the form of heavy rains and heat. But there is in the country where you can spend your vacation at this time.

What is the weather in August in Mexico?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v konce leta?

Excellent weather conditions and year-round positive temperature – this is what awaits tourists during their stay in Mexico.

Despite the fact that August refers to the peak of low season, this month does not exclude the possibility of stay in the country.

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The average temperature of air and water

The August is not the best month to travel to Mexico, because during this period throughout the country there are hurricanes and high temperature performance.

In cancún the day the thermometer reaches 32 degrees, and at night – +25°C.

In other tourist areas the air temperature is the following:

  • Mexico city – +25°C, at night +12°C;
  • Riviera Maya – day +33°C, at +25°C, water +29°C;
  • Acapulco – day +32°C, at +23°C, water 27°C;
  • Playa-del-Carmen – day +30°C at night +22°C, water +30°C;
  • Chetumal – day +33°C, at +25°C, water +30°C.

srednie temperaturnye pokazateli

The water warms up to 30 degrees, but due to strong winds and high waves to swim in it is impossible. Even in Sunny weather the coast is clogged with algae and other debris.

Fans of beach holidays should make a choice in favor of Playa del Carmen.

You can also go on vacation on the coast of Cabo San Lucas (Peninsula, CA), Campeche and Chetumal. Some tourists choose Cancun. In this part of the country the weather is less so you can enjoy the sun and warm water.

The particular weather conditions

Throughout the month in Mexico are devastating strong typhoons. The force of the wind is sometimes so great, that blows roofs of houses and power lines. Often rescuers evacuate residents, including tourists.

However, the number of rainy days in August is much less than in the previous July. According to forecasts, the rains fall rarely, and at other times be clear. Just falls 173 mm of precipitation, and they go mostly at night. Most of all, the storm affected the East coast.

specifika klimaticheskogo rezhima

High temperature and rains provoke high humidity, so on-site resorts to be not always pleasant. In the daytime on the coast of stuffy, but closer to the night becomes cool and pleasant. More tangible closeness on a favorite tourists resort – the island of Yucatan.

Distinctive features of summer vacation

The territory of Mexico is quite extensive. Because of this, it is possible to avoid bad weather by going on one of the famous and comfortable resorts.

The pros and cons

Holidays in August will not spoil even the rainy season. While the resorts of the South-East or North-West coast, you can have a great time, enjoying the clear day and warm sea.

If the rain will go, you can wait in one of the cafes or museums.

The great advantage of a vacation in Mexico in August – the low prices for tickets and hotel rooms. During this period, the cost of tours in the country reduced by about 35-40%, and this is very attractive for those who prefer to save money and have a good rest.

In regions whereraging rains, tourists annoy mosquitoes. In connection with this event at night to be on the coast rather unpleasant and sometimes even dangerous. In particular many insects near water or parks and in the mountains and other nature objects.

How to dress?

On holiday in August is to pack in a suitcase of light summer clothessuch as dresses, shirts or shorts. It is desirable that the clothes were made from natural fabrics, light colors and then the stuffiness and the heat will not be as noticeable. Do not forget about sun protection, hat and sunglasses.

On holiday will also need a swimsuit and a pareo, and for cool evenings a lightweight sweater or Cape. If you do not want to take so many things, they can be purchased in August in Mexico everywhere held sales, especially in coastal resorts.

What to do in the country this month?

chto delat v etot period?

Mexico is rich in entertainment in this country everywhere are authentic colorful festivals, carnivals and other interesting events.

Beach vacation

The major resorts of Mexico located on the Caribbean sea and the Gulf of Mexico (Pacific ocean). In August, the rest is to choose the second option, because in this part of the country weather a little calmer. But still not worth it to sail far from the shore – at this time the water is not calm.

In addition to beach tourism, vacationers enjoy various water activitieslike surfing, sailing, paragliding and water skiing. High waves in August of facilitate all those who prefer these types of extreme relaxation.

Entertainment and excursions

Hot Mexican climate in August is able to prevent the tour from visiting, but even so, tourists do not deny yourself the pleasure to explore a variety of attractions and discover the ancient history and culture of the country.

In August you can go to Mexicoto see the following sights:

  1. Basilica Of The Mother Of God;
  2. Palace of fine arts;
  3. Trotsky's House;
  4. Cathedral;
  5. the Frida Kahlo Museum;
  6. Chapultepec.

Due to the lack of humidity and pleasant weather, excursions to interesting places of Mexico will be a great atmosphere.

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Holidays and festivals

In the first half of August and throughout the month in Mexico city will be bright and unforgettable festival of wine. During this period, on the coast of the fairs are held with the pleasant opportunity to taste a legendary local drink.

Leave a lasting impression in the Afro-Caribbean festival in Veracruz. His point is that all over the city tourists are introduced to ancient culture, history and traditions of this country.

And from this video you will learn some interesting facts about Mexico: