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What Crimea in June: weather, temperature of water, fruit, rest on the warm sea

pogoda v Krymu v iune

Rest in Crimea has several indisputable advantages. It is a carefree beach relaxation, beautiful, pleasing to the eye scenery, friendly welcoming locals. And, of course, reasonable prices for hotels and meals.

But what time to choose in order to go on this fertile land in order to experience all the delights of the Crimean vacation?

Seasoned travelers recommend: Jun. But with some reservations. Because the weather in this period to some it may seem like the height of dreams, and people nedotyagivaet to the true "hot" summer vacation.

The temperature of the air and water at this time

temperatura vozduha i vody na poluostrove


If you are planning to go to the Peninsula in the first half of the month, don't expect the weather summer-warm days. At this time, the weather is just getting ready to give tourists the opportunity to enjoy the temperature "peaks", which allows the heart and swim, and sunbathe.

Of course, weather conditions will be quite comfortable, but to feel the true heat of the Crimean unlikely to succeed.

The average air temperature is kept during this period, at around + 20° C (plus or minus a few degrees). Evening and night - much cooler than during the day. For example, the night temperature may not rise above 14 degrees.

Travelers are advised to bring warm clothes (sweatshirts, light jackets) to a walk on the beautiful Crimean places with comfort.

It is not excluded in this time of rain. They drop not so often, but the probability is still there. Glad that precipitation is not a long - a sort of warm and pleasant rain, not bringing tourists into too much trouble.

pogoda v Krymu v nachale iunya

As for the sea, the water in the first half of June is pretty cool – plus 18-20 ° C. during this period it was not yet quite time to warm up sunlight. So count on a long comfortable bathing is not necessary.

It should be noted that there are no absolute temperature values, which would never, under any conditions, did not change in June.

So, having arrived here in the beginning of the month having beautiful weather, you can't just rely on the repetition of the situation next time. For the next year, returning to the beloved Peninsula, you may deal with cooler weather and even rain. As they say, year on year is not necessary.

So the beginning of June in Crimea is:

  • comfortable, but still not quite summer weather;
  • pleasing to the eye, but not yet the body of the sea;
  • pretty cool at night;
  • and, of course, always beautiful landscapes, which do not depend on weather conditions.

Mid - late

The weather at this time the most that neither is perfect. It can be called truly summer and suitable for recreation. The thermometer reaches this period of 23 degrees. It may be warmer.

The main thing is that the second half of the month is very good for a beach stop.

temperatura v Krymu v seredine i konce iunya

The sea temperature at this time reaches 22 degrees. This is not the limit.

But for the sake of truth I must say that for heat-loving tourists sea water may seem cool. For those who love something "hotter", but it's still not as comfortable as, say, in July or August.

Warm clothes are unlikely to be useful. Except for night walks.

It turns out that the middle-end of June promise to the tourists:

  • warm days and even nights;
  • beach holidays for those who are not afraid 22-degree water;
  • a pleasant walk in a light summer dress, accompanied by a light sea breeze.

Where better to relax: the warmest spot on the sea

Those who consider themselves to be the heat-loving tourists in June is better to go to the resortslocated on the Western and southern coast of the Crimea. Here the weather will be warmer. As well as sea water.

Will appreciate the warm sea of Azov. Experienced travelers claim that the best option of the June vacation – resorts are located here.

More specifically, most good places on the Azov sea shallow waters in the Kerch Peninsula and the famousThe Arabat spit. And yet - in the black sea bays, for example, around the Cape of Tarkhankut, in the bays of Sevastopol.

In General, choose for this period the resort towns such as:

  • Feodosiya;
  • Sevastopol;
  • Evpatoria;
  • Sudak.

kakaya pogoda v kurortnyh gorodah Kryma?

What is the "weather picture" on specific resorts?

In June of any city will welcome you with nice warm weather. Especially if we talk about the second half of the month.

We offer you to see this right now after reading the information about the daily temperature in cities-resorts of the Crimea (°C):

  • About 23 degrees in Yalta, Simferopol, Alushta, Gurzuf, Alupka, Feodosiya, foros and Sevastopol;
  • A little warmer - 24 - Kerch;
  • Theodosius was 25.8;
  • Yevpatoriya - 26,2;

Temperature "June"water in the resorts varies from 18 to 22° C.

Where to go and what to see, in addition to a beach holiday?

There are many other options. The Peninsula has a rich history and lots of interesting attractions, but because of the curious tourists here.

By the way, June is the best time for a tour of the promenade, visiting the historic "gems" of the Peninsula. Because this period does not exhaust heat, convenient and comfortable from the point of view of weather conditions for sightseeing trips.

kuda poehat na poluostrove v iune?

That is exactly what Crimea offers in terms of outdoor activities:

  • numerous thematic guided tours (you can visit the mysterious caves and grottoes, to visit the spectacular beauty of the waterfalls, to improve local produce on tasting tours, as well as to plunge into the past, going to the ancient palaces, ruins, and other epochal historical places);
  • a pilgrimage for the benefit of the soul. In the Crimea are waiting for you inspired by the ancient monasteries, the sacred places of the Church, the magnificent temple complexes;
  • you can arrange for yourself "landscape tourism": to rent a car or hire a bike and travel on the scenic Crimean places;
  • fascinating mountain hikes;
  • sea walks on boats;
  • and exciting horseback riding.

chto posmotret v Krymu?

Guests of the Crimean resorts are many festivals and festivities:

  • for example, 1 June as part of children's Day is celebrated the opening of the season for children's resorts. The most ambitious of celebrating this day in Alushta and Evpatoria;
  • June – opening time in Yalta is the legendary Friday's festivities "Summer evening on the Karaite". In addition, tourists can participate in the celebrations devoted to Day of Russia, the opening of the festival "Black sea Treasure" and the festival of Greek culture "eleftheria";
  • in Yalta you can visit the Bal de La Rose in the Nikitsky Botanical garden;
  • at the beginning of June in Kerch passes the international festival of ancient art "Bosporus agony";
  • June 5 in Simferopol you can see the festive events dedicated to city Day.

A list of events that happen to visit on holiday in the Crimea in June, you can go on and on.

Seasonal berries and fruit

frukty Kryma v iune

At this time, tourists can indulge in strawberries, cherries, apricots, and peaches.

And, by the way, prices on fruits and berries in June are lower than in other summer months. Lovely gourmet "bonus" for tourists from June of the Crimea!

So, June in the Crimea – is a kind of "chameleon". Can enjoy wonderful, warm weather, and maybe a surprise in the form of cool cloudy days with little rain.

But in any case, Crimea in June, will not leave indifferent even the most demanding tourists thanks to its climate, warm hospitality and picturesque, rich in bright colors of landscapes.

The most beautiful places of the Crimea - watch the following video: