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Holiday in Bali: what is the weather and fruit in July?

pogoda na Bali v iule

Bali is an incredibly beautiful and colorful resort island. Many would like to be in his space to soak up the seaside, meet the local culture and cuisine, and stroll through the popular routes. Weather in Bali in July allows you to relax on the beach or go on a fascinating tour.

Weather in July in Bali

pogodnyj prognoz v seredine leta

Due to its location, Bali attracts tourists with year-round warm weather and almost no rain.

The holiday season here lasts long enough, July is considered one of the best months for a vacation.

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The temperature of the air and water

In July in Bali established warm and dry weather. Throughout the month, tourists relax on the beaches enjoying the sun and clear skies. In the afternoon the air warms up to 26-28 degrees, which is ideal for passive recreation and for excursions on the island. Strong heat does not bother you, so visitors won't have to think about how to escape from it.

In different regions of Bali, the air temperature changing:

  • Denpasar – day +28°C;
  • Kuta – day +26°C;
  • Ubud – day +27°C;
  • Lovina – 28 degrees.

temperaturnye pokazateli

At night, the island comes to a pleasant coolness. The air cools down to 20 degrees, while in the North of Bali is a little cooler – up to 18 degrees.

The water on the coast, ideal for swimming. Its temperature is 27°C. the Beach is a favorite place to relax, thanks to the excellent weather conditions.

The particular weather conditions

July was characterized by almost full absence of rains. According to weather forecasters, for the whole month the rains come only three times.

Less precipitation is observed in the North of the island, while in the South and in the centre of the probability of loss is much higher.

Nice weather and no annoying heat in July is due to the fact that this island come refreshing breezes and normal level of humidity. Due to the lack of rain the humidity is lowered to the level of 70-75%. The content of water vapor in the air is minimal, so acclimatization is easier.

It should be noted that the wind speed in July, reaches its annual maximum. The whole month the winds are strong enough that attracts fans of surfing and Windsurfing. But whoever wishes to relax in Bali with kids, don't have to worry about high waves. On the coast there are resorts, where the winds are soft and not strong.

Summer travel

poezdka letom

July is one of the best months for the most eventful holiday in Bali. Weather conditions allow us not to worry about the temperature of the air and water and enjoy all the opportunities that the island has to offer.

The pros and cons

Holiday in Bali in July is a solid advantage. This month equally spending time on the coast, or in cafés and night clubs, out on a boat in the open ocean, to go on exciting trips.

In the middle of summer in Bali spend a lot of vivid and memorable events, so the tourists have the opportunity to get acquainted with the ancient traditions and way of life of this island and of the country itself.

The only minus of the stay – high demand for tours. Thanks to the excellent weather, tourists come here from all over the world, so prices on booking of hotels and tickets increases considerably. Not every vacationer has the desire to be on crowded beaches or stand in queues.

How to dress?

Holidays in July in Bali means beautiful weather conditionsandso tourists no need to bring a big set of clothes. To comfortably spend time in the journey should take:

  1. swimsuit or swimming trunks;
  2. headpiece;
  3. sunglasses;
  4. cream;
  5. t-shirt;
  6. dresses;
  7. shorts.


kakie frukty sozrevaut?

Bali all year round pleases the tourists with fresh and juicy fruits, and in July have the opportunity to try passion fruit, bananas and pineapples.

Fruit can be bought in the markets available in the café and get Breakfast at the hotel.

What to do this month?

Holiday in Bali provides tourists with many opportunities, giving the feeling of relaxation, serenity and fun. Because of this, it is possible to relax not only the body but the soul.

Beach vacation

Coast of Bali is considered one of the best in the Indian ocean, which is why fans of respectable guests come to rest on him, enjoying the white sand and clear water.

For tourists is available all of the most popular beaches:

  • Denpasar;
  • Kuta;
  • Ubud.

Weather allows you to swim, sunbathe, ride the crest of a wave. On the coast are private schoolswhere you can learn to surf or rent gear.


ekskursii v Goa-Lavah

If you want to get to know the history and culture of Bali, you should go on tour to the major attractionsancient temples:

  1. Besakih;
  2. Lempuyang;
  3. Goa Lawah;
  4. Uluwatu.

Very interesting promises to be a visit the Park of birds and reptiles, the monkey Forest and the rice and coffee plantations.

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The most striking and memorable holiday, Sanur is an event during which sky will launch a variety of kites. This event takes place from mid-July to end of August.

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