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Rest in Gelendzhik in June: what is the weather, temperature of air and water in the sea?

pogoda v Gelendzhike v iune

It's time to think about a vacation. In times of crisis, together with the family of the sea can swipe at the already thinning wallet. However, a good vacation without having to travel abroad, thus saving on visas and passports your money, time and nerves. One of the excellent choices of domestic tourism is the city of Gelendzhik.

The temperature of the air and water from the beginning and at the end of the month

In June in Noumea starts active swimming season.

At this time, set a comfortable temperature of air and water in the Black sea. The first two decades of the month are accompanied by rains and thunderstorms, but the third will give a lot of sun and heat.

By the way, the weather in June in Noumea is very nice. Day the average temperature is +24 °C, night falls to +15 °C. to the Stifling heat, not even when it rains, the air is almost hot. The differences are small, only 1-2 degrees.

temperatura vozduha i vody v Gelendzhike v iune

Summer here will start with a +21...+23 °C day and +15...+18 °C at night. In clear weather the temperature may rise by 3-4 degrees. The second decade of June in the daytime will become warmer: +23...+26 °C Night temperature will remain at the same level. After about the 20 th of come to town this summer. The air begins to warm up to +26...+29 °C during the day and +18...+20 °C at night.

Water temperature in June is quite stable and amounts to +20...+22 °C. the Black sea is noticeably warmer, as a rule, only at the end of the month. So, in the last decade, forecasters predict up to +25 °C.

Summer euphoria pleasure

Range of entertainment in Gelendzhik comprehensive.

For those who like just to lie down with a book on a sun lounger, there are nearly one hundred and fifty beaches. Almost all of them are pebbly. The sandy little and they are small. The only exception is the Central city of sandy beach, the longest and most popular among tourists.

Equipped and landscaped areas near water, usually located near boarding houses and rest homes, which on the coast are countless. For the most part you can use them for free. Take the money only for equipment rental and visits to attractions.

A lot of people prefer the wild beaches. They are also a huge amount. Lovers sunbathe without clothes waiting for naturist sites.

Vacation with children in June can be carried out not only on a Large resort, but also in its surrounding villages, which are its reduced copy.

otdyh v Gelendzhike v eto vremya

Blue Bay is located near the city in the North of Thin Cape, where the mountain range stretches Toapat. This resort is ideal for family holidays, as here you can stay in a cozy Guesthouse where you will feel comfortable and parents and children.

If you get tired of passive recreation, Gelendzhik is ready to provide a lot of entertainment. Among them, water parks, Dolphinarium, aquarium, diving, horseback riding, parks and special places like the factory of sparkling wines.

We should also mention the growing popularity of extreme fun: jeeping (a journey in the domestic SUV with obstacles) and a trip to the mountains on the APC.

Fans of excursions can go to the Lotus Taman – a unique program for those who appreciate natural beauty. More and more people want to visit the Dolmens – ancient buildings, which attract archaeologists and people interested in the esoteric.

All this and much more is available to campers throughout the summer. But some events are held only in June:

  • the holiday season kicks off with the famous Gelendzhik carnival, which takes place in the first weekend of the month. This is a great show with costumed performances, dances, contests and incredible fireworks.
  • letnie razvlecheniya na otdyhe

  • in addition, in the early summer takes place the traditional festival "December evenings".
  • all-Russian festival-contest of children literary creativity "Children and books".


Despite possible problems with the weather in June, many tourists prefer to go to Noumea this month. At least because of the influx of tourists is still small and the number of activities and beaches are already available. Find something for everyone caneach.

Important fact: in June, the local population has not tired of the huge flow of tourists, which means visitors will be the most genuine concern and smiles.

Morning in Gelendzhik on the beach - what is it? Watch the following video: