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Weather in Moscow in August: what is the average forecast to the end of the month?

pogoda v Moskve na avgust

Weather in Moscow in August is perfectly located for visiting the city - still very warm but no longer sweltering heat.

Many people at this time are going on vacation, so the city becomes a little less crowded, but that does not mean the "dead season" in cultural life of Moscow. And in August in the Russian capital held a lot of events for every taste.

Forecast: what will be the weather in the capital in August?

kakie pogodnye usloviya budut v konce leta?

In August in Moscow usually has a very comfortable climate. Peak heat left in July, and the temperature in anticipation of autumn begins to slowly decrease.

Of course, sometimes, when exactly in August the thermometer rises highest during the summer months, but this is the exception rather the rule.

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Normal for this month the temperature

The average temperature in Moscow in the beginning of August is usually +24,2°C by day and +14,9°C at night. At the end of August, the thermometer usually rises to +17°C, and at night drops to +13°C.

It is considered the coldest August 1999, when the average temperature was only +16°C, the warmest was August, "fire", 2010, then the average temperature was +22°C.

The particular weather conditions

klimaticheskie osobennosti

Usually in August there are 19 days of sunshine and about 3 very rainy day. The length of daylight is 16 hours at the beginning of the month and 13.9 hours in the third week.

The average humidity at this time is 66%. To lose about 76 mm of precipitation, accounting for 9% of the annual norm.

Summer holidays in Moscow

To recover from their vacation in the capital of Russia in August, need to find out what advantages and disadvantages does this period.

The pros and cons

To the advantages of the weather at this time can be attributed to the heat, the abundance of flowers in the city and all sorts of vitamin-rich fresh fruit at the market.

August weather in Moscow is usually liked by everyone because it has much more pros than cons.

preimushestva i nedostatki

Of the shortcomings can be noted:

  • the sudden thunderstormthat you can get in the most unexpected place;
  • the heat in the afternoon;
  • low humidity and therefore air pollution.

How to dress?

Going to the capital in August, you can safely take with you summer clothes with short sleeves and thin fabrics. However, it should be capture and a windbreaker for walks in the evening time, and also do not forget the umbrella.

In Moscow it is accepted to wear it, perhaps all. Very open clothes are not considered a sign of promiscuity or anything in poor taste, however, when you visit museums, theaters, and especially churches still need to dress in a more restrained style.

What to do?

A variety of attractions and entertainment places of Moscow will not get bored anyone, especially in good weather.

What to see?

First of all, we need to enjoy the warm time of the year and spend more time on fresh air. For example:

  1. walk through the historic center of Moscow can be viewed as attractions from the must see, and quiet streets, has preserved the atmosphere of Moscow of yore;
  2. to go to this famous green areas of Moscow as Gorky Park, the newly opened Park Zaryadye, Alexandrovsky sad, Park Muzeon, Hermitage gardens, Sokolniki (Moscow has about 120 parks, so the choice is great);
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  4. Both children and adults will be interested in visiting theme parks (Attraction-Mania, Sokolniki, Izmailovo and others) and aquariums (Rio, Moskvarium);
  5. take a walk on the boat on the Moscow river.

If the weather or personal preferences are driving you in the room, under the roof you will find perhaps even more interesting.

The benefit of working in Moscow almost one thousand museums, the incredible number of cafes, restaurants and Nightclubs, approximately 170 theatres.

Holidays and festivals

There are a number of celebrations and festivals held in Moscow in August. Here are some of them:

  • International fireworks festival;
  • festival "Day of India";
  • Big festival of underwater photography;
  • a celebration in honor of Day of the Russian flag.

In August, Moscow especially pleases the guests the weather and the events, so August is one of the best months to travel to the capital of the Russian Federation.

See in this videowhat the weather is in Moscow in August: