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Bulgaria in June: water temperature in the sea and the weather in Sunny beach

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Bulgariaa great place to stay. Especially worth to visit it in early summer. Although June is the most abundant in the rainy month, but the weather is mostly warm and Sunny, with clear skies and comfortable temperature.

And although at the beginning of summer at all the resorts of Bulgaria are the frequent rains, this does not affect the good mood left the travelers. The rains are very short, the clouds appear suddenly, but also disappear.

Climatic characteristics of the rest at this time

A large number of Sunny, warm days in the 2nd half of the first summer month. The air temperature during this period is +24-28 degrees.

Usually the beginning of June colder and every day there is a gradual increase in temperature to maximum values that will appear in July.

The water from the beginning of the summer and twenty degrees, and by the end of June warms up to + 23. June in Bulgaria is not hot, and this is a big plus. After all, in the middle of summer are observed , sometimes excessively hot days, which felt comfortable only on the beach when you can periodically dip into the water and cool off.

At this time, the greens lush and bright as in spring, increased humidity, and mild freshness, this is all very impressed by the vacationers. Particularly appreciated by tourists warm cloudless days and full of light and pleasant cool of the evening.

The warm days of resorts of the country

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At this time weather conditions in different climatic zones of the country are different from each other. A special microclimate is celebrated in the mainland and subtropical zones, it is created due to the influence of the seas: Mediterranean and black.

At this time on the beach not hot, although the sun is very active, but the breeze blew over the coast, slightly lowers the temperature. When going to the beach you need to bring sunscreen, as this can scorch in the sun.

In Varna in June there are empty seats in hotels, the air temperature at the resort at this time + 23-24 degrees.

Resort in Burgas, protected by the mountains is much more comfortable for vacationers, as there the temperature is above, and warming up the sea more, so it is possible to swim almost every day.

But Alpine resorts a little cooler at this time, where the temperature is below five degrees than on the coasts.

Sunny beach

This resort belongs to the southern coast of the country and is close to Burgas. It is not difficult to understand the South – the warmer. Accordingly, here the summer comes a little earlier.

The average temperature is +25-28 degrees. Water from the middle of the month continues to remain at 24 degrees, that is, to be more than comfortable for swimming.

Weather in Bulgaria Sunny beach resort, June 2015:

Golden Sands

Although many do not notice significant differences between the North and South coast, in fact some difference still exists. Of course, when the temperature of the air and water is stable above 20 degrees, the differences in 1-2 degrees is not particularly felt.

However, on the North coast and the Northern resorts such as Golden Sands, warmer later in comparison with the South.

In the beginning of the month there is about +20, and in the middle, when in the South, around +25, then the air temperature is around 23 degrees. Until about the middle of the summer on the Golden Sands colder by 1-2 degrees compared with the southern resorts.

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What to do in the vacation?

In Bulgaria many interesting historical attractionsthat should be visited. For example, in Nessebar preserved beautiful Church, and the whole city very interesting to visit.

Children always have the opportunity to go to the Dolphinarium in Varna or visit any of the parks, which are many around the coast. In Balchik is the Palace of the Romanian Queen and a spacious Botanical garden, where many interesting plants.

This attraction is interesting to visitwith a guided tour, which takes at least half a day.

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The Jun interesting opportunity to find economical accommodation options. Although the swimming period has started and the heat in the country, tourism is not so intensive and many hotels still offer discounts. So you can consider opportunity to stay in luxury resorts and not to overpay as required in July and August.

In addition, please not filled beaches, where almost all of June (at least until mid-month) is quite spacious and you can relax without annoying sellers of all kinds of consumer goods.

By the way, tourists are not many and varied attractions. So, if you want to get to know Bulgaria in terms of culture and make a rich excursion program, June is the best option.

Summer in Bulgaria can be from a number of festivalsthat are a must visit. In Strandja nature Park – festival fiery dance, it is possible to watch dancing on hot coals. A large number of music festivals of different directions are opened in such cities as: Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv and the village of Mandara.

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Cultural program in Bulgaria are always very busy, any vacationer can find culturebridge like.