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Spain: weather and the water temperature in the sea in early June in Barcelona

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In Barcelona more than 300 Sunny days a year. This is a great city for walking and shopping, not to mention a luxurious vacation on the Mediterranean sea. Weather in Barcelona in June is ideal for travel.

What is the weather like in June in Barcelona?

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The beginning of the summer season in the Catalan capital welcomes tourists not too warm but comfortable weather.

The temperature of the air and water

In June in Barcelona is not so hotas in July and August. Usually the air cools down by the morning to +15C° and warmed up to about +23-24C° at noon. If at the beginning of June the average temperature warms up to +21C°, by the end it is a stable 25 degrees.

In early summer it is already possible to swim in the sea. Of course, the swimming season opens in mid-may, but in summer the water is warmer. If in August and September the beach is like an anthill, in June not so many tourists.

In addition, this summer month is not so stuffy, and so will be comfortable to visit the sights.

In June, as a rule, not observed large changes in temperature. The maximum water temperature of the sea at this month - +24,6° C. However, there are days when too cold to swim. If the sea water is around +16C°, it is possible to try Spanish dishes and visit the local museums.

The particular weather conditions

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Climate in June in Barcelona is relatively dry. Usually, this month is not more than five days of rain. This weather has to hold street fairs, holidays and festivals. This is another reason to visit Barcelona in June. At the end of the month becomes less cloudy days, and the temperature increases.

Vacation in early summer

To spend a holiday in June in Barcelona is a great idea. The Mediterranean sea at this time is already heated, but not for all. For those who prefer heating sea water to a temperature of "fresh milk", you can swim in the hotel pool, go for a sightseeing tour and to try the legendary sangria.

The pros and cons

In June starts the peak tourist season, so even the most whimsical traveler will not feel slighted.

At this time there is hotels, which were closed for the winter, where you can also order the services of a professional guide or rent a car.

Rain will not spoil the rest, in this time of year they practically do not exist, so June is a great time for walking. Especially picturesque against the colors this month looks like the Park güell. Stone trees, gingerbread houses and house-Museum of Gaudi vivid emotions to children and adults. Do not miss the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of fairy tales.

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Among the advantages of the June trip to Barcelona, travelers say:

  • The lack of extreme heat and stuffiness;
  • Sunny and warm weather;
  • Beautiful views, flowering trees create a romantic mood;
  • Great shopping. Many stores hold sales.

The obvious disadvantage is that prices for accommodation in hotels in June are already starting to rise, compared with the winter and spring period.

How to dress?

Many tourists wonder about how to dress when going to Barcelona in June. When choosing clothes for travel should take into consideration the weather conditions and local etiquette. Spaniards prefer to dress modestly and elegantly. When visiting temples, it is undesirable to wear shorts, a mini skirt and overly revealing clothes.

It must be remembered that June night in Barcelona is still cool, so it's best to pack inthe suitcase, a sweater and a light jacket.

Going to Barcelona you can take with you summer clothes: swimsuits, trunks, shorts, skirts, t-shirts, short sleeve shirt, sandals and flip-flops. For a long day of sightseeing is to pack in a suitcase comfortable shoes, e.g. sneakers. Those who are planning to visit restaurants and concerts, it is recommended to take the suit, and the ladies long fancy dress.

What to do?

Barcelona undoubtedly an incredibly exciting city where you can find entertainment for every taste, budget and age.

Beach vacation

In June it is already possible to sunbathe, however, in the beginning of the month the water can be cool. Barcelona's beaches are clean. Sun beds often pay the rental cost is a few euros. Also in Barcelona there are all conditions for diving and surfing.

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Among the best beaches are:

  1. Sant Sebastia;
  2. Sant Miguel;
  3. Bagatelle;
  4. Levant;
  5. Mar Bella.

Along the coast you can find picturesque restaurants where you can enjoy fish dishes and sea views.

What to see?

Barcelona is a wonderful city with a rich culture and history. Spain has many interesting museums. Travellers with children should definitely look into the Chocolate Museum. Here you can learn about the history and traditions associated with this delicious product.

Football fans are recommended to visit the largest stadium in Europe - camp Nou, and the Museum of the Football Team "Barcelona". Here you can get to the trophy room, where awards of the legendary team.

The Gothic quarter of Barcelona is famous for its beautiful architecture. Here you can buy Souvenirs and then enjoy a fragrant local wine and authentic Spanish cuisine. This quarter also are the street performers, lifting the mood of many passers-by.

Holidays and festivals

Spain in their culture of great importance to holidays. The locals know how to have fun:

  • In the night from 23 to 24 June, is celebrated the main summer event – the festival of St Juan. At this time I decided to jump over a fire and dive into the water. Of course, this holiday is hard to imagine without rousing dances. In the night of San Juan is a festival of fireworks.
  • At the beginning of June in Barcelona is the day of the terraces, this time of celebrations. On the roof terrace of the hotels arrange competitions, and invite well-known DJs and the beat offer guests to enjoy dishes from famous chefs.

See in this video, what a beautiful weather in June in Barcelona: