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Holiday in Egypt weather in Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh in June

pogoda v iune v Egipte

Weather in June in Egypt is beginning the sweltering heat. Many at this time want to visit the country and have a good rest during the holidays. A summer holiday in Egypt, and allowed a comfortable subject to certain rules.

What is the weather like in June in Egypt?

pogodnye usloviya v nachale leta

In early June the weather is more forgiving because the heat has not yet come into their rights. By mid - month the heat increases, it is gradually approaching desert heat. At the end of June, the heat fully sets in, the thermometer through the roof, showing forty degrees.

The scorching sun provokes a quick burn in the sun, so this period is not without remedies. They are required even while in the shade.

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The temperature of the air and water

In June, Egypt is the hot weather, the average temperature is at a level of thirty-four degrees.

The average water temperature is equal to twenty-seven degrees, which is a real lifeline for tourists. At night the temperature drops to twenty-five degrees, so it becomes quite comfortable. However, as you get closer to the July night, the weather is getting hotter. All hotels and public places are equipped with air conditioning, so the tourists will feel good.

In different parts of the country the temperature in June is slightly different. The cooler is a Western district, where there are El Gouna, Hurghada, Safaga. On the East coast the weather is more sultry, and there are Nuweiba, Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh. On these and other resorts kept following the water temperature and air:

  • Hurghada: air +32°C, water 27°C;
  • Safaga: air +32°C, water 27°C;
  • Sharm El-Sheikh: air +32°C, water 27°C;
  • Nuweiba: air +32°C - water 27°C;
  • Dahab: air +32°C, water 27°C;
  • Alexandria: air +28°C, water - +25°C;
  • Taba: air +32°C, water - +27°C.

The particular weather conditions

klimaticheskie osobennosti

Air humidity is at a comfortable level, it is not rising, the air is dry. For this reason, to breathe in Egypt easy and simple, unlike some tropical countries, where humidity complicates finding.

In June precipitation is not expected, dry climate without rain is distributed throughout the country.

Rain is not even in those places where in winter and spring time he was a regular guest, for example, in Cairo and Alexandria. For the entire year, including in June, in Egypt, the winds blowwith little to soften the effect of the heat. This month is the most windy, gust speed reaches five meters per second.

The June vacation

letnie kanikuly

In the summer months, holidays in Egypt has its appeal. Travelers are getting smaller, prices are down, and the sea beckons with warm waters.

Should I go?

Have a great time in Egypt in June, the people stoically tolerate the heat and love a beach holiday. The heat will be fine to stray sea swims. For those who prefer long walks, visiting the monuments, located at a considerable distance from the coast, it is better to visit the country another time.

I do not advise to relax at this time with young children and the elderly. To refrain from travelling costs to travelers suffering from various diseases such as hypertension. If you want to get to a remote place, you can rent a car or scooter, so on vacation, you need to capture a driver's license.

At noon the beach is better to go and cool off under the air conditioning href="http://tour.liketourist.com/bronirovanie/hotel/kakoj-otel-vybrat-v-egipte/">hotel. Morning and evening also it is not necessary to be in an open heat for a long time: get a bronze tan will succeed in the shade of an umbrella or awning. During this period, vacationing in the resorts is much lower, so lower prices. The probability to buy "burning" the tour also increases.

Where you can relax?

  1. Tourists, good tolerance to heat, you can go to Sharm El-Sheikh, where at this time pretty sultry.
  2. Fans of more cool climate is a road in Alexandria, where the temperature and air, and water a little lower.
  3. The most interesting entertainment are offered at the major resorts, for example, in Cairo and Hurghada.
  4. If you prefer a quiet and relaxing holiday, buy a ticket to Safaga or Taboo.
  5. And for the cheerful and noisy companies suitable Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh.

How to dress?

chto iz odezhdy vzyat?

You need to take care of clothes. It is recommended to wear t-shirts with long sleevemade from natural fabrics so as not to receive serious burns on the body. From sunstroke will save the obligatory headpiece.

Even while swimming in the sea is not advised to remove the shirt shouldn't be in bathing suit and swimming trunks.

Children should not remove headdress during the voyage, you need to leave on the head a hat. If you decide to go on a tour, as clothes, choose products made of crisp linen or cotton.

What to do this month?

In June, the tourists mainly are engaged in beach recreation. This period is not very suitable for visits to the sights and excursions, but to get a bronze tan and enjoy water sports time.

Beach vacation

In the hot June days of beach vacations are very popular. High temperature kompensiruet a great opportunity to cool off in the waves.

Holiday held on the best beaches of Hurghada, will be remembered for a long time. In this regard, popular entertainment, water-related, as everyone wants extra time to dip in the refreshing coolness. Virtually every resort area there are schools, where travelers learn the art of snorkeling and diving.

Diving is a popular pastime in Egypt. The dive centre is considered Sharm El-Sheikh. Here you can find a huge number of suitable for scuba diving places. Schools teach even young children that are immersed at a small depth.

Thrill-seekers and history buffs can go exploring sunken ships. Despite the fact that it's expensive and dangerous amusement, they are always there. And off the coast of Dahab is one of the most famous blue holes - a place where a dream of almost every diver.

Excursions and entertainment

razvlekatelnye i ekskursionnye programmy

In June, it is not recommended excursionsthat involve moving into the bowels of Egypt, far away from the coast. In the interior the heat is greater, the weather is even more hot, dry and very dusty.

In June suggest not to make long walks during excursions to distant monuments and attractions. From walking near the pyramids, a tourist is unlikely to get pleasure.

Perfect Jun for nightlife. Any resort in Egypt, you can find night clubs, discos and other night-time activities. For travelers organize fire, water shows and laser rooms.

And, of course, the main entertainment on the coast of Egypt remain water: diving, snorkeling, Windsurfing, skiing, various water transport, and others.

Holidays and festivals

At this resort a popular entertainment is the holding of the international competition of underwater photos. The authors of the images give to the festival the real masterpieces.

In the photo, and turtles with starfish, and divers in the blue sea, and exotic fish and other underwater objects and animals.

In June in Egypt can be quite comfortable to relax, if you follow certain rules. Need to find the right clothes, not to be a long time in the sun and not to far from the coast.

Weather conditions of Egypt in June, you can see in the following video: