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Vacation in the Dominican Republic: what is the weather and temperature is at the beginning of June?

pogoda v Dominikane v iune

The Dominican Republic is a true "emerald" in "the bracelet" resorts favored by tourists. Why not "gold"? Because the Dominican Republic is far from the standards she knows how to dazzle with exotic and enticing always something new, unexplored. But if you prefer to stay in "Paradise" in this heat, the weather in the Dominican Republic in June just for you.

What is the weather like in June in the Dominican Republic?

pogodnye usloviya v nachale leta

Despite the fact that this resort is called "far" (in the sense that to fly he's not close), travelers will simply adore this wonderful place with a wonderful climate. It is located in the Caribbean between the continents of North and South America, and specifically in the Eastern part of the island of Haiti.

Atlantic ocean, Caribbean sea, several Islands, that happen to meet the tourists arriving here. And yet – with unique natural conditions.

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The temperature of the air and water

This month we recommend you go here to the tourists who prefer the real heat and heat. As the temperature of the air at that time jumps to +30°C and grows further.

More or less comfortable it is at the beginning of the month, when the thermometer is only approaching this figure. However, in late June, tourists begin to feel truly southern heat and even "hot breath" of the Dominican Republic.

temperaturnye pokazateli

Choosing a particular resort town for vacation in the Dominican Republic, you should know that the temperature in them varies slightly. The difference is in the order of 2-4 degrees.

  • In Punta Cana at the beginning and the end of June you can enjoy this temperature: +28-29°C and 31-33°C In Boca Chica and Santo Domingo is a little hotter by a few degrees.
  • In arena Gorda, cap Cana, Playa bávaro, Samaná bit "cooler". Here in early June you can enjoy the air warms up to +27°C, and "under the curtain" of the month to 30-31°C.
  • Who is breaking all records, so it is La Romanawhere in early June can already be +30°C, and finish – all +35 degrees.
  • About the same indicators can boast of Juan Dolio. The first days of the month there's been about +30°C, and in its final stage, may be +34-35.
  • Puerto Plata, San Pedro de Macoris, Maimon Bay occupy some middle position between the leaders of the temperature and "outsiders". Here marks the beginning of the month +28°C, and transformirovalsya to its end at a stable 30 degrees.

The water temperature consistently comfortable in any resort Dominican Republic. And at the beginning of the month, and in the completion – +27-29 degrees.

However, there is among the resort towns of the leaders on the water temperature where the figure comes to +28,2°S. among these are the Boca Chica, La Romana, San Pedro de Macoris, Juan Dolio, Santo Domingo.

The particular weather conditions

klimaticheskie osobennosti

June in this hospitable country – is not only hot days. It is also a night-time showers. However, they tend to remain as unnoticed day from them practically does not remain also a trace. An important feature of the June humidity. Tourists with health problems should consider this factor, because make full can experience it for yourself. In General, high humidity for most travellers do not discomfort.

In June, there are possible strong winds and even typhoons. If the latter happens regularly, then the wind really likely. This may have some impact on the comfort of bathing: there is a risk of formation of waves, sometimes small, sometimes larger, although such risks are generally not as significant.

So, the particular weather conditions are as follows:

  1. night rains;
  2. humidity;
  3. the possibility of strong winds;
  4. a small risk of typhoons.

Overall, however, June provides good weather conditions for travelers.

Summer vacation

Whether it is necessary to go in June to the Dominican Republic, when you consider that here at this time it is hot and humid? For people with good health, the answer will be positive.

Where better to relax and whether or not to go?

In what specific resort place to go if the choice is still stopped at the Dominican Republic? This is the city where the temperature doesn't exceed 31 degrees. Among them:

  • Arena Gorda;
  • Adobe;
  • Cap Cana;
  • Playa Bavaro.

Which fruits ripen?

kakie frukty prodautsya?

Those who chose this period will be able to enjoy such exotic fruits as mango.

June is a wonderful time when the Dominican Republic abounds with fruit-bearing mango.

Also will be able to try:

  1. passion fruit;
  2. papaya;
  3. guava;
  4. rare fruit zapote;
  5. exotic pitahaya;
  6. unfamiliar fruit Nispero.

How to dress?

The only thing to consider is the right selection of clothes for vacation. You should take with you:

  • summer clothes made of natural fabrics;
  • definitely need to take care of the headdress, without which in the Dominican Republic it is possible to earn a sunstroke;
  • in case of rain and wind is recommended to bring a light jacket, and even better – good breathable sweater or a jacket;
  • bathing suits you can take a couple, because of the humidity sets do not always have time to dry.

What to do this month?

chem zanyatsya v etot period?

The fact that in June the Dominican Republic is characterized by a heat, and heat, affects the specificity of the tourists away.

Beach vacation

Specific primarily beach vacation. Sometimes vacationers can stop typhoons, wind and big waves, but it is not a fact.

Storms and large waves tend to form off the coast of the Atlantic ocean and Caribbean sea they pass by.

As practice shows, it often happens that in the Dominican Republic for a month does not happen any serious day of rain, no warnings about the storm, or other natural force majeure.

What to see?

Other entertainment in this country prevail:

  1. Club, the so-called disco-bar rest. Resorts in Dominican Republic offer an extensive network of discos, bars and restaurants – everyone will be able to find an atmosphere to your liking;
  2. Entertainment in the form of excursions. However, if the weather is not too hot.
    kuda shodit?

    So, tourists are advised to visit a sightseeing tour in the capital of the Republic - Santo Domingo, you can visit the village of Altos de Chavon, copying old Italian village, to see in Puerto Plata, the statue of Christ the Savior.

    Of particular interest is the beautiful waterfall El Limon, which you can see on the Samana Peninsula.

    Also on the Samana Peninsula tourists gather impressions, going to look at the "Mouth of the devil" - a crevice located near a steep cliff, tickling the nerves.

  3. Visiting water parks. Of course, do not deny yourself this pleasure, especially to splash in the water parks at many of the resort towns of the Dominican.

Holidays and festivals

We should say that the Dominican Republic lavish carnivals. In June, you can participate:

  • in the carnival, which is held in Puerto Plata. This bright, large-scale event that affects the joy and mass celebrations;
  • in the festival of Caribbean culturewhich is also very colorful and fun. The event is organized in Puerto Rico;
  • in the Dominican celebration of the Lord's Body. It is steeped in faith traditions of the Republic's residents, so tourists have the opportunity to plunge into the local flavor.

Dominican Republic in June is, of course, certain weather features, but overall a very comfortable relaxing holiday.

Moreover, it can be used only for relaxation, relaxing on the white beaches of the Dominican, and to complement the gastronomic pleasures that gives the resort. And most importantly – it can vary sightseeing this wonderful area, its unique history and local traditions.

In this video, you will also be able to know what the weather in the Dominican Republic in June: