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Weather and water temperature in Vietnam in June - a holiday in Nha Trang, Phan Thiet

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Over the last few years, the resorts of Vietnam hold a leading position in the list of populated areas where you can relax in the early summer. And no wonder! Because at this time of year almost all corners of the country there is comfortable (not too hot, and the humidity is not so high) weather with low precipitation, which also short-lived.

If you still have not decided where to go in June, then I suggest you look to the magnificent beaches, comfortable hotels and fine architecture of Vietnam.

The temperature of the air and water from the beginning and at the end of the month

Should not categorically refuse to stay in Vietnam in June because of the rainy season in the resorts of Central and South-Eastern part of the country remains warm and comfortable weather with low rainfall. Even the usual seasoned tourists the Vietnamese heat and humidity in these places will spoil your vacation.

Generally June against the weather fairly kind to the tourists, because the temperature is kept almost always at the level of 31-33 degrees Celsius and at night drops to +24. Lovers sunbathe in the afternoon on the beach, and closer to the night to organize trips to local clubs and discos will appreciate the climate of Vietnam. The water on most beaches in Central and South-East of the country warms up to +27 - 29 degrees.

Many tour operators do not recommend traveling in June to the North, the South and South-West of Vietnam, as there is a high probability that most of the time you spend in the room due to heavy and prolonged rains and stifling heat.

temperatura vozduha i vody na kurortah Vetnama v iune

The best option would be the resorts of Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, and hue, where the temperature of air and water is maintained at +33 and +28 respectively. What is not a haven for families with children or a romantic honeymoon? By the way, in June for these places is not more than 6-10 rainy days, with precipitation mostly short (literally 10-20 minutes from start of shower from behind the clouds again the sun comes out).

Please note! For those who want to explore most part of sights of the country (in particular, Halong Bay), should hurry, because in July the total rainfall would be doubled, and the rest doesn't go as planned.

Available recreation at this time

Vietnam in June offers the tourists a quiet, relaxing vacation with family and friends. Usually at this time of year on beaches and in places of entertainment of cities not crowded, mainly because the influx of travelers is observed in winter.

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If you want to visit this wonderful country with the children or his mate, to visit interesting excursions, to plunge into the Eastern atmosphere of calm, it is better to do it in June.

Before conducting tours (in particular, on mountain trails), you need to check the weather forecast. Otherwise, the holiday can be marred by a short shower.

Should list the major attractions in Vietnam that are available for tourists visiting in June:

  1. Fans of beach holidays in Vietnam are worth a look at the resorts in Hoi an, da Nang and Nha Trang, as in June the water temperature is kept at around 28-30 degrees Celsius and low humidity will allow you to soak up the sunshine and bring home a nice tan.

    For those who can not live without water extreme, it is better to choose the beaches of MUI ne and Phan Thiet – wave on which to show the skill of surfing or kejteringa, at this time, guaranteed.

  2. Urban residents who prefer seldom to get out of the cozy hotel rooms, as well as those travelling with children, you can suggest visits to local markets, spas and excursions.

    dostupnye vidy otdyha v iune

    In addition to the recovery of the body, tourists will be able to dive into the fascinating history of Vietnamby visiting Halong Bay with its amazing stone sculpturesthe village of da lat, combining the influences of Vietnamese and French culture, and never hibernate Hanoi, which can rightly be called a city of contrasts.

  3. Almost any area of the resort towns, vacationers can enjoy the exotic local cuisine consists mostly of seafood, and buy Souvenirs.

  4. People who prefer mass national holidaysin June in this country will be boring, because for the entire month, the residents celebrating the children's Day, the Day of Vietnamese family and a summer solstice Day (Tet Doing NGO).

    Sometimes in this month falls the Festival of mid-year. If you can make some time time and get into hue on a colorful festival, you can enjoy an impressive procession and Banquet in the Royal Palace.

vremya dlya otdyha vo Vetname

The issue price

In order to get to Vietnam in June, causing severe damage to the family budget, it is best to purchase tickets in advance, comparing prices on them from several travel agencies.

Some lucky people manage to buy "last minute" trips at this time of year. If you have any doubts about the benevolence of the weather in June in Vietnam, inquire your travel agent. And remember that "rainy season" is not a reason to deny yourself the vacation on the warm and Sunny beaches of this amazing country!

About the weather in Vietnam in June, see this video: