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The holiday season in the Maldives: climate, weather and water temperatures by month

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The Maldives – an extraordinary place that many travelers associate with fairy tale a Paradise for lovers. Coast of this island has a special beauty, elegance and comfort, excellent service and infrastructure. For those who want to go to the Maldives weather by month will help you understand when to go.

The climate in the Maldives

klimat v strane

Maldives group of atolls located in the Indian ocean. In the southern part of the island, they cross the equator, so the climate in this region is subequatorial.

Direct impact on the weather have a monsoon that brings moist air from the ocean or dry land.

South-West monsoon Hulhangu blows mainly in summer, bringing to the Islands high humidity, stuffiness, and high temperature. The rest of the time on resorts dominated by Iruvai – northeast monsoon bringing fairly comfortable weather, with expanses of the Eurasian continent.

Weather by month

Tourists choose Maldives for holidays for many reasons, one of which is the favorable climate. On the coast all year round is warm and Sunny, but rains are rare. Due to the subtropical climate and proximity to the equator, even the most insignificant temperature changes at the resort you almost can't feel.

In the winter

usloviya zimoj

  • December – the beginning of the high season in the Maldives. During this period in the resorts is dry, warm and Sunny weather, and the Indian ocean off the coast completely calm. Warm, but not hot temperatures from the early morning warms up to +27°C. the weather held until the evening, until the temperature drops to 23 degrees. The water in the ocean warm and ideal for swimming. The whole month she will warm up to 25 degrees.
  • In January, weather conditions become even more beautiful than in the previous month, so the tourists from all over the world come to the Islands to spend the new year holidays. In the sky in the early morning brightly burning sun, creating comfortable conditions for a beach holiday. The air warms up to +29°C, and at night cooled to +25°C. the Water in the ocean is consistently warm, its temperature is +25 degrees.
  • Weather conditions in February are not much different from previous months. An abundance of Sunny days, and lack of strong winds and rain perfectly located not only to swim and sunbathe, but also to sink to the bottom of the ocean. The temperature of the water remains unchanged – +28°C, and 25 degrees, respectively.

The water is incredibly clear, perfect for diving and snorkeling.

As the Maldives is an archipelago of about 1,200 Islands (tourists have only 100 of them), and weather some of them a little different. For example, the temperature in December in the southern area of the Maldives warms up to +30 degrees, but the heat is still not felt, because the northeast monsoon softens it.

In the spring

ostrova vesnoj

  1. Along with the March to the Maldives comes the heat. In the first half of the month on the Islands is so far quite comfortable weather. The temperature during the day is +30°C, water – +28 degrees.

    By the end of March is getting a couple of degrees hotter, and the ocean is warmer. At night the air is not very cold, its temperature is 25°C. the Only thing that can spoil the holiday – strong gusts of wind, typical for March, but the rains are yet absent.

  2. April in the Maldives is considered as the most sultry month. The air temperature during daylight hoursincreases to +32°C, and at night the thermometer drops to +26°C. the Ocean water is still comfortable enough for swimming – 28 degrees. By the end of April usually begins to manifest itself in the rain.
  3. In may, in addition to sudden rain and gusty winds holidays in the Maldives can spoil the high humidity. Replaced the pleasant North-East monsoon blows the wind from the South-West and often played out of the storm. While on clear days the burning rays of the sun do not give perfect place to spend your vacation in the lap of tropical nature.

    In may the air is red-hot to the limit – the temperature is +29°C, but the feelings can seem much more. However, many tourists these weather conditions don't scare, as showers and storms can be short-term. After a couple of hours after a rain to appear in the sky the sun and the beaches again filled with tourists. The water near coast warms up to +29 degrees.

In the summer

In the summer season heat does not leave the Maldives, but clear and Sunny days join tropical downpoursthat can last up to 2-3 hours. If in may, heavy rains were mostly at night, in June, storms commence after lunch and continue until evening that significantly spoils the rest.

These conditions are absolutely not suitable for tourists who prefer to relax on the Maldives, but also to explore the rich underwater world.

letnie livni

Throughout summer season the temperature readings are not much different:

  • In June – temperature +30°C, water – +28 degrees;
  • In July the temperature is +31°C, of the ocean is 27 degrees;
  • In August temperatures of +30°C, water 27 degrees.

At the same time, in the southern part of the Maldives, the air temperature and water a couple of degrees lower than on the Northern Islands. In General, summers on the tropical resort is cloudiness, high humidity and high temperatures, but by the end of August, the local weather will not disappoint tourists.

In the fall

With the arrival of autumn weather in the Maldives is getting better. Rains and strong wind no longer interfere with the rest. If the rains come, mostly at night. Everywhere on the coast is clear weather, and the ocean allows you to re-enjoy the beach tourism.

  1. In September the air temperature drops to +28 degrees during the day and at night to +25°C. the Water in the ocean warms up to +27 degrees, ideal for water treatment. These tourists and spend most of the vacation enjoying the pristine beaches. On the street the humidity is almost non-existent, and rains occur less often. A month is about 4-5 cloudy days.
  2. In October the temperature is standard day during daylight hours the thermometer shows 28 degrees, and at night a few degrees cooler. Breathing becomes much easier, because the outside humidity is not so noticeable.

    Precipitation is almost no longer interfere with the rest, therefore, on the resort island receives more and more tourists. But still this month is transitional, so the weather conditions are not always stable. The water in the ocean is not yet clean enough, but its temperature is suitable for bathing – 27 degrees.

  3. temperaturnyj rezhim osenu

  4. In November in the Maldives is manifested exceptional weather. Strong winds and heavy rains don't bother tourists, but throughout the archipelago again there are warm and clear weather. To the Islands again returned to the North-East monsoon, gradually decreasing humidity. The day temperature reaches +25 degrees, at night – +21°C. the Water in the Indian ocean warms up to around +25 degrees.

When to go to relax?

The Maldives has two seasons – dry and wet. The first is characterized by an abundance of Sunny days and nice warm weather, and the second humidity, stuffiness, tsunami and heavy rains.

But even wasting heat is not much effect on beach holidays as the sea breeze makes the climate slightly milder.

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High season

The most favorable period for the holiday starts in the Maldives at the end of October and lasts until mid-April. This season is the most pleasant weather conditions, so many tourists flock to this resort.

snorkling v vysokij period

In the high season is not too hot weather is ideal for beach holidays, as well as other not less interesting entertainment. Available to tourists:

  • Diving and snorkeling;
  • A fascinating excursion programs;
  • Cruise trip along the romantic and secluded Islands;
  • Familiarity with unusual cuisine.

Despite the fact that the climate of the Maldives during the high season may not seem quite hot, don't underestimate the scorching rays of the Equatorial sun. Isto protect yourself from sunburn, taking a protective cream and hats.

The rainy season

The beaches of Maldives are empty around the middle of may and this situation prevails throughout the summer. This is due to the fact that high humidity, cloudy and muggy days can slightly spoil the holiday, especially if the holiday period is quite short.

However, even in this period, the tourists get to the Maldives because during low season on the Islands the cost of leisure is reduced by 30-40% compared to prices during the high season. At this time the majority of hotels, cafes and dive centres closed and the tour is suspended until better times.

Beach vacation

Vacation on the Maldive beaches is complete relaxation on the coast of white sand lapped by the azure waters of the Indian ocean. Along the beaches, reminiscent of the bounty, stretches of palm trees with coconuts. Once one of these places, the impression is that before the eyes came to life a picture from a glossy magazine.

plyazhnyj otpusk

Beach holidays in the Maldives are available all year roundbut the best time is between December to April. While in European countries in all the raging winter and subzero temperatures on the Islands has a warm weather and pleasant atmosphere.

The best beaches for holidays in the Maldives are:

  1. The Beaches Of Cocoa Island;
  2. San Island;
  3. Four Seasons Giraavaru, Landaa;
  4. Beach , Hulhudhoo;
  5. Four Seasons Kuda Huraa;
  6. Beach Badu.

Almost the entire coast on the many resort Islands of Maldives is ideal for a beach holiday. They are all perfectly clean and uncrowded with clear water.

Time for Windsurfing

Thanks to the winds that never cease to blow in the Maldives, this resort is not only suitable for passive recreation on the coast, but also for all kinds of active sports, such as Windsurfing, surfing and kite surfing.

On some Islands there are schools, where for a short time, you can learn the art to move through the water on special sails using the wind. The season of Windsurfing is available in February, may, and September-October.

Excursions and weddings

Almost all attractions of the Maldives is the underwater world of the archipelago. For tourists can organise excursions to coral reefs, helicopter rides, picnics on uninhabited Islands, as well as feeding the dolphins and sharks. The best time for such activities is from December to March.

Since the Maldives is the most romantic place on the planet, it attracts lovers for a symbolic wedding. The best time for such a memorable and bright event is the period from December to March.

pora dlya svadeb

Cruise days

Entertainment in the Maldives, a popular multi-day trips on the boats from island to island. During the trip the ships make stops, so that tourists can swim, snorkel or sunbathe surrounded by beautiful countryside. This season lasts the whole year except for those days when overcast or a storm.

It's time for holidays and festivals

A big part of the holidays in the Maldives events that take place in the Muslim calendar. During the year on the island occur unusual celebration, with festivities, songs and dances, and sacrifices. Here also celebrate Christmas and the European New year.


To diversify your vacation in the Maldives you can use fishing – good catch is guaranteed from September to may. In the waters of the Indian ocean is home to diverse species of fish, but to fish, you will have to rent a Dhoni or yacht. The fact that on the Islands is prohibited shore fishing and spearfishing.

On these Islands there is always beautiful weather, and the abundance of a variety of entertainment makes the stay even more interesting and exciting.

No weather conditions will not prevent a fabulous holiday in the Maldives.

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