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Rest in Adler: the weather and water temperature in the sea in month June

pogoda v Adlere v iune

In the beginning of the holidays, when the Central regions are not encouraging warm weather, many people think to spend treasured days of rest. Adler is a famous and popular tourist area for those who prefer to rest in Russia.

Weather in Adler in June suggests a beach holiday, as well as numerous excursions and activities that will satisfy even the seasoned traveler.

What is the weather in Adler in June?

pogodnye usloviya v nachale leta

In June, not all resort towns are ready to offer a pleasant and favorable weather conditions.

Adler also offers only pleasant impressions from the rest even in early summer.

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Forecast: air temperature and water

Choosing the future site of the holiday it is important not to miscalculate the weather. Adler district Sochi offers its future customers favorable weather conditions. With the onset of the first summer days residents and guests of Adler get light dresses and t-shirts.

Due to the proximity of the Black sea coast and the climate is subtropical, Adler happy the sun and warm weather from the beginning of the summer season. The average temperature in June is +23°C. subject to fluctuations - in the beginning, middle and end of the month the temperature can range from +21 to 25°C.

You should pay attention to the spring weather, with early and warm spring June may be hotter. At night the temperature drops to +14-16°C. the Water easily warms up to +18-20°C, which is already suitable for swimming.

The particular weather conditions

klimaticheskie osobennosti

Precipitation for the month of June falls in the range of 100 mm. It is the driest month of the summer. On the coast often blows a light breeze no more than 3 m/s, only very rarely gusts can grow up to 8 m/s the Black sea in this period is rather warm and calm, gentle waves. Precipitation falls mostly under the form of thunderstorms. They are generally safe and do not last long, from several minutes to two hours.

Prolonged rainy weather in Adler – a rarity. It can be considered an anomaly. The average for June is not more than 6 days of rain.

Vacation in early summer

There are many "pros" and "cons" when choosing a vacation spot. Adler in early summer, becoming one of the most popular vacation destinations in Russia, but like everywhere, there are certain things that you need to consider.

Should I go?

nuzhno li priezzhat?

Rest in Adler in June, perfect people, intolerant of high temperature and high humidity, for example, have problems with the cardiovascular system. In addition to filled with useful substances clean air, resorts offer a variety of programs healing the body.

Fans spend the entire vacation in the water, the sea can seem too cold for long swims. They should wait for hotter months.

The rest of the Adler has the perfect conditions for an exciting holiday - interesting excursions, well-groomed beaches, the proximity of the mountains with spectacular views.

How to dress?

The climate allows to bring light summer clothes:

  • dresses;
  • skirts;
  • shorts;
  • t-shirt.

Should definitely take a jacket or coat for evening or night walks. The umbrella also will be not superfluous, as well as comfortable closed shoes to fully enjoy walks in the nearby gorges and mountainous terrain.

What fruitMature?

June in Sochi, is considered the season of berries. Already available on local markets at attractive prices:

  1. cherry;
  2. strawberry;
  3. cherries;
  4. medlar;
  5. mulberry;
  6. strawberries.

Also in late June, it ripens the plum.

What to do this month?

chem zanyatsya v period otpuska?

Adler is available in a huge variety of means of entertainment that will satisfy even the most seasoned traveler.

The classic vacation, a sightseeing vacation, various holidays and festivals – all this is available in the Adler in June.

Beach vacation - can you swim?

Beach holidays are now available. The water temperature is quite conducive to a short swimming. You should be carefulnot to SuperCool.

Despite the fact that the swimming season is already open, you can enjoy half-empty beaches. Entry into the water very comfortable, the bottom is flat, and the depth is at a distance of 5-6 meters from the shore, which is sure to delight families with children. The sea is very clean, and the area around.

For both adults and for younger holidaymakers Adler offers a variety of entertainment, both in water and on land. Only a small part of what you can include:

  • water skiing;
  • parachutes;
  • jet skis.

Also available attractions, cafes, playgrounds and more.

Getting a tan is one of the main leisure activities on the beach. You should take care of sunscreens, since the sun is active the clock from 12 to 15 may be aggressive. To be in the sun in the morning or late afternoon, then will be evenly tan and not a burn.

Excursions and entertainment

ekskursii na dzhipah

In June, in the absence of the intense heat and the huge crowds of tourists, Adler offers a variety of excursions and activities, which can dilute a beach vacation. The big Sochi and Abkhazia – two of the most popular areas of the city.

Jeeping is a very popular way of passing many tourist routes. Also popular are excursions by boat, including access to the open sea.

You can also stroll through the centre of Adler, where there are numerous attractions, souvenir shops, picturesque parks.

Holidays and festivals

  1. The opportunity to attend holiday concerts open to celebrate International children's day.
  2. Musical performances, concerts, theatrical and costume shows take place outdoors around the Adler.

  3. "The resort Saturday at the Adler" - is widely known folk art festival held in early June. This is a unique opportunity to learn arts and crafts, hear folk music and visit the many exhibitions dedicated to this important cultural event.
  4. Those who remain to the end of the month to celebrate world youth day together with the residents and numerous guests of Sochi.

In this video you can see what weather is coming your way in Adler at the beginning of summer: