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Vacation in Israel in June: weather, water temperature, and where better to relax?

pogoda v Izraile v iune

Israel is a legendary country where every traveller will discover a variety of places to stay. Before the lovers of ancient history opens a unique opportunity to explore the monuments and architecture of Jerusalem.

Fans of active holidays will be delighted with the diving in Eilat and the amazing beauty of coral reefs. Unique Wellness vacation awaits those who decide to improve their health at the Dead sea.

Regardless of the reason for the trip, the weather in June in Israel for tourists the most gentle, so the holiday promises to be a pleasant and rich.

The temperature of the air and water within a month

June is the perfect time to travel in Israel, especially for those who prefer a Beachy, active, or leisure tourism. At the most famous resorts, especially those that are designed for youth or family holiday, is pleasant weather.

The air temperature does not exceed +28-32°C, the sky of cloudlessness, and precipitation are almost absent. In those moments when it gets really hot, saves the cool of the night.

temperatura vody v iune v etoj strane

The summer season in Israel begins in June and ends in late October. At the beginning of June is still pleasant, not too hot weather (+26-28°C) in comparison with the end of the month (29-32°C). In addition, during this period the temperature is quite bearable in order not only to have fun on the beaches of Israel, but also to visit several shrines.

In June, before the tourists an opportunity to swim in the waters of the red sea, Mediterranean and the Dead sea or take a dip in the sea of Galilee. The average water temperature in the beginning of this month is +25°C, and by the end of June warms up to +27°C.

Where better to relax at this time?

Despite its small size, Israel has a lot of different resorts. Depending on the geographical region, which is a place for recreation and tourism, weather conditions may vary.

The capital of Israel – a unique and majestic city of Jerusalem in the first place intended for sightseeing and pilgrimage travelers. The whole city is like a precious stone, opens to tourists a rich cultural heritage, invaluable for mankind.

At every step the ancient city is home to numerous attractions among which the most popular Jaffa gate, the via Dolorosa and the Wailing Wall.

gde luchshe otdohnut v Izraile v iune?

Outdoor enthusiasts can safely go to Jerusalem without worrying about weather conditionsas the day temperature in June does not exceed +27°C.

The walls of the Old city the heat is not so noticeable, but if you become uncomfortable, you can always stop in one of the home café and try the delicious cuisine of Israel. Cool evenings active life in Jerusalem is just beginning, everywhere opened cafes, bars and discos.

Quite exciting and informative can be a trip to tel Aviv. This young and "energetic" city beckons with its skyscrapers, adjacent to the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean sea. The coast abounds with incredibly big amount of fun:

  • water Park "Meymadon";
  • the amusement Park "Hayarkon";
  • diving, surfing, Windsurfing and kite surfing.

In between relaxing on the beach and active nightlife tourists prefer shopping in the tourist center of the city. The day temperature does not exceed 29°C.

otdyh v Izraile v iune

Netanya and Haifa – two popular tourist town located on the Mediterranean coast. In these resort towns perfectly beach, active and cultural tourism.

Thanks to splendid June weather, even for a short time, you can diversify the rest:

  • admire the beauty of the seascapes;
  • parks;
  • to go sailing, Biking or paraplanner;
  • visit hot springs Gaash;
  • to go on a historical tour to a neighboring town.

The Mediterranean climate in these cities in June is particularly pleasant, because it does not exceed +22°C.

Finally, if the main purpose of health, you should visit the Dead sea. The lowest point on our planet has a unique nature.

On the territory of this resort the healing is not only sea, but also air and earth. Here you can get acquainted with ancient history, climb mountains or ride camels.

Unlike other areas of Israel, in June at the Dead sea is incredibly hot weather – +37°C.

Things to do on vacation?

All the resorts in Israel are known for a variety of entertainment and excursion programs to significantly broaden your horizons. The small size of the country contribute to the fact that to get to anywhere is incredibly simple.

Watch the following video, as the beautiful island of Yafo in the summer:


Most popular are tours to such parts of the country, like Jerusalem, Safed, Bethlehem and Nazareth. Vivid and unforgettable experiences await those who dare to visit natural attractions: a unique natural reserves of Ein Gedi, Eynot-Zukim, underpass Flour cave or a pillar of salt "Lot's Wife".

Holidays and festivals

Boring will be in June for those who wish to attend the festival or any other interesting and important event. Mostly this month are musical concerts, mainly in cities such as Jerusalem and the Dead sea.

prazdniki i festivali na otdyhe v Ispanii v eto vremya

In June, travelers should expect to see "Season of culture" and the"Festival of lights"held in the Old town. All events are held on the outdoor stage after sunset, so you don't have to worry about discomfort.

Despite the heat, inherent to Israel, June – quite a nice time for vacation. Nevertheless, do not neglect hats and protective creams.