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Holiday in Italy in June: the weather, the water temperature in the sea, where better to relax?

pogoda v iune v Italii

June in Italy is one of the most pleasant months for a vacation. Summer at the very beginning, no debilitating heat, so you can successfully combine a beach holiday with trips around the country, excursions, participation in holidays, festivals.

The temperature of the air and water from the beginning and at the end of the month

temperatura vozduha i vody v iune

In the first days of June in Italy is set beautiful summer weather. If you can't tolerate the heat, the best conditions and is not necessary: the average temperature during the day is still 24 degrees, at night – 14. Gradually lifting these figures to the end of the month reached a daily level of 28 – 30 degrees and a night – 17.

Sea, at first a bit cool (19 – 20C), by the middle of the month warmed up to 25 degrees in the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic seas. To sunbathe, to swim is a pleasure. And since extreme heat yet, there is no need to hide out in air-conditioned room.

Rain in June is a rarity, besides if they do go short, and the tracks from their "stay" disappear before our eyes.

However, the humidity in the atmosphere day by day growing: the hotter it gets, the higher the rate of humidity. However, in June it reaches critical levels and is in a reasonable range that does not cause travelers discomfort.

Weather in Italy in June, see the following video:

Temperature in June in different regions of the country are pretty close. A little colder in mountain areas. In the North (Genoa and Venice) daily temperature is 25 degrees, at night – about 15. The temperature of the sea on the Northern coast – 23 degrees. In the center of the country, including in the capital, warmer: 28 – day, 18 – night. The South, of course, out of competition: 30 degrees during the day and 22 at night. No wind, no rain. What could be better?

Features guests at this time

June holidays in Italy – a kind of opening of the beach season for local travel agencies. Given the fact that the sea warmed up to the point where he did not want to get to shore, there was sure that not only the sea was responsible for the attractiveness of leisure. There are many cultural programs, visiting interesting monuments of history and culture, shrines of global significance.

A variety of Wellness programs help tourists gain strength after seasons of cold and rains at home: in the resorts of Italy – the tempting offers a variety of SPA treatments. For them it is not necessary to travel to distant lands – everything is conveniently in walking distance.

otdyh v Italii v iune

Great pleasure delivers June's kitchen – it is so fresh, vitamins, a national "highlights" that after the spring beriberi visitors quickly begin to feel inflow of forces and health.

Of the natural features typical of the Jun, celebrate a fairly high humidity. Booking a room at the resort, it is advisable to ask in advance if it has air conditioning. This is a very important condition for a healthy rest and sleep.

Where better to rest on the sea?

Italy offers tourists a wide range of possibilities. The length of the sea coast of the country is seven and a half thousand kilometers. They are five thousands of beaches - sandy, well-equipped, always tidy, with an extensive infrastructure for a comfortable stay.

As difficult as it is to choose, to solve this problem, analyzing the state of the sea in different regions of the country and selecting the resort where you will feel most comfortable.

gde luchshe otdyhat na more v Italii v iunu?

Near the Islands of Sicily and Sardinia, Mediterranean sea by the beginning of the first summer month is warmed up to 20 degrees. In the air at this time – 28 degrees. Of course, you can count on a nice beach vacation and a nice tan. By mid-June, the water in the sea warms up to 22 degrees.

OnThe Adriatic resorts , the sea temperature is around 20 degrees, but the air a little cooler, although also quite comfortable 25 degrees. However, there falls on June 9 rainy days.

The coolest spot on the Ligurian coast. But the sea is as warm as in the Adriatic, and the air temperature is 24 degree.

27 – 28 degree show thermometers in the South of mainland Italy, in Bari and in Naples Bay. The sea at the beginning of the first summer month shows the temperature at 20 – 21 degrees. In addition, there is almost no rain.

Excursions, holidays, festivals

Tourists coming to Italy in June, usually combine a beach holiday with other pleasant and useful activities. In the first month of summer is already possible to actively engage in various water sports. For example, fans of the diving God himself commanded to go to the area of Taormina. There, under the water – the real coral gardens, amazing beauty and the huge variety of fish and other representatives of underwater fauna.

Other alluring to divers places in the Islands of Giglio and Elba. The water is crystal clear, visibility is perfect and the underwater world gives the impression of a Kingdom in which "no foot of man".

And the fun of the June sun and sea get windsurfers and kiters (they ride on special designs that are drawn through the water kite). Particularly well these water sports are cultivated in the Tyrrhenian sea, near the island of Sicily.

chem zanyatsya na otdyhe v iune: ekskursii, prazdniki, festivali

If you come to Italy for bright impressions, June is the month when you are a hundred percent follow the planned program. The fact that the country at that time still no huge influx of tourists, and hence the crowds on the most interesting from the point of view of curious travelers objects.

And how many of the original holidays falls on June! Many of them involve celebrating the beginning of the month Republic Day: parades, fireworks, beauty indescribable.

Milan invites you to the "Festa del Naviglio" (multi-genre festival), Verona for the opening Opera of the festival (it will last until the end of the summer), Tuscany – international festival of ceramics. Florence will be able to witness jousting tournaments, and in lake Como (near Milan) will be a parade of decorated ships.

Vacation with children

The best place for vacation with kids in June called the resorts of Emilia Romagna. It is North-East of Italy, the Adriatic. The sea near the beaches are small, and the infrastructure of the resorts is perfectly ready to receive young guests. There are sports facilities (playgrounds for mini-Golf, soccer fields, courts), restaurants and cafes – a menu that will appeal to your children.

Of the fittest for children isolated resorts, Cesenatico, Milano Marittima, and also Cattolica and Riccione.

otdyh v Italii s detmi

If the parents opt for holidays in June Rimini, they certainly show their children the "Italy in miniature". This is an unusual Park, where boys and girls can feel yourself a Gulliver in lilliput: all the houses and sights of the Park at the height do not exceed the child's growth. Water Park "Aquafan" (near Rimini) also will give the children great pleasure.

And during the holidays on Garda guys will get acquainted with the Terminator and will take part in different entertaining rides. Parents will be happy that their child is breathing at the resort with fresh, pure mountain air.

Weather "painting" in Rimini and other popular resorts of the country

About one of the most popular Italian resorts say: "All roads lead to Rimini". That's the kind of weather awaits tourists here in the first month of summer:

  • day – at 26.3 degrees (that's average);
  • night – 16,6;
  • the water in the beach area of 22.9;
  • rainy days – 3;
  • daylength of 15.5.

If you want to go to San Remo, there in June: 23,3 – day; 13,8 – night; the water temperature 21,4; four rainy days.

On the Elbe: a 24 – day; 20,6 – night; sea – 22,2; one rainy day.

Memo vacationer

pamyatka dlya otdyhaushego v Italii v iune

The June sun had gained sufficient power to provide you not only great tan, but burns, if you ignore the caution. Even during the trips do not forget about the headdress, a Cape on the shoulders, and sunglasses.

On the beach use special creams to protect your skin from unpleasant surprises.

And even about beach vacation in Italyneed to know the following:

  • if beach municipal, it is impossible to be from one o'clock until five in the morning, otherwise fine;
  • Topless can only sunbathe, but not to wander around the beach;
  • it is impossible to dry wet clothes on the sun beds and umbrellas;
  • five metres from the beach at the edge of the sea - a place to relax.

In June, the sun is the most dangerous from noon to 16 hours. This is a good time to spend in the shade. And in the evening you feel comfortable (June evening a little cool), don't forget to pack in the suitcase before the trip, a light jacket, jeans, sweater.