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The season of holiday in Thailand: weather, water temperature and climate by month

pogoda po mesyacam v Tajlande

Thailand is a tropical country, which attracts tourists the opportunity to relax in almost any season, enjoying the beautiful beaches, extensive excursion program, and fun nightlife.


Since Thailand is quite a large area, extending from North to South, in different parts of this Kingdom on the same day the weather can be absolutely not similar. Considering this, it is possible to provide a more comfortable stay.

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Klimat v Tajlande

The weather in Thailand can be described as truly summer and comfortable. Due to the fact that the country is located in two zones – tropical and subtropical, the climate is pleasing year-round high temperature performance. Day, with rare exceptions, the air warms up to 30 degrees and rarely drops below 25 degrees.

The climate of Thailand has a great number of hot days, with the difference between day and night temperature almost palpable.

Despite this, the weather here can be divided into three main seasons:

  • Hot (March - may);
  • Rainy (June - October);
  • Guests (November - February).

In order not to suffer from the heat, best for travelers to choose the North of Thailand. The local resorts are located high above sea level and have excellent temperature not exceeding 30 degrees.


Pogoda v Pataje

Pattaya is part of the best resorts in Thailand, because here is dominated by a tropical hot and humid climate, it is not bright temperature changes and the sea no strong waves and storms. In General, the weather here is much different from other resorts, due to the location on the shore of the Gulf of Thailand.

The traditional rainy season in this area goes almost unnoticed. Storms are 1-2 hours 4-5 times a week and mostly at night. They are significantly freshen the air, making it cooler.

Sea water throughout the year is +27-29 degrees, but the sea breeze blows pleasant, making the stay quite comfortable for a European.

Throughout the year the temperature in Pattaya is almost not changed and is around +28-35 degrees.


The climate of the island part of Thailand, located in the South of the country near the Andaman coast, is different from the continent because here it is tropical, warm and humid, and the weather is influenced by monsoons.

Phuket clearly distinguished the two seasons – dry (may - October) and wet season (November - March) – both very tangible.

During the rainy season here increases the probability of passage of a tropical cyclone, accompanied by gusty winds and torrential rain. In the summer of greatest rainfall, and Sunny days are very few.

The average temperature all year is from +24 to +36 degrees, water – +28°C.

In this video you can see the weather on Phuket on months:


Travelers looking to relax on the southern resort during the winter time should know that this season in Thailand is the most favorable weather for the holiday.

  • December. At this time in Thailand, a notable sharp rise in tourists, since the high season is in full swing. The entire month of almost no rain, and strong wind.

    Day tourists are pleased with the wonderful weather with temperatures of 30-32 degrees. At night, the heat subsides a bit and the temperature drops to 28 degrees. Sea water is ideal for swimming. She warms up to +28 degrees.

  • January. The most gorgeous temperaturecelebrated in January, as it ranges from +24 to +30 degrees, which provides beach lovers a delightful opportunity to get a bronze tan.

    Night time temperature in January is the lowest throughout the country – 19 degrees. There is practically no rain, but with a few exceptions. The sea water invites to swim, due to the high temperature of +26-28°C.

  • February. From the point of view of tourism February is very favorable for rest, as the day temperature is kept at around +20-30 degrees at night and +19°C. At this time, always warm and Sunny, but not exhausting, and it rains very rarely.

    The water on the coast has long bathing – its temperature is around 28 degrees. By the end of the month the temperature will increase significantly.

Since winter is considered high season, is enough to light things:

  • T-shirt;
  • Shorts;
  • Dresses;
  • Easy shoes;
  • Swimsuits and swimming trunks.

Parasols are hardly useful, because in winter the rains are almost absent.

The winter months are the best time for visiting the delightful resorts of Thailand.

Stable daytime temperatures, lack of humidity and light acclimatization make the stay an unforgettable time.

Winter holiday in Thailand is exciting diving, gambling, deep sea fishing, Canoeing and yachting, shopping and always bright sightseeing at the Buddhist monasteries, Botanical gardens, a celebration of European and Chinese New Year.

Come here on a family vacationwho enjoy spending time on the numerous beaches and try the freshest tropical fruits.


Vesna v strane

The spring season in Thailand is characterized by sweltering heat, lack of rain and not so warm water in the sea that it feels almost like in the bathtub.

  • March. From the very beginning of the month in Thailand begins noticeable heat. The temperature rises to 35 degrees, and sunbathing on the beach, you can get a sunburn. The sea water is not strongly rescues from the heat, since its temperature grows right up to +28°C.

    At night the heat subsides a little, because the thermometer drops to +26°C. the Most comfortable at this time located on the island of Samui or Ko Tao. Is less noticeable as heat and precipitation, which are frequent in March.

  • April. A day exploring the resorts of Thailand are more complicated, because the temperature rises another two degrees compared with the previous month, warming to 37°C. Even at night it is very stuffy at +23-25°C. the sea Temperature remains the same +28°C. Becomes significantly more cloudy and rainy days.
  • May. This month is a transition from stable season to season. The days are still hot – +34-38, nights a little cooler – +25°C, the water temperature in the sea is about 27°C. To the end of the month rains very noticeable, but they are still short.

For the spring period is especially important to cotton clothing with long sleeves, hatsand light shoes, but just in case I need to grab an umbrella – rain here this time of night are not uncommon.

Spring break is a bit cheaper because it is considered not very favorable season for tourists here is much smaller. But by this time, kept pace with many rare fruits that are so loved by growns and children.

In these months, tourists are advised to walk to the pearl farm Nacha, visit the oldest temple of the Golden mount, Vimanmek mansion, yew, and various trips to nature reserves, cultural sites, unique massages, shopping.

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The summer months are not recommended to stay in Thailand, especially if you have health problems. The unbearable heat and humidity makes it impossible to enjoy.

Letnyaya zhara

  • June. In early summer, the rainy season continues, but the air temperature is much lower, at around +28-30°C and at +23 to 28 degrees. Especially the high humidity felt in the region of Andaman sea (Pkuket, Krabi, Khao Lak). The constant rain and high waves do not normally rest on the sea, the temperature of which at this time +25°C.
  • July. In the middle of summer the weather continues to be rainy, but the precipitation is not as strongly evident in the Gulf of Thailand. Day the thermometer rises to +27-30°C and at night drops to the level of 22-27°C. Sea water of the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman sea is around 25°C. however, due to storm warnings hardly get to swim in it.
  • August. As before, if you really want to choose for summer holidays Thailand, in August betterto go to the resorts of the Gulf of Thailand. Here the air temperature warms up to +28°C, at night it becomes a fresh – +25°C, and the sea water is pleasantly warm to +27°C.

In the summer do not have to take a lot of clothes. Standard closet light summer clothes and shoes, umbrella and swimsuit.

The main reason why summer vacation in Thailand profitable – cheap prices for flights, booking rooms and tours. The beaches and the town becomes almost deserted, but an active life, especially at night, not on the decline.

In the summer, when the weather is not too conducive to a beach holiday, you can vary the trip to Thailand studies of ancient palaces and temples, dancing in night clubs and familiarity with the main relics of Bangkok:

  1. Grand Palace;
  2. The Emerald Buddha Statue;
  3. Sky Tower;
  4. The Dusit Zoo.

Also very interesting is shopping at the local flea market "Chatuchak".


In the autumn, in most regions the weather is better, and rainfall becomes much less.

Osennij vodopad

  • September. The onset of the off-season leads to more unstable and changeable weather. Showers continue across the country, the wind also not losing ground. The daytime temperature fluctuates at around +30 degrees, and night falls as much as 18°C. the Sea water warms up to +27°C. to Endure such weather conditions becomes a little easier.
  • October. This month in Thailand, set a comfortable and not hot weather, almost disappearing rains, rarely showers. In the afternoon the air temperature is +30-33°C, at night, it gets cooler – 21-24°C. the Water in the Thai coasts warms up to +29°C.
  • November. The last month of autumn is ideal for air. The rains stop pouring so frequently and heavily, and the air is comfortable for relaxing, delighting day performance at +30°C, at night – +24. The water is still nice, because warms up to +27°C.

Autumn is not superfluous to bring a swimsuit and shorts, a shirt and a hat. Everything else you can buy on the spot, because in this period in Thailand discounts.

The second half of autumn is ideal for a varied holiday. Prices are not so high, what will be in the winter, and the weather is great for beach and sightseeing tourism.

In the autumn months it is best to devote your holiday to meet exotic Thai cuisine, the acquaintance with the colorful attractions (heavenly Palace, the former capital, Ayutthaya) and the legendary crocodile farmand a visit to the natural reserves and mangroves in Koh Lanta.

When to go to relax?

Despite the difference in climatic conditions, holiday in Thailand is in demand any time of the year. The sea water is always pleasant for swimming and the rainy season is not as bad as they describe it.

The tourist season

For a comfortable stay in Thailand is possible to distinguish two seasons – hot and high, which last from November and ending with April. Both periods are characterized by beautiful weather, no rain and clear sky.

High season

In late autumn and winter in Thailand is the high season, which is characterized by dry weather with average temperatures around +25 degrees and in the North a little cooler – around 20°C.

Such a climate allows you to stay outside all day without risking heat stroke. This period was to diversify the beach and sightseeing holiday.

Vysokij sezon dlya otpuska

The rainy season

Dry weather gives way to in may and lasts until November, when dramatically comes the heavy rains and long rains, constantly blowing wind, there is a risk of a storm or Typhoon.

As you can see, the weather in Thailand is not always ideal for a beach holiday, but always happy!