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What is the weather, temperature and holiday in the UAE in the Emirates of Dubai and Sharjah

pogoda v OAE v iune

United Arab Emirates – one of the most popular holiday destinations in which to present everything from luxury coast, prestigious hotels and high-class service and ending with the abundance of most interesting sights.

Climatic conditions throughout most of the year is favorable, but the weather in the UAE in June, just a hell.

What is the weather like in June in the UAE?

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Thanks to the excellent climate, the weather in the UAE all year round happy high temperature, no rain and plenty of Sunny days.

The temperature of the air and water

Despite the fact that June in the UAE is considered low season, at the beginning and the end of the month across the country is extremely clear and hot weather.

Day in different cities there is a very high temperature is on average +38-40°C degrees.

The highest rates are characteristic of such resort as Abu Dhabi. In this city the air temperature is 40-43 degrees.

Other popular resorts UAE in June is scorching heat:

  • In Dubai – +38 degrees;
  • In Fujairah – +38 degrees;
  • In RAS al-Khaimah – +38 degrees;
  • In Sharjah – 37 degrees;
  • In Ajman – +36 degrees.

temperaturnye pokazateli

While at night in the resorts of the UAE becomes not very cool – up to 28-30 degrees. These weather conditions are kept throughout the month.

The water on the coast of the UAE is so heated, that a dip in it, tourists have the impression to take a warm bath.

Water temperature of the Persian and the Gulf of Oman ranges from +25 to +28 degrees, and in particularly hot days up to 31 degrees.

The particular weather conditions

specifika klimata

Extreme temperature and high humidity create the effect of "baths" in June, and the absence of any hint of a refreshing breeze further reinforce such feelings.

If there remains a freshness, that by lunchtime on the streets of resorts created an unbearable Inferno.

The sand on the coast is heated, making it difficult to take a sun bath, and the water in the Bay and not refreshing.

In June at the resorts UAE rains – a rarity, and if they fall out, this happens only 1-2 times during the entire period. Within 20 minutes after the rain, from him not a trace remains.

Summer vacation

High temperature performance not hinder tourists to visit resorts in the UAE in June. During this period, the country offers its tourists a lot of entertainment not only on beaches, but where are air-conditioned.

The pros and cons

The main reason why tourists choose UAE for vacation – beach tourism, but in June in the country it is not available or discomfort. Not every camper is able to be on the water at such high temperature and high humidity. In addition, this month a very low oxygen content in the air, and this leads to drowsiness and lethargy.

The influx of tourists to the UAE in June provides the perfect opportunity to go diving and Snorkelling, especially if for a summer vacation chosen resort Fujairah. The temperature of water and air in the region just below, that provides excellent conditions for recreation.

How to dress?

kakie veshi nadevat?

With the onset of summer in the UAE begins this sweltering heat, be in a comfortable place, if to take easysummer clothes from natural fabrics and with long sleeves. Do not forget about hats and sunscreen, otherwise you'll have to deal with burns and sunstroke.

But you can forget the umbrellas – the probability that it will rain, is reduced to zero.

On vacation will be useful to swimwear, because some of the resorts in the morning is very pleasant weather and water temperature allows you to plunge into her for a while. But even if you don't have to spend time on the beach, you can pick up hotel, where guests can relax at the pool.

Where to go to relax?

If high temperature performance in June, do not stop, then the best option for a holiday in UAE are the resorts of the Gulf of Oman. In this part of the country the water warms up to 25 degrees and the air temperature to 37 degrees.

During this period there are available a variety of entertainment, including water parks, diving, snorkeling and excursions.

What to do in the UAE this summer?

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Even the unbearable heat does not prevent tourists relax in resorts of the UAE. During this period, here available all kinds of tours, colorful events and loads of fun.

Beach vacation

Coast of the UAE is incredibly extensive, and if you have the desire to spend a holiday by the sea, basking under the sun and swimming, it is better to stop the choice on this resort, Fujairah. To comfortably spend time, is to go to the beach with 6 to 8 am. In this period is quite pleasant weather that allows travelers to lie on a sun lounger or swim in already progresshas water.

But the main purpose of the trip tourists is diving. The underwater world here is incredibly rich in the thick jungle of coral, colourful fishes and various other water inhabitants. If you have no experience in this sport, you can visit one of the many schools that is designed both for adults and children.

Excursions and entertainment

The intense heat in June is not suitable for a sightseeing tour attractions of the UAE, so all what you can see is within the major cities. During familiarization with iconic and memorable places you can escape from hell in one of the many shopping centres and cafes with air conditioning.

Among the interesting places in the UAE worth noting:

  1. The Burj Khalifa;
  2. The Dubai Fountain;
  3. The Guggenheim Museum;
  4. The Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque;
  5. Dubai Creek;
  6. Bastakiya District.

It should be noted that recently in the place where today rise the highest skyscrapers, bright tower shopping malls and hotels, was a small and cozy Oriental village.

Where now laid green lawns, trees and dug the water channels, was the lifeless desert.

For this reason, the UAE has not so many historical sights, and those that particularly attract tourists – modern grandiose projects.

Among the amenities in the UAE the most attractive trips in the shopping mallsthat take up to 100 floors. In addition to the incredibly large variety of goods in these megamoolah available cafes with delicious local cuisine, cinemas, zoos and the observation deck.

According to reviews, the best time to visit the lookout – an hour before sunset, when the hot sun descends over the horizon, and every building shines with bright highlights.

Holidays and festivals

In June not so many events in the UAE, as this month comes at the time of Ramadan. All the most interesting events take place every day in shopping malls. Among them, the most attractive food markets, a huge sale with discounts of up to 70%, as well as music concerts.

See in this video, what is the weather in Dubai in June: