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Stay in Tunisia: the weather, the water temperature and where to relax at the beginning of June?

pogoda v Tunise v iune

Tunisia is one of the best destinations designed for the most versatile holidays. In this country the superb white beaches, unique places for tourism and medical treatments that can rejuvenate the body. Weather in Tunisia in June allows you to spend an unforgettable vacation.

What is the weather in June in Tunisia?

pogodnye usloviya v nachale leta

Due to its location, Tunisia boasts excellent climate. Summer in this country is hot, but the heat is transferred easily through dry air.

The water in the sea warms up well, delighting tourists throughout the season.

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Temperature of air and water - how many degrees?

Not just because June is considered one of the best months for holidays in Tunisia. Throughout the period on the coast is warm and comfortable, and the exhausting heat may not be out of the question. Even if the air is heated to high temperatures, it will not affect the rest. In addition, in the evenings and sometimes chilly.

It should be noted that throughout the month in Tunisia, the air temperature gradually increases. If at the beginning of June at all the resorts, the thermometer ranges at around 26-29°C, then at the end of the month, this figure reaches +30°C. But despite the fact that resorts the risk of burn or get sun stroke is minimal, yet we should not forget about all sorts of remedies.

temperaturnye pokazateli v gradusah

At night in June is pretty cool – the air cools to 16 degrees. Due to the fact that on the coast the humidity is lower than in the winter, tourists should be wary of catching a cold. In Tunisia, as in many African countries, in the dark gets real cold.

On average, for June, the best resorts of Tunisia have the following characteristics:

  • the island of Djerba – day +29°C, night 16°C, water +22°C;
  • Mahdia – day +27°C, at +18°C, water 21°C;
  • Hammamet – day +29°C at night +20°C, water +22°C;
  • Suss – day +29°C at night +22°C, water +22°C;
  • Monastir – day +29°C at night +22°C, water +23°C;
  • Tunisia – day +29°C, night 21°C, water +22°C;
  • Tabarka – day +27°C, night 21°C, water +22°C.

The water temperature in the Mediterranean sea also increased throughout June. At the beginning of the month, she warms up to 21-22°C, and by the end to +24-25°C.

The swimming season in Tunisia will start the second half of June, when the resorts in the country parents flock with their children.

The particular weather conditions

klimaticheskie osobennosti

In June, Tunisia begins the"high season" , making the coast of this country from all over the world tourists flock. But in the first half of the month, the rest may not be as beautiful because the strong wind provokes high waves and the storm.

Kind of trouble can prevent the fans of water sports and tourists in the water. However, by mid-month the weather will begin to delight tourists clear and warm days, no rain and wind. The water is heated to maximum performance.

Summer vacation - should I go?

June is considered the most ideal time for a varied holiday in Tunisia. Weather conditions have a great time on the coast, to explore interesting places and to improve their health, addressing such popular procedures as thalassotherapy.

Where better to relax and what resortto choose?

Resort areas in Tunisia are very diverse, but in June, the most popular place is South coast of the country. Mediterranean sea in this part of the warmer that allows you to go here for vacation with children. Thanks to the weather conditions, tourist flow is much higher. So, if you want privacy, you should choose to travel the Northern coast of Tunisia.

Especially popular among tourists Djerba – South resort with excellent beaches, traditional white houses, palm trees and picturesque views. The coast here is not to find noisy clubs and discos, but at any time there is a possibility interesting and eventful vacation.

Also to stay with the child, it is recommended the coast , Nabeul and Hammamet. At these resorts, in addition to well-kept beaches with gently sloping bottom, you can find a lot of entertainment such as water parks and theme parks.

In June of the Mediterranean sea near Tunisia is considered the most clean after winter. It can not find the seaweed, rocks or jellyfish. In some hotels a protective mesh through which ashore misses none of the marine life.

The beaches remain clean and safe, and the invasion of jellyfish on the coast is expected only in July.

Which fruits ripen?

kakie frukty mozhno vstretit?

The hot climate of Africa Tunisia promotes maturation of fruits all year round. In June, tourists are available:

  1. melon;
  2. watermelons;
  3. strawberry;
  4. cherries;
  5. cherry;
  6. pear;
  7. peaches.

In the middle of the month, the markets ends up selling apricots, because in this period will be the end of the season. But on the shelves you can find a nectarine – fruit that will be very juicy to the end of the month.

What clothes to take?

Planning a trip to the coast of Tunisia, you should take care to correct the fullness of the suitcase. From the scorching rays of the sun will help light summer clothes with long sleeves, sunglasses and a hat. Even despite the fact that temperature readings are not so high, the street is very easy to get burnt in the short term.

With you should take comfortable shoes, which will be handy during sightseeing tours.

What to do this month?

In June, Tunisia attend a beach holiday, as well as those who wish to diversify their trip entertainment, excursion programs and treatment. This month is particularly suitable for travel with children.

Beach vacation

June is ideal for safe tanning and swimming in warm sea water. The coast of Tunisia decorate, the excellent beaches with white sand and azure sea. Until noon it is safe to stay in the sun with comfort, as the risk of burn is minimal.

At each resort there are hotels of different categories, so the tourists have the opportunity to relax budget and on system "all inclusive". But it is important to remember that the book of numbers in the second half of June is in advance.

Where to go and what to see?

kakie mesta posetit?

Close to the popular resorts of the legendary attractions of this country. The brightest historical and cultural monuments can be found in the ancient city of Monastir. Among them note worthy:

  • Arab of Medina in a fortified wall;
  • military Fort;
  • magnificent museums;
  • luxurious mausoleum of Habib Bourguiba.

In the first half of June you can get out in the Sahara desert, where in Tunisia are organized long trips to the jeep. While the heat is not so strongly manifested itself, tourists have the opportunity to explore this natural wonder.

Holidays and festivals

In June in the country not so many bright events. This month in several cities held "Jazz festival" – an event that attracts many visitors.

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