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What is the weather and holidays in Sri Lanka in July - a trip to Unawatuna

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Sri Lanka – island with a stunning coastline, magnificent nature and great variety of entertainment. On its territory lasts all year round beautiful climate, and rich history and culture of the country will not get bored even for a minute. And yet it is believed that Sri Lanka in July - not the most popular destination.

What is the weather like in July in Sri Lanka?

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July is usually one of the months wrong for the tourist season. But despite this, travelers continue to visit the island to have a great time.

The temperature of the air and water

It should be noted that throughout the month is the same temperature of air and water, but the weather conditions in different parts of Sri Lanka in July mixed.

While one part of the Islands a high temperature forced tourists to flee at hotels in another part of the mountain range hinders wind and rain.

The most favorable weather conditions observed in the East and North of Sri Lanka. In the afternoon the air temperature reaches 28 degrees, water 26 degrees. The highest temperatures in the resorts:

  • Balapitiya;
  • Batticaloa;
  • Trincomalee.

The slightly higher temperature observed in the center of the country. In July at resorts such as Galle and Colombo in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +30 degrees, and at night cooled to +25°C. In Kandy, the nights a little cooler – up to +21°C. Tourists should not be under direct sunlight between 12 to 16 hours to avoid burns.

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The hottest weather conditions at the resort Anuradhapura. In this part of Sri Lanka in July day the thermometer rises to +34°C. the nights are cool almost not felt – the air temperature is +28°C. the sea Water in this part of the island warms up to +28 degrees.

High rates of temperature observed in other resorts of Sri Lanka:

  1. Wadduwa – day +30°C, at night 26°C, water 27°C;
  2. Mount Lavinia – day +30°C, at night +24°C, water 27°C;
  3. Kalutara – day +30°C, at night 26°C, water 26°C;
  4. Negombo – day +30°C, at night 26°C, water +27°C.

A year-round opportunity to go on vacation and swim features a resort on the southern Sri Lanka – Unawatuna. Despite the rainy season, in July, where you can relax. The air temperature in the daytime reaches 28 degrees, the water in the sea +26°C, and at night is 24 degrees.

The particular weather conditions

July in Sri Lanka is considered one of the months of the low season. In this period there is the height of the monsoon, when the island is filled short, but fairly heavy rains and strong winds.

The wind is so hot that it does not refreshes and doesn't save from the heat.

Other conditions observed on the coast of Unawatuna. This area is closed from the wind and rain high mountains, so there are no high waves, the beaches are clean, like the water in the sea.

On other beaches in the South of Sri Lanka is not recommended to swim, especially if the guests have children. The high waves and undertow is dangerous for swimming. But this event very happy surfers, who specially travel to this part of the country to "ride" the wave.

A trip to the island in summer vacation

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Rain and wind in July at the resorts of Sri Lanka is not a hindrance for a busy traveling around the country. Here available exciting trips, beautiful coast and a lot of fun and delicious food.

Where better to go?

Planning a vacation in July, you should choose the resorts located on thethe North-East of Sri Lanka. Here the weather is mostly dry and clear, and the rains do not cause inconvenience. If they begin, they last no more than 10-15 minutes, and half an hour from them no trace remains.

The only disadvantage of the Northern and Eastern resorts is considered the fact that the coast is not much hotels and pretty poorly developed infrastructure.

Excellent conditions were observed in Unawatuna. In this part of the island resort is beautiful, with a large selection of various hotels, wild and public beaches and entertainment. In this part of the island has a variety of cultural and historical monuments, natural beauty, as well as cafes and restaurants with local cuisine.

How to dress?

On vacation useful lightweight summer clothing with long sleeves. This will allow you to comfortably stay on the coast, or explore the attractions of the country.

Not too much in the suitcase will be: hat, sunglasses, swimsuit and comfortable shoes. Such attributes will allow you to spend time on holiday.

What to do this month?

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Summer Sri Lanka offers a memorable stay. Fans of beach tourism will find many lovely beaches, and outdoor enthusiasts will be delighted by the entertainment.

Beach vacation

Going to the North or East of the country, tourists choose to stay the beaches of Trincomalee and Nilaveli. The weather is mostly clear and dry, the ocean is calm, the humidity is only 60-75%. In this part of the country it is recommended to families with children. Trincomalee can be enjoyed at the legendary Coral Islands, or visit the Pigeon island.

Fans of surfing can get to the beach of Arugam Bay, and fans of scenic views on the most beautiful beach on the East coast – Passcode. This coastline is so beautiful that not inferior to the Maldives. Its territory is decorated with fine sand, charming scenery and the aquamarine expanse of the ocean.

What to see?

In July, Sri Lanka has many attractions. Because landslides are not expected, tourists can head inland to explore the wonderful nature and the unique monuments.

The most striking and well-known place – Adam's Peak – slope, allowing you to make an incredibly exciting climbing. Those who master this way, on top of expecting a romantic view of the sunrise.

Among historical monuments worth seeing:

  • lighthouse in Dondra – extreme point in the South of Sri Lanka;
  • Polonnaruwa archaeological Park, which became the property of the country;
  • Dagoba Kalutara Vihara – a monumental building on the South Bank;
  • the temple of the Tooth relic – a legendary place, which attracts millions of pilgrims;
  • Sigiriya — an ancient Palace complex;
  • Dambulla is a complex of temples, where in old times lived the kings and monks.

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History of Sri Lanka includes about 2.5 thousand years, so in this country you can discover many unique and interesting places and ancient sites.

Definitely worth a visit the tea capital of Kandy, to explore the diversity of varieties of the drink. Lankan blend is popular all over the world. The tourists have the opportunity during the holidays to enjoy the best sorts, and to see how the tea ceremony in the tradition of Sri Lanka.

Holidays and festivals

In July, on the territory of Sri Lanka hosts many interesting events, among them particularly attractive is various religious activities.

The most magnificent holiday – Esala Perahera is a celebration organized in Kandy. During the feast on the street in a special chest are carrying the genuine value of the Buddhists – the tooth of Buddha.

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