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Holidays in the Maldives: what is the weather like in July?

pogoda na Maldivah v iule

The Maldives is an ideal resort for a relaxing break. This tourist "Paradise" like to visit the newlyweds in their honeymoonand also lovers of luxury and privacy. The local coastline is covered with white sand and palm trees, and it is washed by azure waters of the ocean.

But there is on the Islands a period when you can bug the rains. Weather in the Maldives in July just apply to low season, but do not despair.

What is the weather like in July in the Maldives?

pogodnye usloviya v nachale leta

May-June in South-East Asia is considered the beginning of the low season , the period when the tropical rains and strong winds hinder travelers rest.

Maldives weather conditions, typical for the rainy season, do not always interfere with the tourists.

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The temperature of the air and water

In July, on the territory of the Maldives is kept hot and humid weather. High temperature readings at the beginning of the month rise to the level of +28 degrees in the end up to 31 degrees. The day there is hot weather, and at night the temperature drops a few degrees – +24°C.

The water temperature is +28-29°C, but it is hardly refreshing, since neither rain nor wind will not help.

temperaturnye pokazateli

Despite the fact that the Maldives is an Atoll, consisting of several Islands, the air temperature and water on them is the same. In General, temperature is kept at around 30-32°C on the Islands:

  • Male;
  • Addu;
  • Ari;
  • BAA;
  • RAA;
  • Siino;
  • Haa Alifu;
  • Maafushi.

If not for high humidity and tropical rains, the weather would seem fabulous to stay.

The specifics of the weather conditions

Despite the high temperatures, the weather in the Maldives in July will not appeal to every tourist. During this period, all the Islands are dominated by the monsoons, and with them on the coast comes a strong wind, lifting high the waves, and storms. In some places the wind reached 7 m/s. Only surfers will be able to enjoy this moment.

klimaticheskie osobennosti

Tropical rain – another reason can spoil the holiday in the Maldives. However, it should be noted that in July the rains are not so active.

In the first half of the month cloudy weather and high humidity is very noticeable, but it rains mostly in the afternoon and at night. Since July 15, the storm almost does not interfere with the rest, because of the rough sea and strong wind almost absent, as well as rain.

Especially the flight home

Despite tropical rains and the excitement of the ocean, tourists continue to visit the island because the Maldives is full of romance and entertainment even at this time.

Where better to relax?

The most ideal option for a holiday in the Maldives in bad weather to find resorts or beaches hidden in the coves:

  1. Dhonakulhi;
  2. Kurumba;
  3. Paradise.

Due to the abundance of vegetation, the coast is protected from strong winds and high waves that will spend their time swimming or sunbathing.

If you want to minimize the chances of a spoiled vacation, it is better to go East or North of the country. The monsoon here is much less noticeable, and the rains can ruin a trip.

According to reviews, the showers are short. They are almost always after lunch or at night.

If you want to spend a holiday in the middle of the summer in the Maldives, it is best to get to the resort in the second half of the month. For this fit any island, except malé and Haa Alif. Onthe main island there is a strong wind, and on Haa Alifu the number of rainy days not 12, like everywhere else, and 14.

kuda luchshe poehat?

Fans of surfing will love the water activities in male'. On this island, the high waves of the Indian ocean attracts lovers of extreme sports.

How to dress?

Even despite the cloudy weather and rain, tourists are advised in the first place, to take with you on vacation clothing that protects from the sun – summer clothes with long sleeves. The sun in July breaks through the clouds, burning your skin. It's also best to take only light clothes from natural fabrics.

On vacation in July will come in handy head piece, sunglasses, and comfortable shoes. Umbrellas and raincoats will not be useful, since the rains come "the wall", starting suddenly and ending.

What to do this month?

The Maldives attract tourists the fabulous scenery, the opportunity to spend your holiday in seclusion in the hotels "all inclusive". Even a small number of rainy days and the wind can ruin a trip.

Beach vacation

Tourists who decided to visit the Maldives during the low season, you can get to rest on one of the many resort Islands. Each of them offers excellent conditions for an unforgettable stay, and to escape from strong winds and bad weather, it is best to visit the North or East of the country.

For a relaxed holiday suitable beaches of the following hotels:

  • Naladhu;
  • The Banyan Tree;
  • San Island;
  • Nika.

otdyh na poberezhe

These sandy beaches occupy the first place in the rating "best" and their sandy coastline is characterized by a variety of tropical vegetation, coral reefs and marine life.

If you're lucky with the weather and on the street the sun will Shine, you can go divingto explore the fascinating underwater world of the Indian ocean.

In General, the Maldives has about 200 beaches and they are clean and beauty. For this reason, all vacationers want to visit them to enjoy the coral reefs, blue lagoons, easy access to the ocean.

In the tourist season for visitors to the island have a variety of entertainment, from exciting boat trips through the Islands to explore the underwater world of the Atoll.

Excursions and entertainment

The Maldives are not only excellent beaches, but also a great opportunity to visit interesting places. During the tour you can see the real treasure of this region – the inhabitants of coral reefs – crabs, turtles, rays and sharks. In this part of the Indian ocean are in demand fishing on a boat in the middle of the water.

ekskursionnye i razvlekatelnye programmy

Maldivian is to visit the following excursions:

  1. walk around the capital island malé – the smallest capital of the world;
  2. excursions by seaplane – an ideal walk for those who want to see everything;
  3. boat trips around the uninhabited Islands and diving;
  4. night visit to glowing beach – one of the most unusual places of the world, illuminated by many lights.

In addition, a very popular boat trips with glass bottom. This trip allows you to see how beautiful the underwater world of the Indian ocean and the Maldives. In this part, found charming, colourful fish that will especially appeal to young children.

Holidays and festivals

The Maldives is full of bright colors and fun. On the Islands all year round there are many events that could even more decorate summer vacation.

For the whole month on the coast are fairs and festivals – colorful events, during which you can get acquainted with the customs of the natives, and also to try local dishes and fresh fruits: bananas, coconuts, mango, papaya, and others.

Some fruits grow only in this region, so this event will be memorable.

At the end of July in the Maldives celebrate an important national holiday – Independence Day. In 1965, this small country, according to the agreement, became independent from the UK.

See in this video, what is the weather in the Maldives in the summer: