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Rest in Adler: what is the weather and the sea temperature at the beginning of July?

pogoda v Adlere v iule

Adler is one of the most popular beach resorts. Its coast is washed by the warm waters of the Black sea, and the climate and pleasant weather is ideal for youth and for families. Summer is the most popular time for vacations on the Black sea, so the weather in Adler in July will not get bored.

What is the weather like in July in Adler?

pogodnye usloviya v seredine leta

In the peak summer season the resort of Adler is particularly pleasing its guests with a warm and clear days, warm sea and lots of fun.

The temperature of water and air

Throughout July in Adler's day , the average temperature of the air is +28-30°C, and these figures are the highest for the whole year.

Summer is here in full swing, as evidenced by the abundance of Sunny and warm days, so all the Sochi coast, this area is considered the leader in the number of hours of sunshine.

If at the beginning of July on the coast the thermometer reaches +27-28 day, then by the middle the temperature rises to +30 and lasts until the end of the month. Especially hot between 11 am and 16 hours. In such moments it is better to refrain from visiting the beaches.

The water in the Black sea ideal for swimming – its temperature is 23-24 degrees. In early morning tourists fill the seaside to sunbathe and swim in one of the warmest seas on the planet.

At night it becomes cool and pleasant, as the temperature cools down to +18°C. At such moments, quays and cafes are filled with tourists who decided to arrange a walk by the sea.

The particular weather conditions

klimaticheskie osobennosti

It should be noted that July is usually the driest month. The number of Sunny days – 29, and the rain is only 1-2 days. It is noticeably refreshes, but after 10 minutes no trace remains.

The wind in July doesn't bother tourists, so don't have to worry about the high waves of the sea. Gusts reach 2 m/s, and they blow predominantly from the West.

Such conditions are ideal for guests in Adler with children, as gently sloping entrance to the sea and calm sea allows more time to spend in the water.

Hot vacation at the Sochi coast

The middle of summer – high season in Sochi, like many resorts of the Krasnodar territory. This is due to high temperature performance, and with ideal conditions for a beach holiday.

Should I go to Adler?

Planning to relax on the coast, many tourists make a choice in favor of Adler. Climate and weather of this resort is perfectly suitable for both active and passive tourism. Day / night clock to be on the streets very comfortably and acclimatization is much easier than in other places.

nuzhno li ehat v Adlerskij rajon?

Vacation in Adler can bring a lot of advantages:

  • warm weather;
  • the lack of rain;
  • plenty of entertainment;
  • a variety of hotels.

It is worth noting that this resort often choose families with children, as in Adler with some of the cleanest beaches, comfortable descent into the water and a variety of attractions.

The only negative that can stop tourists in the peak summer season the beaches and the hotels Adler crowded, which is not always the perfect escape.

To find a place on the coast at lunchtime is becoming quite difficult, and the cost of tours in this region increases by 10% compared to may. However, the abundance of the busiest entertainment and interesting excursions to fully compensate thismoment.

How to dress?

For a summer vacation in Adler is useful only summer clothes:

  1. swimsuit;
  2. t-shirt;
  3. skirt;
  4. shorts;
  5. lightweight ventilated shoes.

Do not forget about the scorching rays of the sun, so you should bring a hat, sunglasses and cream.

What to do this month?

Due to the fact that Adler is one of the oldest resorts of Krasnodar Kraion the coast will have everything to not be bored for a minute.

Beach vacation

All the fun in July is happening on the coast . The abundance of warm Sunny days allows for a lot of time on the beaches. The sea presents traditional entertainment is banana boating, tablet, and cruise with the opportunity to observe the dolphins.

plyazhnye territorii

In the Adler district of Sochi mostly pebble beaches, but it has its advantages. No sand is convenient that the water remains clean and clear. If you want, here you can find not less beautiful sandy beaches, but they are not always suitable for recreation. For sandy coast tourists travel to Anapa.

The most popular beaches of Adler:

  • Central – coast covered with shingle, and the bottom goes down smoothly;
  • Light – beach with area for children's entertainment;
  • Seagull – well-equipped long beach with wooden flooring;
  • the beaches – beach with rental sun beds and water sports.

Many of the hotels Adler have a private equipped a piece of a pebble coast, designed for guests. But for a small fee and tourists can get to them.

Excursions and entertainment

High temperature in July is hardly have to get acquainted with interesting places. But this moment fully kompensiruet an abundance of amenities.

Entertainment particularly popular are those that take place in nature, Hiking to waterfalls, lakes, mountain peaks and wild rivers.

Among other activities available to tourists:

  1. rafting;
  2. canyoning;
  3. jeeping;
  4. bungee jumping.

If on vacation have small children, they'll love the Dolphin, monkey nursery and the ostrich farm. Very interesting is going to be the water Park "amfibius".

Holidays and festivals

In July, on the territory of Adler spend a lot of festivals and exhibitions. Here arrive with concerts of popular stars. So, for example, on July 8, celebrated the national family day with a lot of cultural events. The second Sunday of the month is the Day of the fisherman. At this time there are competitions in sport fishing.

See in this videowhat the weather is waiting for you in Adler in July: