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Holidays in Cuba: what is the weather temperature is at the beginning of June in Varadero?

pogoda na Kube v iune

Cuba is a bright and interesting area for tourism. This island country is famous for affordable stay, superb coastline, unique underwater world of the Caribbean sea and lots of fun. But despite all the delights of rest and the wonderful climate, weather in Cuba in June is the most rainy.

What is the weather like in June in Cuba?

pogodnye usloviya v nachale leta

Thanks to the mild climateand year-round high temperatures of air and water, Cuba is one of the most visited countries.

Every month from which to explore the coast of the island, because even in this "Paradise" is the rainy season.

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The temperature of the air and water

Eternally warm weather and clear days beckon tourists to Cuba all year roundbut in June together with high temperature on this island come tropical rains. In the daytime the thermometer rises to +30-32 degrees, but humidity think the air temperature is much higher. Such indicators are kept at the beginning and at the end of the month on the same level.

temperaturnye pokazateli

In different regions the temperature readings vary but only slightly.

  • Weather in Trinidad pleases fluorescent indicators +31-33°C. the nights are getting cooler – cools air up to +21-22°C. the water Temperature warms up to +27 degrees. In this part of the island, the thermometer shows the highest numbers in June.
  • A little cooler in Santiago de Cuba. During the entire month the temperature here reaches +30-31°C at daytime and 24°C at night. The water temperature is about +27 degrees, clear and Sunny days you can swim in it without worrying about the possibility of catching cold.
  • In Havana and Varadero observed the most favourable conditions for tourism. On the shores of these resorts in the afternoon the air temperature is +28 to 29°C. At night the thermometer drops to +21-24 degrees. The sea water is ideal for swimming, as its temperature is 27 degrees.

The particular weather conditions

Overall, the June weather has to rest. Even despite the fact that on the coast of Cuba in the middle of the wet season, typhoons and storms bypass the island side. Total for the entire month in the country, there are about 10 rainy days. Rains start suddenly and continue for 20-30 minutes.

After half an hour from precipitation on the streets is not a trace remains, but the high humidity can bring discomfort.

klimaticheskie osobennosti

Less precipitation is observed in the resort of Santiago de Cuba. In this part of the country, rains occur in may, and then they subside almost until the end of August. In the capital of Cuba is a different situation – and it rains "cats and dogs", and against them can not save the umbrellas. Exactly the same weather conditions on the popular resorts of Varadero and Trinidad. The rainfall for the month is only growing.

The June vacation

Despite the off-season, tourists do not deny yourself the pleasure to visit the island. In Cuba, even the wet weather allows you to spend a vacation.

Should I go?

Regardless of season and weather conditions Cuba attracts tourists with its white sandy coastline, gentle waves of the Caribbean sea and ocean, excursions and amazing food. Because of this, even in June, the rest of the country will be fine, because it is possible to diversify all sorts of entertainment. When the resorts clear and Sunny, the tourists have the opportunity to go diving or to swim in the warm water.

Despite the rainy season, the weather in Cuba is much softer and more comfortable compared with what is happening at the same time at other resorts. As the rains comemostly after lunch or in the evening, in the morning you can enjoy the beaches and clear skies. Choosing a good hotel to hide it in bad weather.

The main reason why many tourists are not afraid of rainy weather, the low prices on vacation. In June, the value of vouchers is significantly reduced, which is especially known to attract tourists from Russia. Many hotels continue to operate, offering its guests excellent conditions for recreation, including air conditioning, diving lessons and equipment, as well as the organization of excursions.

How to dress?

As the weather in June in Cuba is ambiguous, with you on vacation will have to fill a suitcase not only light summer clothes, swimsuit and a hat, but also waterproof shoes. In the evenings on the coast is very cool, and therefore will not prevent light sweater. In addition, we should not forget about the sunscreen.

It better in the Dominican Republic?

luchshe li v Dominikanskoj Respublike?

At both resorts in June are observed in almost identical weather conditions. Air and water warm up to 28-32 degrees and the water is "fresh milk".

Rains on the coast can interfere with a pleasant stay, but in Cuba, the probability of typhoons and storms is much lower.

Rains in the Dominican Republic, like Cuba, are mostly at evenings and nights. However, they are short. According to numerous reviews of tourists, a couple of weeks precipitation happen only 3-4 times.

Especially nice during this period to have a rest on the southern resorts of the Dominican Republic:

  1. Punta Cana;
  2. La Romana;
  3. Santo Domingo;
  4. Saona.

In General, and Cuba, and the Dominican Republic have the perfect weather for tourism, so the choice depends solely on personal preference.

What to do this month on Liberty Island?

Cuba offers an extensive programme for tourism. If you choose a hotel closer to the coast, from the early morning you can enjoy a beach holiday and then, if you're lucky with the weather, tours or familiarity with the local culture.

Beach vacation

On the island you can find infinitely many excellent beaches. Even in the off-season to go diving or sitting in the sun, sunbathing, tourists flock to the coast:

  • Varadero;
  • Havana;
  • Olga.

otdyh na kubinskih plyazhah

Among the excursions available in Cuba riding on bananas, water skiing and boat rides, and parasailing.

For lovers of secluded tourism on the island has charming beaches such as Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Largo. Here for the duration of their stay will be an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. In addition, this area of Cuba is particularly picturesque and perfect for photos.

What to see?

High humidity and rain can interfere with exciting excursions to attractions of the island, but if you're lucky with the weather, it is worth going to Havana. This city is incredibly a lot of different architectural objects left over from the Spanish colonizers:

  1. Capitol;
  2. Old Havana;
  3. Cathedral;
  4. La Fuerza;
  5. El Morro.

Sights of Havana are incredibly beautiful and attractive, so a visit to this town promises to be a spectacular event.

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Holidays and festivals

Among the most interesting events in June worth noting is the great holiday for the whole country – the birthday of Ernesto Che Guevara. This revolutionary still, many associated with the spirit of freedom. During the festival the population of Cuba is going on the areas, taking a picture with the famous leader of the country.

See in this video, what kind of weather may prevail during the rainy season in Cuba: