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Holiday season in India: weather and water temperatures by month in Goa

pogoda po mesyacam na Goa

Goa is a state in South West India. Since the XVI century, was part of the Portuguese colonial possessions on the Indian subcontinent. According to the territorial size and in population is the smallest and most sparsely populated of the twenty eight States of India.

The capital of Goa is Panaji or Old Goa, the former capital of the colony, continues to keep its European appearance since the XVI century, when it was founded by the Portuguese. Goa became part of India in 1961, the status of state in 1987.

Goa is now a popular place for tourists. Especially has become popular since the sixties of the XX century, when many hippies from all over the world chose it as the place of residence.

Weather in India during the year

Pogodnaya karta Indii

The whole of Indiaexcept the mountains in the North, located in a subequatorial climate. On the formation of the climate influenced by the following factors:

  • The Himalayas and the mountain ranges of Pakistan to prevent entry of cold air from the North.
  • The Thar desert attracts a humid, warm monsoon, which brings most of the precipitation.

The entire annual cycle of climatic conditions can be divided into three seasons:

  1. The summer season lasts from March to June. March starts growing temperature and humidity. Set the hot weather, the average temperature of 32-40 °C, often comes the exhausting heat more than 50 °C. In the West and in the South the thermometer rises to a maximum temperature in April, Northern in may.
  2. The rainy season begins in June and lasts until September. Heavy rains and thunderstorms that bring the monsoons, which originated over the Arabian sea and the Bay of Bengal, comes from the South-West. The rains first come to the Islands in the Bay of Bengal, then moving to the East and to Jul capture almost all of India. Perhaps the passage of hurricanes, but their character is not as devastating as in neighboring States.

The amount of rainfall that falls during the rainy season, is 80% of the annual norm. In September they gradually decrease in November, the monsoon leaves the country.

  • The winter season runs from October to February. At this time, dominate the North-East wind, bringing a slight cool sensation and reduces moisture. Set clear, dry weather. The temperature drops in the mountains in the North to 10 °C, in the South area of less than 20-25 °C do not happen.

    Also isolated the retreat of the monsoon — days from October to December, the month when the air masses change direction, the temperature drops, installs cloudless, dry weather, when the sun shines brightly.

  • The length of the seasons depends on many factors and cannot be the same as every year.

    What is the climate in the North and South Goa?

    The state of Goa is geographically divided into two districts:

    • South Goa;
    • Northern Goa.

    The climate of both the districts of Goa, a typical sub-Equatorial , divided into two seasons — wet and dry. The temperature of the whole year held at the same comfortable level of cold periods at all, except in mountain areas.

    Klimat v rajonah

    From may to October, is set the hot and humid weather. The hottest month is may with an average maximum temperature of 33 °C.

    The monsoon with heavy rainfall begins in June and ends in September. With the advent of the rainy season the weather becomes cooler day on average from 25 °C to 30 °C.

    The dry season lasts from December 15 until the end of February. Set the sharp difference between daytime — approximately 31 °C and night is about 20 °C temperature. Can be sporadic rains.

    Holiday in Goa during the dry season allows you to go back in summer and enjoy the summer fun — swimming in the sea, walks and excursions.

    Weather for the period from December to April, is characterized by Sunny weather, number of Sunny hours the average is 10. The cloudy weather is from June to August — from 4 to 5 hours of sunshine a day.

    Maximum rainfallfalls in June, July, number of rainy days in each of these months exceeds 20.

    The average wind speed from September to March is 6-7 km/h.

    Swimming in Goa is an all year round average water temperature is 28-29 °C.


    In December a comfortable temperature of water and air for Goa opens the autumn season, as well as the ability to successfully meet the new year holidays by the seaside. In January and February is the peak season and the resort attracts travelers from all over the world. Weather is favourable for relaxation on the beach and sightseeing. Proximity to the sea, low humidity make it easy to transfer heat.

    • December. The day temperature of 34.4 °C, the night of 22.7 °C, water was 28.2 °C, no precipitation.
    • January. The day temperature of 33.2 °C, overnight is 22.1 °C, the water temperature of 27.5 °C and precipitation is absent.
    • February. The day temperature of 33.6 °C, at night to 22.8 °C, the water of 27.7 °C, without precipitation.

    Swimming in the sea, relax on the beach, the outdoor parties in the perfect weather, walking, excursions, local shops, cafes and markets are all available to tourists.


    The March weather makes it clear about the end of the velvet season. The sun begins to bake, occasionally it rains, the air temperature increases, but still quite comfortable.

    Vesennij Goa

    In April, it is felt that the freshening breeze carries the approach of the monsoon, the humidity increases, clouds increasingly covered the sky, the amount of rainfall increases, the sea is a bit stormy. But vacation can still be quite pleasant, the proximity of the sea and offshore wind do not give in fully to feel the heat, the temperature drops and increased humidity.

    In may the weather is impossible to predict, it can vary dramatically. In some favorable seasons is installed weather until the end of may, in others in April, vacationers are already leaving because of the coming heat.

    Most may month marks the end of tourist season. Increased wind carries showers and thunderstorms, vzletaet the sand on the beach, driving units of the clouds. Comes hot weather, the cool of the evening only dream of. The sea water temperature is kept at 30 °C, which does not allow enough time to cool down.

    The sultry watch tourists are recommended to spend in a hotel room with air conditioning, as the humidity increases the effect of the heat. Is relatively deserted.

    • March. The day temperature of 34.5 °C night and 24 °C, water temperature of 28.7 °C, no precipitation.
    • April. The air temperature during daylight 35 °C, in the dark of 24.7 °C, water was 29.5 °C, without precipitation.
    • May. The day temperature to 34.7 °C, at night 26 °C, the water temperature of 29.6 °C, precipitation is absent.

    Hiring a taxi, you can go to the beaches that have not washed away the stormy sea. Seaside cafes are closed, but you can visit the local markets and cafes, serving fish dishes, the prices are much reduced — and the food and accommodation.

    The sea is often stormy, but at the private beaches in periods of calm it is possible to swim. If the monsoon is still not strong, it is possible to swim in the sea early in the morning, when the wind dies down.

    Maybe take a yoga class, to carry out an Ayurvedic massage. A souvenir and jewellery shops.


    The holiday season is closed. Began the rainy season. The sea is stormy, dirty. It rains almost constantly, has high humidity, you need to rent a house with air conditioning.

    At this time foreign tourists, but there is a local Indian tourists coming for the weekend.

    The accommodation can be rented very cheap, the food and the food drops in price about two times. The infrastructure works, the cafe is not everything, but open.

    • June. The day temperature of 30.9 °C and night to 26.5 °C, water temperature at 28.9 °C, the number of days (quantity of precipitation) — 22 days (581,2 mm).
    • July. The day temperature of 29.1 °C and night to 25.8 °C, the water temperature of 27.9 °C, the number of rainy days was 29 days (827,4 mm).
    • August. The day temperature of 29.4 °C and night 25,3 °C, the water temperature of 26.9 °C, the number of days (quantity of precipitation) — 28 days (629,1 mm).

    Pogoda letom

    You can take a lonely walk on a bike, explore the many Portuguese churches. In a series of rainy days sometimes come serene days, and lovers of secluded relaxation can enjoy deserted beaches. Nature is beautiful, everything is blooming and fragrant. This time is suitable for lovers of nostalgic loneliness.


    Approaching the end of the seasonrains, the sea is still dirty, stormy, but gradually begins to calm down. Variable cloud, some days it is already possible to bathe. Weather is impossible to predict, can go frequent rains, and the clear weather.

    Maintained high humidity. Since the end of October, the rain becomes intermittent and mainly at night. Nature blossoms in full bloom. In November, set a comfortable and Sunny weather.

    • September. The day temperature of 30.9 °C and night of 24.3 °C, water temperature of 27.5 °C, the number of days (quantity of precipitation) — 15 days (308,7 mm).
    • October. The day temperature is 33.9 °C and night 24,1 °C, water temperature of 28.8 °C, the number of days (quantity of precipitation) — 4 days (65,0 mm).
    • November. The day temperature was 34.8 °C and night 23,4 °C, the water temperature 29,0 °C, the number of days (quantity of precipitation) — 2 days (28.4 mm).

    Available in almost all tourist activities and lessons. In good weather you can take excursions to historic sites, walks along the coastline. Available the entire infrastructure of the beaches.

    Preparations for the new holiday season, cleaned beaches, open cafes. Low cost product and a large selection of housing to attract early tourists. The fish market is a great choice. Almost the entire infrastructure operates. Resume Charter flights from all over the world, tourists.

    You can visit local markets, restaurants, shops, tours.

    When to go to relax?

    The main tourist flow comes from mid - October to mid-April. Weather during this period is diverse, but is comfortable for tourist activities. The weather changes depend on the nature of the prevailing winds — the monsoons.

    Kogda ehat na otdyh?

    High (dry) and rainy seasons

    Valid from 15 Dec until the end of February. It rains very rarely. For this period of time takes on consistently good weather and called this time period is high season.

    The air temperature is comfortable for relaxing, during the day from 29 °C to 31 °C, night 20 °C to 22 °C. the Sea is warm, clean, calm, affectionate, strong waves, you can swim at your leisure. The water temperature from 25 °C to 30 °C.

    Holiday in Goa at this time allows you to go back in summer and enjoy the summer fun — swimming in the sea, walks and excursions.

    From the beginning of June to end of September lasts the rainy season, which brings the monsoon winds. There are almost no tourists. Many local residents move to other parts of India where there are thunderstorms and heavy rain. Infrastructure of the beaches and hotels won't be fully operational. But a number of tourists stays in the resort due to low prices for accommodation and food.

    Time for fun

    In Goa you can spend a wonderful time visiting informative, interesting excursions.

    The choice of routes is very large:

    1. Excursion to the Dudhsagar waterfall, bathing in the waterfall. Along the way you can visit spice plantations and of tropical fruit;
    2. Visit FORTSbuilt in the XVI century by the Portuguese;
    3. Trip to North Goa beaches, hippie;
    4. Familiarization with some of the finest beaches of South Goa — Cola and Palolem. Dinner of excellent seafood at the restaurant on the beach;
    5. Boat trip with swimming. Visit historic Fort Aguada;
    6. Excursions to Old Goa with visits to the ancient sites of the city;
    7. Excursions to nature reserves, elephant trekking;
    8. A trip to the Central community, the Krishna of Mathura and Vrindavan;
    9. Tour with a visit to the UNESCO sites (the Taj Mahal and others).

    Beach vacation

    The coastline along the Arabian sea is 105 km. In India, the entire waterfront is public land, so you can stay for relaxation and meditation on any beach.

    South Goa is a tourist spot for couples for families with children. North Goa is a party place for young people.

    The Beaches Of South Goa:

    • The beaches of Varca, Cavelosim, Utorda, Majorda, Colva have good infrastructure. There are a lot of expensive hotels, restaurants, bars. These beaches are not crowded and visited by celebrities.
    • The beaches of Cola, Agonda, Palolem aren't as advanced, but very picturesque, suitable for a relaxing break.
    • The beach of Dona Paula is one of the best. A popular place for surfers. Here took place the shooting of many Indian movies.

    Uzhnyj plyazh

    BeachesNorth Goa:

    • Arambol is the most favorite among the youth and among music lovers to dance to Goa Trance.
    • The beaches of Calangute, Baga, Candolim are located on the shoreline of cheap hotels with bars, restaurants, night clubs, yoga centers and meditation.
    • These beaches are ideal for youth, party and budget travelers. There are no luxury hotels, bars and restaurants in the South of the state.

    • A comfortable sandy beach, Mandrem provides visitors with wonderful opportunities for recreation.
    • Ashvem. Great beach with white sand and clear water, with a good level of service.

    It's time for holidays and festivals

    In Goa all year round there are many festivals and holidays of the peoples of India and Christian holidays. Some of them:

    1. In late February or early March is celebrated is Holi, the festival of colours or spring festival.
    2. In January of Akar Sankranti - the harvest festival.
    3. In early spring, celebrates the birthday of Rama — Ramanavami.
    4. In February, March is the main carnival Goa. The celebration takes place for ten days. At this time it is considered a tradition to visit their relatives. It's a very memorable holiday with carnival processions, dance competitions, various contests and competitions.
    5. August 24 marked Navidades is a celebration of the rice harvest. It is a procession, dance performances and fireworks.
    6. Autumn — Sri Krishna janmashtami - birthday of Krishna.
    7. In September — Onam - the harvest festival.

    Time for weddings

    Recently the young people is very popular holding a symbolic wedding ceremony in Indian style on national ceremonies. The bride and groom dressed in Indian costumes and wearing jewelry.

    Svadebnyj sezon

    The entire ceremony is held on national traditions in the tent on the sea shore, uses many colors to create the appropriate atmosphere. Optionally, you can order a photo shoot in Hindu temple.

    May also hold a symbolic wedding on the beach in classic style.

    Season health tourism

    Many travelers arrive in Goa from all over the world, to touch the sacred values of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is based on Hindu philosophical system, which determines the correct principles of life to longevity.

    For Spa offers many Ayurvedic, Wellness, Spa and Pilates centers, which are located everywhere.

    Almost all hotels will offer you a set of different procedures which are based on Ayurveda (Ayurvedic massage treatments, cleansing and beauty treatments).

    One of the trends of health tourism is — mastering the practices of yoga, schools of yoga provide training that.

    Watch video about is, what is the weather in Goa during monsoon season: