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Where the best in Croatia in June: Dubrovnik - holiday, weather, water temperature

pogoda v Horvatii v iune

Croatia is a great destination for travel, because this country has clean air, clear sea and beautiful beaches.

For tourists it provides interesting routes for cultural and historical attractions, beach and recreation. Weather in Croatia in June will allow you to fully enjoy their stay.

What is the weather like in June in Croatia?

pogodnye usloviya v nachale leta

Traveling to Croatia, tourists have the opportunity to meet at once several kinds of climate. Depending on the region temperature may vary.

In the Northern region has a continental climate in the center – mountain and on the coast of the sea Mediterranean.

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The temperature of water and air

The beginning of summer is a great time to travel to Croatia. In June begins the"high season" – the period when the warm rays of the sun and warm the water in the sea ideal for beach tourism. This month, little rainfall, which allows tourists as possible to spend more time outside, traveling to different cities.

  • The main flow of tourists rushes on the coast of the Adriatic sea. The resorts in this part of Croatia is favorable weather. The average temperature in split and Dubrovnik throughout the month is +25-27°C, water – +21-24 degrees.

    For tourists there is no sweltering heat, but both day and at night warm enough. At night the thermometer drops to +18 degrees.

  • temperaturnye pokazateli

  • On the Peninsula of Istria is also observed a great holiday weather. The coast resort region is warm and Sunny. The average temperature for the month reaches 23 degrees by day +11 nights. The sea water warms up to 21 degrees and perfect for swimming. Such weather conditions are observed in Pula and Opatija.
  • In the capital Zagreb , the air temperature at the beginning of June is +22 degrees, and at the end of the month – +24°C. At night, it gets a bit cool up to 12 degrees. Overall, this weather is ideal for sightseeing tours around the ancient sights and interesting places. Tourists who prefer a versatile vacation, leave on time coast to experience the culture and history of this country.

The particular weather conditions

June is one of the most dry months during "high" season. During this period the rains manifest themselves 3 times, and their duration is not more than 10 minutes.

The driest areas are considered Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb, and the most humid – Istria and its resorts.

The wind does not cause inconvenience during the rest of the coast. In June, he is almost not noticeable, and therefore the sea promises to be quiet, not stirring high waves and a comfortable exit from the water.

Summer vacation

otpusk v letnij period

Croatia, many associated with the sea, pristine beaches and abundance of cultural excursions. The tourist industry in this country the most developed, so the rest of its open spaces promises to be interesting and rich.

Where better to relax - which resort to choose?

As the weather in June at various resorts of the country are a little different, travelers should determine in advance where to spend your holidays. For such purposes, ideal the resorts, which are located in Dubrovnik and around it. Here is the most warm, but not hot weather, and the sea warmed up for a long stay in it.

In the same month in the North of Croatia is very rainy, and some tourists may feel more andcool, especially at night. Rains in Istria drop out more often – up to 6 days. Thanks to the weather conditions, the water in the Adriatic sea may seem cold compared to other resorts in the country.

Which fruits ripen?

Seasonal fruit in Croatia is a real joy for tourists, especially for those who come to this country with children. From the beginning of June at the resorts, you receive the cherry – juicy and sweet. Towards the end of the month on the shelves you can find:

  1. watermelons;
  2. melon;
  3. strawberries.

How to dress?

To stay on the coast of Croatia passed comfortable enough to take things for beach walks:

  • t-shirt;
  • shorts;
  • light dress;
  • pareo;
  • swimsuit.

kakie veshi vzyat s soboj?

If planned exciting tours of the cities, it is necessary to pack in a suitcase comfortable and reliable shoes.

The nights can be quite cool, so don't forget a light sweater.

Things to do this month?

Croatia is perfectly suited for your most interesting vacation. Every tourist will find here entertainment for everyone, starting from diving to sea walks.

Beach vacation

The coast of Croatia is famous for its excellent clean and well maintained beaches. In June, prepared for tourists excellent conditions in the neighbouring Dubrovnik and split. In this region are the various hotels, and there is entertainment for every taste. Coast comes like a pebble, and sand – beaches of this resort enough for all.

Those who prefer to spend time relaxing on the beaches, choose the best of them:

  1. Banje;
  2. Copacabana;
  3. Lapad;
  4. Holy Jacob;
  5. Danchev.

Near the coast, you will find diving centres and schools where you can learn to dive under the water. In the clear and clean Adriatic sea, you can admire the caves, and sunken merchant ships.

What to see?

chto posetit v Dubrovnike?

Off the coast of Dubrovnik is such a number of attractionsthat tourists will be quite difficult to choose between just relaxing on the beaches and walks in a powerful defensive walls or temples.

Among the most striking places worthy of attention are:

  • City walls;
  • The Prince's Palace;
  • Onofrio's fountain;
  • Stradun promenade.

The main value of Dubrovnik – its ancient architecture – palaces, temples and fortresses. Each of these structures has its own legend or story.

If the choice fell on Dalmatia, the coast will shake not only the number of sites, but also spectacular scenery, often also called dramatic. Making a tour of this area you can find many ancient towns with historical architectural complexes, for example, Diocletian's Palace.

It is impossible to miss the natural beauty of this region, such as the national Park Island of Mljet.

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Holidays and festivals

In June in Croatia, held several music concerts, the most interesting of which is a Philharmonic festival SV. Mark's in Zagreb. During this event, the spacious squares performing music and dance groups. In this city also will be interesting Exhibition of flowers and cartoon Festival.

June 21 in Grand style to celebrate the summer solstice. This festival consists of folk festivals, fairs, tastings of national dishes and drinks. A number of the official events marked by June 25 - the Day of Power.

See in this videowhat the weather is waiting for you in Croatia in June: