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Anapa: rest, weather, water temperature in the sea and which fruits in July?

pogoda v Anape v iule

Anapa – loved by many travelers beach resort, a business card of which are sandy beaches, plenty of entertainment and fun for adults and children, as well as lots of choices of excursions. Weather in Anapa in July will allow you to fully enjoy all the marvels of one of the most popular resorts.

What is the weather like in July in Anapa?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v seredine leta?

July is one of the best months for a long vacation in Anapa, since the high temperature and lack of rainfall allows tourists to stay on the coast as much as possible.

Forecast: air temperature and what is the sea?

Weather conditions in Anapa begin to delight tourists at the beginning of the month. To 20-th of the air warms up to around +23-25 degrees. Later on the coast come hot dayswhen the thermometer reaches 30 degrees.

When this grows and the water temperature at the beginning of the month is fixed at +24°C, and in the end - +28°C.

It is worth noting that although July and is considered one of the most heated of the year but stay at the resort will not be burdened by the grueling heat and high humidity. Heat and high temperature is characteristic only for August, and in July, the tourists have the opportunity to fully enjoy active and passive recreation.

The particular weather conditions

klimaticheskie osobennosti

As noted by tourists, the rains are characteristic only for the first half of July. In the second part of it pleases the sun warm rays, allowing you to sunbathe and swim, and also enjoy excursions deep into the resort.

Warm but refreshing wind blowing on the West side at a speed of 3 m/s. Due to such indicators, on the sea created ideal conditions – warm water and no waves. For children, this month may prove to be one of the best periods for rest and recovery.

Many wondered whether the flowering of the Black sea in July. This usually occurs from mid - August, but there are years when it falls on the July flowering of the sea, which is formed mainly on sandy beaches due to the shallow depth at the coast. This phenomenon is not like all travelers, so it is better to go to the pebble beaches in Anapa, too, abound.

The delights of long-awaited vacation - photos

The ideal temperature of water and air allows tourists to enjoy a holiday in July without worrying about weather conditions.

Advantages and disadvantages

Anapa in July is definitely worth a visit, as the summer season is the excellent period for the tour.

During your stay at the black sea coast you can get pleasure from as beach tourism, and a variety of modern rides, visits to interesting places and outdoor activities.

In the same period, there are different Wellness programs aimed at treatment and prevention of disease.

plusy i minusy

Only two minor fact can overshadow the rest in Anapa – high prices for tickets and a large number of people. In the hours of maximum activity is sometimes impossible to find a place on the beach. And even at night it is quite noisy without the ability to relax in peace or to retire.

How to dress?

Resting in Anapa in July is, first and foremost, take along sunscreen:

  • glasses;
  • light headgear;
  • cream.

The rest of the time will be useful for light clothingsuch as skirt, shorts or t-shirts. Do not forget about comfortable shoes – weather allows you to be not only on the coast, but also to goon the tour. For a beach holiday suitable swimsuit and pareo.

Which fruits ripen?

In July in Anapa, available in strawberry, which is grown on private plots or in ecologically clean areas. This nice feature will please parents with children, because such products will be as safe as possible for young tourists.

What to do this month?

Anapa is first of all, excellent public and wild beaches that allow all the tourists to relax on the soft sand to sunbathe, swim and have fun riding the water rides. But outside the coast there are other interesting events, thanks to which the stay will be eventful.

Beach vacation

plyazhnyj otdyh v Zolotoj buhte

Going to Anapa, tourists get the opportunity to relax on the public beaches and to visit the beach, which rent and equip hotels and resorts for their guests.

Regardless of the choice, the local beach will appreciate the well-developed infrastructure and a clean and gently sloping descent.

The most popular beaches of Anapa in July:

  1. Dzhemete – all tourists definitely recommend this beach as there are available tents, chairs, cabanas, there are lifeguards and medical center;
  2. Big Outrig beach is a pebble beach with equipped infrastructure, crystal clear water and enchanting scene;
  3. Golden Bay is a popular piece of the coast, the impressive infrastructure: cafe, water sports, lifeguards and first aid posts;
  4. High coast – clean and well maintained beach in the Bay under the high cliffs.

In addition, the most famous beaches, with a spacious area and all of the most important conditions for a rest – Central, Vityazevo, as well as a very well-maintained Small Bay.

The only minus any sandy beach – a little muddy water off the coast. But even this feature does not prevent tourists enjoy spending time on vacation.

Excursions and entertainment

Anapa is a storehouse of fun, interesting places and interesting trips, allowing tourists a closer and more exciting to get acquainted with ancient history and culture of Krasnodar region.

If there are plans to spend time on the coast, you should choose a beach where the resort has all the most current water fun. Tourists get the opportunity to ride on the "banana" and "tablets", to go on long walks through the Black sea with the aim to feed the dolphins or visit other parts of the coast.

razvlecheniya v akvaparke

On the shore of Anapa are:

  • Utrishskiy Dolphinarium;
  • water Park "Golden beach".

Such entertainment especially perfect for those who go on vacation with kids and wants kids enjoyed this trip.

Tour of Anapa and the outskirts of the resort will be interesting if you could explore the dolmens – the mysterious buildings.

No less interesting natural attractions of the region, the waterfalls and the bustling river and the mountain slopes, and even volcanoes. Tourists prefer to travel in Abrau-Dyurso, sukkah and on the Taman Peninsula.

Holidays and festivals

The main events in Anapa in July:

  1. the wine festival;
  2. honey festival.

During these events visitors have the opportunity to taste the products of local companies. Also in the summer the resort is visited by pop stars giving concerts in the House of Culture.

Watch this video, you will be able to have an idea about the weather in Anapa in July: