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Holidays in India: what is the weather in Goa in June?

pogoda na Goa v iune

Goa is one of the favorite places of many tourists. Weather in Goa in June is the "off-season", the influx of people is significantly reduced. Nevertheless, even in bad weather in the state you can relax.

Weather in Goa in June

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The climate of Goa is sub-Equatorial, divided into two seasons. In June, during the wet season, the main thing is to choose a good hotel, because it so happens that because of the rain, he will not have to go all day. A poet is better if there is a pool, Spa, restaurant.

The temperature of the air and water

At the beginning and throughout the entire month the temperature by day kept within +31-35°C, night does not fall below 26 to 30°C. At the end of the month it becomes less hot.

The maximum water temperature in the sea reaches +30°C. the Fans really warm the sea will be delighted.

In the Northern part of the state the following indicators:

  • Panaji - the day temperature is +29°C, night 24°C;
  • Morjim - 32°C day and 25°C at night;
  • Arambol - +28°C day and 24°C at night.

temperaturnye pokazateli

In the southern part:

  1. Benaulim - the day temperature is +30°C, +25°C;
  2. Majorda - day +31°C, +25°C;
  3. Palolem - 32°C day and 26°C at night.

The particular weather conditions

In June, the Goa starts the rainy season. And it's not just a little rain, it is usually a downpour could not stop throughout the day. The sun is hiding, the sky cloudy and dull. On month falls of not less than 22 days of rain.

The wind is so strong that it blows everything in its path. His average speed is 11 km/h. it creates dangerous conditions for swimming in the Arabian sea, the waves high and the wind strong. Together with the monsoons to come and rain.

Humidity at this time is very high, but the day is still hot.

Summer vacation in India

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If you want to swim in the sea and sunbathe on the beach, then a trip to Goa in June is not for you. But if you are satisfied with the not very good weather, but fresh air, half-empty hotels, a minimal influx of tourists, feel free to go.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of the rest of June is that this month significantly reduced prices on hotels, cafes, Souvenirs, excursions and the like.

You will be able to enjoy nature in solitude, and she at this time is especially beautiful. Dissolved many amazing colors, above them flying bright butterfly.

Most tourists are afraid of the main negative features of the June Goa - changing weather, so in June there is rarely someone comes. Despite the weather, under which all the time have to adjust, to relax you still can.

Where better to relax?

The state is divided into two parts — North and South Goa. The southern part is much more North, but there is less cities. There is more calm and much cleaner. Tourist guide in the southern part, although it is considered less developed. In the Northern part are all going out and having fun.

If you choose to go in June, it is best to choose North Goa. Due to the fact that this part is more developed, there are some cafes that are closed in the southern part.

In North Goa you can choose from the following resorts:

  • Arambol is a village located on the coast, which enjoys great popularity among those who like to relax "savage". Located in North Goa. Despite the fact that she is absolutely not suited to receive tourists, here they still happen a lot, especially in the dryseason;
  • Aguada is quite a popular resort, it is nice to relax with the family and those who love water activities. In a huge five-star hotel has everything you need to tourists from the pool to a babysitter, who can look after children;
  • Calangute is a town located in the Northern part. Famous for its bustling beach.
  • In Calangute the excellent conditions for tourists is where to eat tasty and good fun.

What clothes to bring?

kakie veshi brat?

Despite the fact that almost the whole month in Goa is raining, the weather is still hot. On vacation with them need to take the summer easy things, several sets of swimwear (due to high humidity linen no time to dry even for a day).

Do not forget about the more warm clothes (jeans, sneakers, a jacket with long sleeves). Sure to be a raincoat. The umbrella is likely to be useless because of the strong wind, but unable to capture him.

What to do?

Despite the rainy and windy weather in Goa in June, there will be time for sightseeing and entertainment.

Beach vacation

Most likely you will not be able to relax on the beach and swim in the sea this month. It can be quite dangerous. The sea is very stormy, the waves are high and strong. I doubt whether you actually want to swim. The water is muddy and polluted.

If you're lucky and the weather will give a chance to plunge into the sea and lie in the sun, you can choose from the following beaches:

  1. Agonda is one of the best beaches in Goa. There are no hotels and almost no restaurants, but it is quite beautiful and colorful, and most importantly clean. If you want romance or seclusion, it will suit you perfectly. But you have to be careful, because there are strong undercurrents, so you need to be able to swim well. Located in the southern part;
  2. Anjuna is ideal place for vacation companies. There are parties and celebrations, which in the sand can often see garbage. Near the beach there is a huge market. The beach is located in the Northern part;
  3. Calangute located in North Goa and is the most popular beach among tourists. There is a huge number of hotels, there are plenty of recreational opportunities offered, sold Souvenirs, drinks and food.

What to see?

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Despite the bad weather, you can go and look at the amazing architectural buildings of the state of India.

Goa is famous primarily for its many old temples and cathedrals.

  • Basilica of BOM Jesus — the center of Catholic pilgrimage, in the Church the relics of Francis Xavier;
  • The temple of Shri mangesh is the most famous Church of Goa, the main attraction. Before entering the Shrine, you need to purchase a wreath as a sign of offering to the God Shiva. In the courtyard of the temple of music festivals are held;
  • The Shanta Durga temple — built in honor of the wife of the God Shiva. The temple complex includes one large building and 3 a small temple around it. The complex is surrounded by trees, a nearby pond.

Goa is very beautiful nature, which can be infinitely admire. Take a trip to the Dudhsagar waterfalllocated on the Mandovi river. Its height is 310 meters, the bottom is a lake where you can swim.

You can also visit the nature reserve, Cotigao, which is located in the southern part. There are wild animals that usually hide in the day. But you can see monkeys and wild boars.

Holidays and festivals

  1. In June you can join in on the festivities MERG, which means the beginning of field work. The locals celebrate it by singing and dancing, rejoicing that slept heat.
  2. June 24 marks the Day of John the Baptist. It is accompanied by large-scale festivals and theatrical productions.
  3. 29 of June is celebrated the Day of Saints Peter and Paul. It is celebrated mostly by fishermen.

See in this video, what is the weather on the coast of Goa in June: