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Weather in Prague in early June, the statistics of temperature, and shopping on site

pogoda v Prage v iune

Prague is an ancient city with an abundance of different attractions. On its territory there are many historical and cultural monuments and modern places of interest and natural objects.

To visit them all would take a long time, and great weather in Prague in June will allow longer to walk through the ancient streets.

Weather in June in Prague

prognoz pogodnyh uslovij v nachale leta

June is one of the best periods to visit Prague. The weather this month does not disappoint, because the climatic conditions of the Czech Republic and the capital is ideal for long walks.

The air temperature

Since the first days of summer in Prague is set to warm and dry weather. Statistics show that in the daytime the thermometer freezes at +21-22°C at night, +16 degrees. During the entire month the temperature continues to rise, but thanks to the mild climate, this feature is not very noticeable.

The intense heat in early summer in the Czech capital will not, but feeling cold is not overtake.

Closer to the middle of June, the temperature reaches 23 degrees, and in the end – +25°C. In a particularly Sunny and clear days the thermometer pleases hot temperature in 30 degrees. The last two weeks the nights are not so cool – the air cools down to 18 degrees.

The particular weather conditions

klimaticheskie osobennosti

Such temperature indicators make a trip in June in Prague as comfortable and unforgettable as clear and Sunny days and rare rainfall create the perfect picture. Rains mainly 5-6 times per month. Average monthly rainfall is 66 mm.

If, during your trip or strolling tourists suddenly overtake the bad weather, in such moments you can spend time at one of the local cafes, tasting traditional Czech cuisine.

Vacation in early summer

The journey to Prague is an interesting and memorable event, especially if the weather is clear allows you to diversify this trip.

Should I go?

June in Prague is one of the best periods to visit the Czech capital. This month the city hosts many interesting events – festivals, fairs and concerts. Such events occur on the street day and night, so warm weather will be a pleasant addition.

Tourists can enjoy plenty of clear days and excellent weather, as well as to get acquainted with the traditions of the country.

mozhno li priezzhat?

No less excellent will be the tour program – tours of the ancient architectural monuments. The city is incredibly many cozy streets and districts with a large number of the most iconic landmarks.

Beautiful weather will allow you more time to spend on the street, discovering the monuments of the XIV century – the magnificent castles, Royal palaces and Gothic churches, bridges and villas.

In June, open parks, squares and alleys – a cozy place where you can relax from long walks surrounded by fresh greens. Also tourists have a wonderful opportunity to get outside of the city, where no less wonderful and fresh in June.

Thus, the main advantage of the rest in June in Prague – the maximum opportunity to diversify your vacation with walking tours, shopping and entertainment.

How to dress?

Despite these forecasts, the temperature in June is ambiguous. To stay passed comfortably, you should bring lightweight clothes and comfortable shoes – clothes that are suitable for day walks. The trip will need everything that can be useful at the time coolevenings:

  • sweater;
  • windbreaker;
  • cloak;
  • a light scarf or shawl on the neck.

On clear days in Prague do not be redundant sunglasses and head-dress, and at some point in the journey, useful sunscreen.

On a rainy June days from a small rain makes a great raincoat or umbrella.

What to do this month?

chem zanyatsya v etom mesyace?

Prague – one of the most interesting capitals in Europe with a fascinating tour program, a wide range of entertainment and spectacular events. Strolling through the city, you will not be bored anyone.

Excursions and entertainment

Prague has a special charm – the city and its iconic attractions known to many tourists even before the trip. Old houses and buildings, streets and districts – all this attracts of the vast city of millions of people from all over the world.

The most vivid and memorable sights of Prague:

  1. Charles bridge;
  2. Dancing house;
  3. TV tower;
  4. Wenceslas square;
  5. Old town square;
  6. The Prague castle.

People walking on them, imbued with fairy-tale beauty of Prague, its history and culture. For a short time to get acquainted with the architecture of the city is unlikely, so the beautiful June weather would be nice.

Young tourists also will not be bored in Prague, because this city is a great zoo, water Park Aquapalace and Children's island. In such places, rich in different activities, you can spend the whole day.

Shopping in the Czech capital

Prague is famous throughout Europe for grandiose sales, which by its scale exceeds the discount days Italy and Poland. Due to the fact that large stores are located within walking distance from each other, shopping will not only be profitable and exciting, but also convenient.

shopping v cheshskoj stolice

Shopping trails start on the street of Paris, where the best French brands. You can then proceed to Wenceslas square shops with famous designer brands, and then to the Republic square, where are the shopping centers.

In the market you can find products from brands with well-known names of Czech or products that are not inferior in quality.

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Holidays and festivals

In June in Prague, will start a large number of festivals and celebrations, the most striking of them:

  • the festival "Prague spring";
  • the festival "Prague dance".

3 June in the city of revere the memory of one of the most famous writers – Franz Kafka. On this day, many residents go to the cemetery, where the tomb of the author.

See in this videowhat the weather is waiting for you in Prague in June: