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Holidays in the Maldives: what is the weather at the beginning and the end of June?

pogoda na Maldivah v iune

Maldives – it is a sandy coast, exotic trees and azure bays. This is a fabulous place designed for the retreat, lots of interesting entertainment and sightseeing activities. However, the weather in the Maldives in June may not hold all of the tourists.

What is the weather in June in Maldives?

pogodnye usloviya v nachale leta

In the Maldives reigns eternal summer is one of the reasons why tourists love to come to this resort. Warm weather, refreshing sea breezes and warm ocean water make this trip perfect.

The temperature of water and air

June in the Maldives is the period of low season. For this month's typical hot weather with high temperature and high humidity and strong winds.

This is due to the fact that in mid-may on the island, coming South-West monsoon, and it continues until September.

Maldives Islands have a small area, so their vast weather conditions this month are the same. The air temperature during daylight hours reaches the level of 30-31°C, and at night - +24-26 degrees. The weather held both in the capital malé, and at popular resorts:

  • Siino;
  • Maafushi;
  • Vaavu.

At the beginning and at the end of the month, these data do not change.

The water temperature is perfect for swimming – early morning the Indian ocean warms up to +28 degrees. However, due to weather conditions to swim in the water hardly out – a strong wind raises high the waves, and the ocean off the coast becomes muddy. But not to worry, that the rest will fail. On some beaches of the Maldives, sheltered from the weather by coves and cliffs, the waves do not exist.

The particular weather conditions

klimaticheskie osobennosti

Strong wind and rain – two reasons why many deny themselves the pleasure of visiting the Maldives in June. During this period, the monsoon is most noticeable. On the street almost every day cloudy weather and rain. However, in the daytime showers are not long – they quickly start and quickly end, and at night the rains last for several hours.

The strongest wind gusts in June can spoil the holiday for those who prefer to swim and sunbathe. Muddy water, waves, typhoons and storms – not suitable for full relaxation. But high waves will delight fans of surfing.

Fans of this sport in June flocking from all corners of the earth, because the surfing in this region is incredibly popular.

"Shades" of summer vacation

If you want to spend the beginning of summer in the Maldives, then do not despair due to the bad weather. At this period is only 12 cloudy and rainy days. Therefore, the tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the sun and beach holiday, interesting tours of the Islands.

Where better to relax?

According to reviews of tourists, the low season in the Maldives is much softer than at other nearby resorts. The fact that many beaches in this country is reliably protected from weather rocks and coves. For leisure in this period is best suited to the North and East of the country – resorts located on the Islands:

  1. Dhonakulhi;
  2. Maafushi;
  3. Shaviyani;
  4. Veligandu.

kakoj atoll luchshe vybrat?

Even if these Islands all hotels will be booked, you can always stay in male city or other nearby Islands. At any time on the coast you can rent a boat to get to the popular resorts of Addu, BAA, Ari, dhaalu Atoll or RAA.

How to dress?

For a holiday in the Maldives do not need a lot of clothes. In the suitcase is to put a light summer clothes with long sleeves. Tourists are recommended to focus on the clothes of light shadesbecause it will be protected from the scorching sun.

Also, do not go outside without a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses. Such attributes will be much more comfortable to be on the beaches, fairs or seaside walks.

Finally, don't forget the swimsuit. If you choose any resort or take the boat to one of the uninhabited Islands, you can swim in the warm water or to engage in what tourists come to the Maldives – diving.

What to do this month?

The Maldives is incredibly interesting and varied in terms of tourism. Islands have a wide variety of beaches, many secluded. Also major resorts you can find authentic ancient attractions and entertainment.

Beach vacation

Low season is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure to visit the beaches of the Maldives. The local coast as if descended from the cover of magazines on tourism, so stay on it gives only positive emotions.

Being in the Maldives for the first time, it feels fabulous Paradise.

In June are invited to relax on the Northern and Eastern coast of the Maldives. In this part of the resort's many Islands hotels, each of which has its own clean piece of the coast. For this reason, during the holidays creates that same feeling of solitude and silence.

plyazhnye zony dlya otdyha

On particularly clear days you can not only enjoy a beach holiday, but also to rent equipment for diving.

Best beaches in June in the Maldives:

  • Hulhudhoo;
  • Kunifusa;
  • Amilla Fushi;
  • Dhigurah.

These Islands and its beaches, they are not yet overcrowded by tourists. The coast is a deserted beach, rolling in the sandy spit. Here you can watch whale watching, boating and fishing in the ocean, of course, if you're lucky with the weather.

What to see?

Despite the fact that Maldives called Paradise far from civilization, here you can find entertainment for every taste. If the weather does not interfere, it is possible to visit the main island of the country – male. On this piece of land are ancient sights and numerous points of interest, for example, Presidential Palace, Sultan Park and several mosques and Palace of Mulege.

When visiting male, you can see the history of the Islands in one of the museums, stroll through the Sultan's Park, wander through the narrow streets of the smallest city in the world, look the old and the new Palace of the President.

However, the main luxury of the Maldives remains its flora and fauna. It is a dive into the bright colors, unique patterns and landscapes. Among tourists particularly in demand boat trips, seaplane flights and tours at the fish and fruit market.

Holidays and festivals

  1. In early June , the local population celebrates an important holiday in honor of the national hero Mohammed Thakurufaanu – leader, who managed to drive the Portuguese from the island in 1758. This holiday is celebrated on June 4-5.
  2. 12 June in the Maldives celebrating an important religious event – the Prophet's Birthday – a holiday during which the country declared a day off.

Throughout the month on the Islands hosts festivals, among them one of the most striking is the festival of the sharks. Also on 8 June, you can see how the inhabitants pay tribute to the ocean – they are satisfied to coast cleaning, doing exhibitions, and carried out the flower fairs.

See this video description of the rainy season in the Maldives: