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The weather forecast in Cyprus: temperature of water in the sea and rest in the beginning and the end of June

pogoda v iune v Kipre

June is the month when Cyprus , the locals open the swimming season. Heat, no storm, for the sky is cloudless. Tourists coming to rest on the island is not the tropical countries, generally fall, in their estimation, the perfect summer.

Moreover, the climate is good for people of all ages, including children and the elderly. The local tourism industry also works for all categories of tourists, offering activities and tours for every age, taste and budget.

The temperature of the air and water from the beginning to the end of the month

The temperature of the first half of June is in the range of 22 – 27 degrees. By the end of the month it is already over thirty degrees.

Not everywhere on the island it is the same: the West is cooler than in the East, in the center – just hotter (at the beginning of June, the thermometer showing 33 degrees and even higher).

temperatura vozduha i vody s nachala i po konec iunya

Windless weather makes the heat more noticeable. In the mountains – cooler. Night temperatures by the end of June is kept at 20 degrees.

Water during the month warmed from 24 to 28 degrees. In the sea feel comfortable and those who swim, and those engaged in various water sports. In addition, the sea air is extremely useful for people suffering from various respiratory diseases.

The resort town of the island

Cyprus is among the biggest Islands of the Mediterranean sea. Tourists choose to stay in any resort town, and this choice is not very simple – almost everywhere, great beaches, beautiful coves and bays, limiting the pressure of the sea and make your beach vacation comfortable and safe. Focus on the weather? It is everywhere excellent.

Review of resorts of Cyprus in the following video:


The greatest influx of tourists celebrated in the city of Paphos.

High (that is, the most popular season) starts here in mid June and continues until autumn.

Local landmark – boulder in the sea that marks the spot where the water on the beach came Aphrodite. According to legend, anyone who swims around the boulder three times, regain youth and beauty. Who's gonna give it up!

The average temperature of the water in June is 24°. Air temperature – 28 day and 18 at night. For June, according to statistics, falls one rainy day.


The same situation with the rains in the resort in Limassol. And the water temperature in the sea is also 24 degrees. The air is heated by day to an average of 27 degrees at night drops to 20.

Local climate experts call a typical Mediterranean, however, find in it some features of a subtropical climate. It reliably protect from possible trouble of the Troodos mountains.

pogoda v Limassole v iune

To services of vacationers – pyatnadtsatikilometrovaya strip of beautiful sandy and pebble beaches. There is a very modern Marina, ready to take a huge number of yachts.


This ancient city is located in the South-East of the island. The climate is characterized by extreme aridity, although statistics and admits that one time in June can pass a small rain. The average water temperature of 24 degrees, air – 27 in the afternoon and 20 at night.

The sea area of Larnaca – squeaky clean, and 25 kilometers of sandy beaches are ready to accept large numbers of tourists, which, by the way, the way to Larnaca – very convenient: next to the resort is the main air port of the country.


In Ayia NAPA sea in June is warm to 24.5 degrees, the day temperature of 29.5, the night of 24 degrees. No rain.

The sea is so clean that sometimes can be seen at a depth of forty meters. It is not surprising that people come here not only fans of the usual beach holiday, but also the fans of diving.

Here is a very rich underwater world, but entirely absent unpleasant and even dangerous for swimmers, jellyfish and sea urchins.

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This resort, the youngest on the island, I think, and the perspective, very dynamic. It is located between Paphos and Limassol. The local people have always engaged in the winemaking.

The average temperature of sea water is 23.7 degrees. Air temperature – 27.5 during the day to 22 degrees at night. Cloudy days are rare. The sea is always calm as the beach is guarded by white cliffs.

The resort is especially favorable conditions for kitesurfing (sliding on the water surface on the Board held a kite).

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How to spend time on vacation?

Not the hottest June temperature allows not only to bask in the sea, but also to actively participate in different cultural events.

kak provesti vremya v otpuske na Kipre v iune?


Tourists are offered excursion trips:

  • in the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia;
  • in the Troodos mountains, where there are many monasteries;
  • in the village, preserving local traditions;
  • at the ostrich farm;
  • on the farm where donkeys are bred;
  • on orange plantations;
  • in water parks (in the area of Ayia NAPA, Paphos).

Holidays, festivals

prazdniki i festivali v iune

In early June there is the feast of Kataklysmos. It symbolizes the Biblical flood and is accompanied by folk songs, dances, fun.

The whole June on the island continues with a theatre festival devoted to the works of Shakespeare. Performances are in the evening under the open sky.

In the capital of Cyprus held a festival, on which are represented the avant-garde, experimental bands.

In Limassol, Cyprus held the Russian-Cypriot festival.


Holidaymakers to Cyprus can:

  1. fishing;
  2. see the show singing fountains;
  3. go on a jeep Safari;
  4. to participate in Bicycle travel.

What you need to know the traditional features of the rest of the country

osobennosti otdyha na Kipre

Since the beginning of June, the Agency has not yet referred to the high season, you can save up to 20 to 30 percent of the amount you would have spent, for example, in August.

As June is already a pretty hot month, be necessary to take with itself a headdress and creams that protect the skin from the sun. You can also purchase the cream of local production (olive oil based) in Cyprus.

When choosing a hotel, be sure to ask, if the rooms are equipped with air conditioning – without them, the rest in June will be comfortable enough.