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Where better than in Turkey: rest, weather and water temperature in early June

pogoda v Turcii v iune

Being one of the most exciting destinations for a beach and cultural tourism, Turkey draws on its vast millions of tourists all year round. This country pleases, developed infrastructure and excellent conditions for an exciting holiday. Especially will appreciate the warm weather in Turkey in June.

What is the weather like in June in Turkey?

pogodnye usloviya v nachale leta

June is one of the best periods to visit Turkey. This month is set to warm and clear weather, but a refreshing sea breeze does not feel the heat.

Forecast: how many degrees the temperature of water and air?

With the onset of June in Turkey comes full tourist season. During the whole month the temperature is increasing at all the resorts. If in the first week the air temperature is +28°C, in the middle of the thermometer reaches +30°C, and in the end – +32-35°C.

Particularly pleased with this kind of weather tourists who decided to visit the traditional resorts of Belek, side and Antalya, are located in the warm Bay.

A little cooler in the resorts of the Mediterranean and the Aegean sea. In this part of the country love to come to the tourists who can not tolerate extreme heat, but I want to spend time relaxing on the famous beaches. The temperature is kept at around +25°C, and in the second half of June +27°C at these resorts:

  • Kemer;
  • Bodrum;
  • Kusadasi;
  • Marmaris;
  • Izmir.

pokazateli na gradusnike po prognozu

In the capital Istanbul – the city where the tourists go for interesting excursions, the air temperature in June is still quite pleasant. At the beginning of the month, the day of the performance in +25 degree allow you to be on the street, visiting the sights and exploring the traditional cuisine of the country. Towards the end of the month air temperature reaches +27°C.

If in may, many tourists have not decided on total immersion in water, then in June, for a safely bathe. In the beginning of the month the water temperature in the Turkish seas happy high performance:

  1. Black sea – in the beginning +19-23°C, and at the end of +23-25°C;
  2. The Marmara sea is about +18 to 22°C, and at the end of +22-24°C;
  3. Aegean sea – in the beginning +21-24°C, and at the end +24-25°C;
  4. The Mediterranean sea – in the beginning +22-25°C, and at the end of +25-27°C.

At night on the coast of the Turkish resorts becomes fresh and even cool.

The temperature in the resorts of the Black sea in the night reaches 19°C, and the resorts of the Mediterranean and the Aegean – 17-19 degrees. Such coolness especially is good after a hot summer day.

It should be noted that in mountainous areas of Turkey cool throughout the month. Here the temperature is kept at around +17 degrees during the day and +12°C at night. Lovers of heat will be cold. But even these low rates attract tourists, decided to diversify the rest of the country, visiting not only the beaches but also the mountains.

The particular weather conditions

klimaticheskie osobennosti

June is one of the most dry months in Turkey, as the number of rainy days here is rapidly decreasing. On the coast of the Mediterranean sea it is a beautiful Sunny weather. For the entire month of rains not more than 1-3 times, but after a few minutes of them not a trace remains.

These conditions combined with low humidity make it easy to carry high temperature and acclimatization thatespecially important for those who have problems with pressure. In addition, low humidity pleasant is the fact that mosquitoes in such circumstances is unlikely to emerge. For the greater part of Turkey in early summer typical atmospheric pressure is 610 mm Hg. article

Especially nice in June, a fresh breeze, which saves on hot days. It blows from the sea, bringing a slight coolness. Due to the fact that the wind is not strong, waves not bothering to bathe, and the water itself stays clean. This means that tourists can dive with a mask to see the rich underwater world.

All the charm of a summer vacation

Due to the excellent weather conditions, tourists from all over the world sent to the coast of Turkey.

At this time there happens a lot of interesting events, and the temperature of air and water allow for a lot of time on the beaches.

Is it worth it to fly?

One of the main advantages of rest in Turkey in June – perfect weather. The country is still not very hot, as it will be next month, but warmer than the previous one. Moreover the tourists have the choice to go to the resorts in the beginning of June, when the weather allows to be outside even during the hottest hours or visit them at the end of the month when you can get a great tan.

In June in Turkey especially fun, because in this period across the country held a variety of events, from the bright and varied festivals, to "day of shopping". The tourists have the opportunity not only to swim in the sea, but also get a lot of pleasure from a variety of entertainment, and lack of rain will allow not to worry about the weather.

stoit li ehat?

In June, tourists can enjoy themselves in different ways:

  • to engage in diving;
  • to go to sea in a boat;
  • fresh fruits;
  • to visit interesting places;
  • to visit a neighboring country (Greece).

The sea in this period is particularly clean, warm and the weather is conducive to both passive and active.

The only drawback may be the fact that the popularity of Turkey in summer season is almost always high prices on vacation. Compared to the cost of the resort tours is increasing by about 10%. To avoid this, it is enough to buy a trip for this period in advance.

Where to relax: in which district to go?

To rich and to spend time on holiday in June, you can choose the resorts of Turkey, located on the Mediterranean coast. In this part of the country the sea warm enough for swimming, and the temperature remains cool. The local beaches are especially diverse – you can find the traditional sandy seaside or to give preference to the pebbly beach.

But also at other resorts of the country should not relax:

  1. Belek is the most warm a summer resort;
  2. Marmaris is one of the most comfortable places in Turkey;
  3. Kemer coast, characterized by stable weather;
  4. Bodrum is a resort for those who can't stand extreme heat.

In Turkey there are so many resorts, each of which has its own "flavor". Tourists have a great opportunity to find the perfect option for travelers.

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Where to travel with children?

mesta dlya otdyha s detmi

If a holiday in Turkey in June is planned with the child, you should pay attention to the Marmaris resort, dominated by stable weather and the number of activities for the children impresses the tourists. Of other advantages also worth noting the proximity of the hotels to the coastline, and the presence of "all inclusive" and the lack of noisy companies.

The same qualities have the following resorts for kids:

  • Antalya is a resort adapted to children;
  • Kemer – coast with a great choice of entertainment;
  • Belek is a quiet resort with white sand beaches.

Since the Turkish resorts are among the oldest, you can not worry that the rest of the baby is not so good. Almost every hotel has everything to make the stay for young travelers went fabulously.

What clothes to take?

Summer in Turkey is in full swing, so the rest will need only warm clothes and outdoor shoes, and sun protection. Should definitely bring your swimsuit and a hat.

Which fruits ripen?

Travelers with children are especially interested in the question of the season any fruits in Turkey in June. At this time in Turkey, the abundance of a variety of fruits and berries. You can taste them at the hotel or in the markets of Istanbul. This month ripen medlars, apricots, cherries, plums, nectarines and melon. All these fruits are incredibly juicy and tasty, and useful, sosure to appeal to children.

What to do this month?

Turkey is versatile in terms of recreation. In this country in the summer available beautiful coastline and marine and coastal entertainment. Everywhere celebrations and festivals, colourful events which are so fond of tourists.

Beach vacation - can you swim?

otpusk na plyazhe - mozhno li okunatsya v vodu?

If you plan beach holidays and nautical activities, it is necessary to pay attention to such resorts, which are located on the coast of the Mediterranean and the Marmara seas. In this part of Turkey, the water is warm for swimming, but in particular its temperature is perfect for children.

Faster the sea warms up on the coast, which belongs to the cities: Antalya, Belek and side. Choosing beaches, you should pay attention to the fact that the coast is leased to local hotels. Therefore, tourists have the opportunity to relax in clean and well maintained bathing area.

Excursions and entertainment

Traditionally, tourists go to Istanbul – a city with a rich history, an abundance of markets and cultural sites. Here you can ride a river boat through the Strait, which connects Europe and Asia.

Also special attention is given Cappadocia is an area with amazing landscapes.

In the daytime tourists are an active entertainment:

  1. volleyball;
  2. Golf;
  3. sailing;
  4. rafting on mountain rivers;
  5. boat trips;
  6. diving and so on.

For children in Marmaris, opened water parks.

Holidays and festivals

The biggest event "Day of shopping" event, during which Turkish products are heavily discounted. This month opens with a festival of tea and Day strawberries.

See in this video, what is the weather on the coast of Turkey in June: